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The 2 x 2 blocks are nailing strips for 'fake' 2 x 6s which I will add later to hold insulation. The frame also keeps the concrete in the right place for the door frame to come later. They slow the water down during flash floods, so that sand and gravel will drop out and stay behind the dam.
By making these dams every twenty feet or so, I have been able to harvest many tons of sand and gravel.
I carry about 100 lbs on a backpack to my building site, then screen it into sand, pea gravel and rocks. This web site is here because the knowledge about survival is critical to many of us right now.
We have been following the submissions to the Line of Site shed competition with great interest; lots of new, innovative designs from around the world.

Black spot causes the entire plant to become weak and to slowly begin to produce less blooms. For those who work at home, sheds offer the opportunity to get a little extra space and privacy. Black spot will sometimes infect cones where lesions appear purple colored and later turn black. In its compact mode, the work pod can accommodate up to two people working at either end, but more suitable for one.
To help control black spot, rake and remove all foliage that has fallen from the plant, this is the main source of fungal spores in the early spring, also be sure to remove any infected cones that may be present with a light pruning. Space permitting, a twist and pull extends the pod sideways, resulting in a more spacious internal work cabin and a separate semi-external workspace (perfect for those long summer evenings). Always plant roses in full sun to encourage the foliage to dry quickly after rain or irrigation.

The two workspaces are either divided by the sliding entrance door or treated as one larger workspace when the door opens."I don't know what it does, but Chun Man Mok's Sun Shade is certainly elegant. Just like a lamp shade, the SunShade tempers with the daylight to create different moods for the internal and external environment. It's allowed to have some glasses of wine with your friends in this car, since it is an absolutely safe model. On the other side the shape of the building is extended with a mesh creating a semi sheltered room where wind is slightly calmer and bugs are kept out.

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