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Cart lodges and other bespoke timber buildings can become part of a full garden design and landscaping project with our collegues at Roger Gladwell Landscaping. Easily overlooked and often underappreciated, the humble shed serves many purposes on homesteads and farms. Practical uses for sheds include wood storage (the proverbial wood shed), livestock shelters for chickens, goats, etc.
In addition to these primary functions, sheds also serve a number of auxiliary or secondary functions such as roofwater collection (imagine how much water can be captured from all these sheds), rooftop drying space (most common in developing countries), space for solar panels and solar water heaters, wind barriers, and covered walkways (often combined with storage and work areas).
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Timber Mill Storage Sheds - Where the people are Friendly, the Sheds are built Carefully, and the Buildings are Outstanding.

Not only are sheds extremely functional, they are typically low cost, and fast and easy to build.
Homesteaders and farmers often spend much of their waking hours working in and around sheds.
Timber Mill Storage Sheds builds outdoor buildings that are attractive, affordable and practical. Often they can be built in a weekend or two, easily modified or extended later, or even taken apart and the materials used for something else. To keep costs to a minimum, you can build with recycled materials or build with poles from a nearby forest. And last but not least, utilizing sheds for work and storage may enable you to save money by building a smaller house. Sheds make good test structures, where you can try out new building methods at low cost and low risk to determine what works best for your situation.

You can develop your skills on something small and simple, and then if it makes sense take on larger projects using what you’ve learned. Sheds are so commonplace that many farms and homesteads consist of a home surrounded by sheds. Most sheds in rural areas are exempt from building codes, which is one less thing to deal with.
While modern farms often have large, expensive sheds, for this article we’ll primarily consider small, less expensive sheds for do-it-yourselfers who are setting up a sustainable place in the country.

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