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A creative collaboration between owner, designer, carpenter & landscaper this serene teahouse is the focal point and wandering place for a backyard in picturesque Mineral Point, Wisconsin. This award winning Japanese-style tea house was built nestled into the surrounding hills of Vermont.
If your looking to build a timber frame home, barn, timber frame addition, post and beam shed or have a special project like the Tea House, contact us today at 800.636.0993 to get started on your dream!
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Our windows, glass, doors, latches and carvings are all done by our Amish artisans; there are no readymade standard components used. Best of Houzz 2015 – DesignThis professional's portfolio was voted most popular by the Houzz community. Homemade iced tea is a delightful and refreshing drink that is especially popular in summer as well as in hot weather, but can be enjoyed anytime of the year. Whenever you make your own iced tea at home, you’ll be able to ensure that your batch is fresh and all sorts of natural, without any artificial ingredients. The easiest and easiest way to prepare iced tea is to brew a single cup of very strong tea, and then dilute it with ice water to make a large batch.
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Located next to a peaceful pond, the tea house pavilion is used to create an idyllic and welcoming feeling for the owner and guests.

The result was this elevated structure in a suburban backyard which serves as a tea house, meditation space, and a musical recital room for the family. Much of the discussion of the health benefits of tea  centers round the proven fact that tea is rich in antioxidants.
You can drink it in a day or two of brewing, so that the antioxidants inside it don’t have time to break down.
For black teas, it is usually best to use boiling water, and for green teas, somewhat cooler water (160-180F, or 71-82C) generally produces better results.
This method saves both time and energy: heating merely a small amount of water can be done quickly with minimal energy usage.
You may make any kind of tea into an iced tea, however the best options are usually to make use of high-quality loose-leaf tea.
And you can refrain from adding sweetener, or make use of a little bit of an all natural sweetener like sugar or honey if desired. In the summer, this issue can be essential as generating unnecessary heat warms your house and can either make your kitchen or home uncomfortably hot, or require your air conditioner to do extra work. Besides honey or sugar as sweetener, favorite items to increase iced tea incorporate a slice of lime or lemon, or perhaps a sprig of fresh mint. During the summer months, full-size screens can be put in place of the glass to bring the outdoors in. The timber frame floor plan can be used for overflow quarters in the summer as well as to host dinner parties and gatherings.

Some bottled teas also contain other artificial ingredients which can be harmful to health.
Making homemade iced tea also helps you control or limit your intake of sugars, other sweeteners, and artificial ingredients. Use one tea bag per cup, unless you are using tea bags meant for brewing more than one cup. The Japanese Tea House pavilion can also be used for a yoga studio, meditation hut, artists studio, workshop, or whatever else your dream commands! Sometimes, especially when using high-quality tea, you will get away with using less leaf or fewer tea bags, and taking advantage of an extended steeping time, while preparing a large batch of iced tea.
Green teas, whether Japanese, Chinese, or using their company regions, can also make outstanding iced tea. Lastly, you may also ice herbal teas: spearmint and peppermint are favorite choices for summer, with their cooling, refreshing taste.

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