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We don’t have child seats for the bicycles, but bring your own and it should fit onto our bikes.
The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is at 384 Old Street, EC1V 9LT, under the bridge next to the old Shoreditch Town Hall beside the junction of Shoreditch High Street.
If you just want to park up and have a coffee, there are tables outside beside the bike parking, or come inside for diner food, or get posh and intimate with proper restaurant food from our Head Chef, Uwe, who has cooked-up some seriously delicious grub, from hot Scotch eggs at the bar, to Bike Shed burgers, Bacon & Egg sandwiches (made with 24hr braised pork belly) to certified Angus steak with shed-made chips. We have parking for around 25 bikes at a time in our private road under the neon-lit entrance, and on really busy days we can sometimes open up an arch to let another 50+ bikes park inside. However, please don’t use the Bike Shed as a public car park while you go shopping or to work, etc. The Bike Shed is open to the public every day from 8am till 11pm, but after 8pm we can only serve alcohol to Bike Shed members, their guests and diners. There is a proper huge shop full of all the kind of gear you can only normally find online. The Bike Shed does run a club-membership scheme, for those that want to support us, but we are fully open to the public till 11pm.
We hate rules, but now that we have a proper place with neighbours and a local authority to consider, we do have to ask people not to be twats, make unnecessary noise or ride like an idiot anywhere near the venue. The platform is extant although its north end is buried under a ramp giving public access to the line. Notes: The station at Hemel Hempstead was always spelt Hemel Hempsted both by the Midland Railway and later by the LMS. Initially Hemel Hempsted trains did not serve Harpenden as a north facing curve in to the Midland main line took the trains to Luton. The London & Birmingham Railway opened in 1837 and although it passed near Hemel Hempstead, due to vigorous lobbying by local landowners, it was routed on the other side of the River Gade some distance from the town. The first proposal for a more convenient rail link for the people of Hemel Hempstead was presented in 1862 by John Grover.
However, no construction work was undertaken due to difficulties with local landowners and problems agreeing the connection to the main line at Boxmoor and after a number of years of stagnation the earlier proposals were re-examined.
Eventually, the HH and L&NWR Company ran into financial difficulties and it was the Midland Railway that came to the rescue, financing completion of the line and agreeing to operate it once it was built.
Although the link with the L&NWR was completed it was not in the Midland's interest to open the connection to regular traffic as it would have provided a shorter route into London for both passenger and freight traffic. Due to this rivalry no passenger trains ever operated between Midland Station and Boxmoor and eventually the connection was permanently severed in c.1916. In 1929 the LMS introduced an experimental bus service running alongside the line and stopping at all stations including Boxmoor & Hemel Hempstead.
The regular passenger service on the line had been reduced from seven to four daily trains in 1929 and it remained at this level until the outbreak of WW2. The reprieve was to be short lived however and the end came on 24th July 1979 when BR removed the junction as part of upgrading the Bedford line though Harpenden.
In the early 1980’s the railway land between Midland Road in Hemel Hempstead and Harpenden was purchased by St Albans District Council and Dacorum Borough Council. Click here to see an aerial view of the whole Harpenden - Hemel Hempstead line line on Google Earth.
Agrees to inspect the bicycle(s) prior to signing this agreement and confirms that the bicycle(s) are in a satisfactory state and safe and fit for purpose. Accepts that cycle helmets and high-viz vests have been offered and, should the hirer decide not to use them, then the hirer accepts full responsibility. Agrees that all bicycles in my party will be locked to an immovable object whenever they are left unattended. We will supply you with a helmet and high-viz jacket for each bike that you hire and we strongly recommend that you use them whenever riding your bike.
Your use of our bikes and accessories is entirely at your own risk and we will not accept liability for any personal injury to you or your party, or third party, or loss or damage to property howsoever caused.

