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You would not want to have your home littered with unorganized tools, bikes, outdoor equipment and other things that will not fit into your cupboards or cabinets. These reasons can have a big influence on the style of storage shed that you may wish to purchase.
It is worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of different sheds to help you make the right purchase for you.General InformationNo cyclist loves lugging their bicycle and all of their equipment up and down stairs, in and out of houses, and through cramped quarters. A bicycle storage shed solves every one of these problems.A storage shed is usually big enough to hold at least two bicycles and all of their equipment. They can usually be locked, and they provided complete protection from wind, rain, snow, and the sun.Tips for Selecting the Best Bicycle Storage ShedTo help you make your mind up, it can be worth making a list of what you want from a cycle shed. For example, do you want something that is permanent or something that is portable, which you can use if you go away. The following may be able to help you make your decision more easily.SizeBicycle storage sheds come in different sizes.
Normally, they will be able to hold more than one bicycle, with the largest ones holding several.
Secondly, how many bicycles are you intending to store in the bicycle storage shed.Easy to Assemble You may wish to consider how easy it is to assemble.
The likelihood is that you want a bicycle storage shed that its takes only minutes (and not hours) to assemble, and something that is not too fiddly or intricate. Whatever your reasons for wanting a bicycle storage, it can be worth considering what materials it is made out of; is it strong, will it hold up to the weather, is it sturdy?

Even if it does appear to be incredibly durable, it is also worth bearing in mind whether or not it has a warranty and what this involves.ApplicationsOutdoor storage sheds are very useful.
The primary usage of a typical bicycle storage shed is, naturally, to store your valuable bikes.
You may also wish to consider buying a storage shed that can be used to store other vehicles such as mopeds, motorbikes and other equipment.Ease of UseAs well as how easy it may be to construct your new bicycle storage shed, it can also be worth considering how easy it might be to use in other ways. For example, how easy is it to actually store a bicycle (or anything else that you may be using it for) in it, and furthermore, how easy it is to get bicycle out of the sotrage shed. It could also be worth seeing just how easy it is to open and close the shed, and lock it.Value for MoneyBased on these categories, and how well the storage shed performs in each one, it is then worth comparing these results against how much it costs. Price is one thing on its own, but value for money takes into consideration so much more and gives an indication of just how good a product actually is.The cheaper portable bicycle storage sheds can be available for around $125, whereas more expensive permanent installations can go for more than $2000. 5.0Suncast Blow Molded Storage ShedThe new Suncast BMS6550 is a heavy duty blow molded storage shed that features extra durable double doors. 5.0Suncast Storage ShedThe Suncast Double Door Storage Shed offers versatile storage solution that is not only designed for storing bikes.
3.0Suncast Glidetop Slide Bicycle ShedGreat for anyone that wants somewhere safe to protect their bicycles. 4.0Suncast Horizontal Storage ShedThe new Suncast GS3000 Horizontal Storage Shed is full cover bike shed. 5.0Bosmere Trimetals A305 Bicycle Storage UnitWith its storage capacity, the Bosmere Trimetals A305 bicycle storage unit is one of those limited models you wish to have.

4.5Bosmere Trimetals A300 Bicycle Storage UnitIf you want to store your bikes with ease and security, the Bosmere Trimetals A300 bicycle storage unit is worth your attention. 4.0ABSCO Spacesaver Outdoor Storage ShedA heavy duty shed with a wise, space-saving influence. 5.0Suncast Cascade ShedWith its traditional design and diverse functionality, this Suncast Cascade shed is one of the best choices you can find. 5.0KETER Manor Outdoor Storage ShedWhat makes this Keter storage shed stand out from other outdoor storage sheds is its size.
4.5Suncast Storage UnitIf you do not mind spending the price of the Suncast storage unit and having yourself and another person help build it up, then this shed is right for you. 4.0Rubbermaid Storage ShedWith its extra height, the new Rubbermaid Storage Shed offers a storage solution that can serve you for years. 5.0SummarySince nobody can bike all of the time, everyone needs a place to safely and securely store their bicycle and equipment. A bicycle storage shed is safe, convenient and provide the ultimate protection from the elements, as well as from thieves for your valuable bike.

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