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25.04.2015 admin
This started out as roughly a 10x10 chicken coop built back in the early 80's on my parents' farm, that was later added on to in 2 sections to add room for just storing random crap.
My dad and I have been working on renovating the farm, and he was considering having a shop built - mainly for storing the tractor, mower, etc.
We had recently torn down the aging wooden fence around the house yard and set the re-usable wood planking aside, and I told him I thought we could turn the chicken coop into a nice little tractor shed for a lot less than having someone come in and build a shop (which was really more building than we needed). We're still working on it a little at a time, but this is basically what we ended up with (sorry for the crappy cell phone pic - I'll try to get better ones soon). The floor is currently dirt, but we had some wells drilled on the property that left us with enough chipped rock to do most of the floor - again, putting recycling into use.
I know we build a few things wrong - but for our first project, it turned out ok, will suit the needs we have for it, and we learned a lot about building a structure like this.
Anyway - I post this just to show that it doesn't always take tens of thousands of dollars to build a work space. Probably the biggest thing I like about it is that the weathered wood planking really makes it fit in well with the wooded area it sits in.
I have been wanting to build something similar but with metal all around to match the shop I built. Lots a the farmers in the area just leave their tractors outside but I'm just not like that.

I would like to build something like you have done but just a little bit bigger and have half of it for a feeding stall because I plan on rebuilding some fence and raising a couple head of cattle. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.
In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. My neighber, Frank, slipped the bucket loader of his tractor under the roof of the shed, lashed the shed securely to the bucket, and began the move.
The shed has a strong floor, a new roof, a lean-to addition for storage, and can be insulated. Very nice outfit, I am from Newark Notts and put the show of Case and David Brown tractors together at the Newark Tractor Show last November.I am also a keen ploughmam and i can see you are doing a good job.
Hi MJUK, {Michael},Pleased you liked the photo's of the tractor and plough and the quality of ploughing. Nice looking out fit, but I wouldn't want to plow all day with that straight pipe on there. Hi Nick,The tractor was orginally bought in Pennsylvania in 2006- the plough was bought from Scott KY.It has a foot clutch- Pleased you liked the photo's.Many thanks! Ploughing contest quality.That would make all those Keverland an Ransone operators sweat i bet!

Hi Scott,Yes this is the plough I bought from you.Due to you restoring the plough to a high standard and I used the settings in the book to attatch the plough with the correct measurments,and tyre pressures on the tractor and top link setting.
Not familiar with those terms ,, also have not tried pricing New parts from dealerships, just lookin for a bargain .. I store my tractor in the shop and every time I open the bay doors I pull the tractor out and then back in. We built the shed as a temporary structure, but, after moving it, decided to enclose it up and make it a very small -- but necessary -- woodworking shop. We enjoyed your show in Nov 2010 the tractor and plough were in your marquee.Hope to see you at Newark in Nov 2011!Many thanks.
I find your photo's of tractors and farming crops very interesting as I to farm here in the UK.
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