Usage: Our bikes are suitable for use on roads and fully maintained cycle trails such as the Camel Trail. Breakdown: We provide you with both a puncture repair kit, a spare inner tub and a pump to enable you to deal with any punctures yourself.
Parking is for customers only, and we do expect visitors to remain in the venue  while their bikes are here. This helps with our license, but it also means we can turn away the drunks that fill the streets of Shoreditch most nights of the week. Our main entrance is on a red-route in one of London’s busiest places and people live near by.
From July 1888 trains were rerouted via a new south facing curve into a new short bay platform set into the down platform at Harpenden, a special booking office was also provided. Goods services were withdrawn from the station on 5th October 1964 a few months after the Hemel Hempsted branch lost its goods service to although a private siding remained in use after that date.
A station was built on this line at Boxmoor (renamed Boxmoor & Hemel Hempstead in 1912) but no connection was provided into the town by rail. His proposal was for a short spur from the main line to the lower end of the (old) town at Bury Mill End. However, Grover's design found a sponsor and following an Act of Parliament in 1863 the Hemel Hempstead and London & North Western Railway Company was formed to construct and operate the line.
The line was finally opened on 16th July 1877 with four passenger trains each day running between Hemel Hempsted and Luton stopping at Redbourn and Chiltern Green (on the GNR main line) with a journey time of 40 minutes; there was also an evening goods train. The straw plait trade declined, and in order to help the line pay its way the junction at Harpenden was realigned so that it headed south instead of north and trains now ran into a new bay platform at Harpenden. However from 1886, regular coal traffic used the connection to reach a gas works at Duckhall.
In 1905, a passenger terminus was opened at Heath Park Halt in an attempt to compete with the L&NWR, which had started a bus service to transport passengers from Hemel Hempstead to the main line station at Boxmoor giving passengers a journey time to London of 1 hour 35 minutes compared to 1 hour 56 minutes via the Midland route. With the Midland and L&NWR absorbed into the LMS through workings between the lines might have been expected but this never happened. The new service was a great success, carrying more passengers in its first week than the train did in a month. During the war, additional traffic used the line including evacuees from London and military transports carrying tanks and other equipment were regularly seen. The rivalry between the Midland and L&NWR companies ensured that the line ultimately failed to serve the people of Hemel Hempstead in the most useful way possible.
In the late 1940's a company had been established to make clinker blocks at the former Claydale Brickworks between Godwin's and Beaumont's. BR wanted to charge Hemelite a large sum of money to replace the access points just north of Harpenden Station. Includes history of the line and maps of the current footpath.The Nickey Line - The Harpenden to Hemel Hempstead Railway.
The bay platform was at the north end of the 'down' platform where the bicycle sheds are in this picture. The hirer inspected the helmets & equipment prior to signing this agreement and can confirm that they fit and that they are free of any defects and damage. By hiring a bike from us, you agree not to use them for off-roading, steep descents, jumping or other specialist activities.
If you suffer a puncture, you must not ride on the flat tyre as this will damage the wheel. We’re just a few minutes walk from Brick Lane, Columbia Rd Flower Market, The Old Truman Brewery and Spitalfields, so if your loved-ones are less keen on bikes, send them out to shop while you enjoy a cold-one with us and our bikes.
If you do have an emergency and need to leave your bike unattended for any reason, find the manager, ask permission and leave your keys with us. Non-members are very welcome after 8, but unless you’re eating some hot food, or are signed-in by a member, you can only drink tea, coffee and soft drinks.

We specialise in the limited edition stuff, new products and we try to mix the big brands with the best newcomers. In this report when specifically referring to the station 'Hempsted' will be used but when referring to the town the correct spelling of 'Hempstead' will be used.
Construction proceded extremely slowly, the lower spur from Boxmoor to Hemel Hempstead only being completed by 1871, though the connection to Boxmoor was via an awkward turntable.
It provided a link for the straw plait trade that existed in Hemel Hempstead with the hat making centre of Luton and this is reflected in the fact that the initial connection at Harpenden headed north towards Luton rather than south towards London. This was always the principle freight traffic on the line although some local companies used the line to carry their goods to market , in particular the well-established paper firm of John Dickinson. Other halts were also opened in 1905 at Godwin's on the northern outskirts of Hemel Hempstead and Beaumont's on the west side of Redbourn. Roundwood Halt was opened to the west of Harpenden in 1927 to serve a new housing development. Following the success of this experiment, the LMS trialed a hybrid road-rail vehicle called 'Ro-Railer' in 1931 in an attempt to compete with road transport. After WW2 it was clear that the passenger service couldn't survive and the last passenger train ran a few months before nationalisation on 16th June 1947, when there was a 'temporary' suspension of services due to the national coal shortage. Initially the old brickworks sidings weren't used but in 1958 a huge investment programme brought new modern plant producing blocks under the trade name Hemelite.
The cost was too much for the company to afford as they were struggling through a recession so they lost access to their line with deliveries continuing by road. The line is part of the National Cycle Network (the Oxford to Welwyn Garden City route) and this section is approximately nine miles long. The details will be held securely and will be destroyed once we have received the equipment back in the same condition as it was issued.
Any equipment stolen during the hire period will be charged to you in full as per the non-return outlined in point 4 of these Terms and Conditions. You also agree to use the bike safely, with due care and attention to other road and cycle trail users. Such action would be considered as negligence on your part and we will charge you for the repair or replacement of the wheel.
Expect everything from Belstaff, RSD, Bell, Biltwell, Rev-It, Helstons, Rokker, Resurgence & Co along side the likes of Malle and Bike Shed gear. These halts were opened to coincide with the introduction of a railmotor service with an increase to nine daily trains, four of them starting at Heath Park.
New reception sidings were laid and from late 1959 six wagons of aggregate arrived each day. Nicholas in Harpenden, through which it runs, to Hemel's connection with Nicholas Breakspear. In the unlikely event of any other breakdowns, please contact us on 01208 831395 or 07740 613112 so that we can make alternative arrangements for you. So – if you want to show-off your stunting skills or loud pipes, please go somewhere else.
In the early 1960's the line came under the threat of the Beeching Axe and it was eventually sold to the Hemelite company after parliamentary approval was received; the company taking control on 30th April 1968. The locomotives themselves were referred to as 'Puffing Annies' by locals, as the climb from the town centre up through Highfield was steep and the engines created much steam and smoke ascending this grade. The Railway Correspondence & Travel Society (RCTS) organised two trips to Heath Park Halt on 11th May 1957 and 10th August 1958 and the South Beds Loco Club organised an excursion between Harpenden and Hemel Hempsted on 24th September 1960.

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