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This is the Workshop Furniture and Storage category of information.Below you will find a list of woodworkers workshop projects that will help you in your tool storage solutions as well as jigs and add-on units to make your woodworking job that much easier and enjoyable. Tablesaw Dust Collect Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDFWith BONUS Tablesaw Hold-downs plan.
Sheet Goods Rack Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDFThis wall-mounted sheet goods lumber rack supplies maximum storage using a minimum of space. Mobile Sheet Goods Rack Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF  With multiple sections, this rack makes it easy to find the right piece.
Mobile Storage Rack Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF  Just like clamps, you never seem to have enough storage. Mobile Storage Rack Woodworking Plan  Just like clamps, you never seem to have enough storage. Modular Lumber Rack Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF  This two module rack keeps boards and panels out of the way but always with arms reach.
Modular Shop Cabinet System Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF  The smaller your shop, the smarter you have to be when laying it out to meet your needs. Modular Shop Cabinet System Woodworking Plan  The smaller your shop, the smarter you have to be when laying it out to meet your needs. Mortising Machine (PDF)  If you only have a few mortises to cut, you can always drill overlapping holes and remove the ridges with a chisel. On-the-Go Storage Cart Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF  This storage cart not only gives you a place to stash just about any kind of shop gear and supplies, but the free-wheeling design allows you to move them wherever you are working. One Wall Workshop (PDF)  The problem with most shops is that they quickly get over run with clutter. Pegboard Wall Storage  This extra storage is provided by two doors that have pegboard on both the front and the back.
Portable Planer Station  Thickness planers used to be considered a professional tool, found only in commercial workshops.
Portable Planer Thicknessing Center Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF  When a project requires thin stock, my portable planer saves me the time and trouble of having to special-order material.
Portable Saw Station  The table saw has become the centerpiece of the modern shop, and rightly so. Roll Around Plywood Cart Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF  Carrying plywood any distance can quickly turn into a wrestling match, but you will win hands down when you use this mobile storage rack.
Rolling Shop Cabinet Woodworking Plan Featuring Norm Abram  Any mobile workbench is useful to a workshop. Rolling Workshop Storage Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF  Designed and built to bring order out of the chaos of any shop. Safety Gear Cabinet Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF  Your hearing muffs, safety glasses, and respirator never had it so good. Sanding Station Woodworking Plan PDF  This mobile sanding station makes the job of sanding a lot less messy and more efficient. Sheet Goods Rack Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF  This wall-mounted sheet goods lumber rack supplies maximum storage using a minimum of space. Shop Utility Cabinet  Here is a terrific tool cabinet for workshop, garage, and garden shed that is big on storage and easy on your wallet.

Shorts and Sheets Goods Rack Downloadable Woodworking Plan PDF  Stacking and sorting sheet goods and short stock just got a whole lot easier with this simple-to-build organizer.
Sliding Carriage Panel Saw (PDF)  Nothing beats a panel saw for quickly breaking down sheets of plywood for a project. Sliding-Door Pegboard Cabinet (PDF)  The problem with pegboard is that it doesn not hold very many tools for the amount of wall space it takes up.
Space Saving Workshop Plan Downloadable PDF  Organizing your shop is one of the best things you can do to improve your woodworking.
Storage Bins, Wall Mounted  Storage that moves that is the idea behind this storage system. If you are looking for the free woodworking plans, please look for the tree icon below to begin your free woodworking plans search. Tom Whalley, project designer, created his to hold plywood and other sheet goods he knew he would use later.
That is why we decided to go with a cabinet package that can be anything you want it to be. But for projects that need a lot more mortises than that, the chisel method quickly becomes unmanagable. And with a height of just over 2 feet, it makes a perfect low-boy assembly table for furniture-sized projects.
Our workshop plan solves this problem with a smart arrangement of cabinets, countertops, and storage bins all designed to fit against one wall in your garage or basement.
Space-saving cart is divided into three storage areas for plywood sheets, lumber cutoffs, and tools. However, the high price of a store-bought model might keep you from adding this versatile tool to your shop. And what makes it even more useful is the accessible storage below and the laminate surface top.
The design centers around plastic storage tubs of the type sold in home centers and large discount stores. This simple cabinet features handsome moldings above and below, making it attractive enough to hang in your house as a display or storage case. The worksurface has grates with long, wide slots, a big improvement over the pegboard tops used on many shop-built sanding tables. It is a handy, wall-mounted shelf unit - a perfect place for using and storing benchtop power tools that you don not want on your workbench all the time.
The workshop layout you see here is a super-compact design that is perfect for a small garage or basement. Download one of these woodworking projects and plans right to your computer, no more waiting days for the mail to arrive. At the bottom of this page are navigation links to many other pages of workshop storage plans for sale. The big window lets you see your cut at all times, and neither the hood nor its support will impede your sawing.
That’s why we designed this versatile mortising tool that you can build yourself - at far below the cost of purchasing a conventional power mortiser.

We used standard garage shop cabinets that you can purchase online or pick up from a local dealer. All told, there is almost 22 square feet of pegboard and wall space in the rack that takes up less than seven square feet on the wall.
Now, just about every shop has room to accommodate a planer, which makes it possible to buy cheaper, rough-sawn lumber and plane it yourself.
Perfect for sliding wood pieces around and peeling off that dries glue that eventually finds its way onto every work top. It also features a 4 inch diameter dust port that allows you to hook up to a dust collection system. We used readily available cabinet-grade plywood with simple joinery techniques to make this project a quick build. The bins are enclosed in an outer case that can be tucked under a variety of different workbenches. Plus, using plywood and 2 x 4s for it construction, you will find this project very affordable.
It is also an easy-to-use cutting system that makes breaking down plywood panels with a circular saw a much easier task. For continuous support when planing long boards, I included infeed and outfeed tables that adjust up or down.
Plus, we didn not like how commercial panel saws require so much shop space to maneuver plywood in and out of the saw. The shop includes plenty of storage for both large stationary tools and smaller benchtop tools.
You will start with three sheets of ordinary birch plywood, and use basic butt joints to bring the project together. This stand also features an adjustable outfeed extension table and an optional storage drawer. If you are on a job site, and you need to make a delicate rip cut on a board, you either take your chances with a straightedge and circular saw, or you have to haul the board back to your shop to use the table saw. Finally, I designed the planer platform so it raises or lowers to suit most 12 inch portable planers. Our Mobile Planer Station solves this dilemma by mounting the planer to a truly portable two-wheeled frame. Aligning the tables with the planer guarantees a smooth, even flow of stock through the machining process. Bonus Workshop Plan included: Easy Does It Tool Mover - A two wheel base cabinet mover by Art van den Berg. We sized these storage units to fit underneath our Heavy-Duty Workbench, but it is easy to change the dimensions to suit a workbench you already have.
We used oak and oak plywood to match the bench, but if you are building the stand-alone cabinet, you can use any type of wood you like.

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