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News: *** SERVER ISSUES *** - we are currently experiencing a heavy load on the server that we are attempting to resolve. Progress Since LastI have cut all of the exterior MDF components and begun laminating parts in black or white Wilsonart countertop laminate. I lucked out and we found a big ole Victorian house that has two living rooms, kitchen, and dining room.  The wife owns the kitchen and dining room, and I have run of the living rooms!
I'd loose the Astro City specific stuff from the CPO and just change it to a similar text, especially as I think the colours clashes against the deep red that looks more Vewlix. Also, I am starting to realize that, if I really want to play Radiant Silvergun, CAVE shooters, etc, I am going to need a core i5, and thus a new MOBO. The top and bottom halves are held together with locking cams, the kind you see on Ikea furniture. I am thinking a piano hinge would be easiest, under front lip outside control box, or side. Drill some holes, mount some USB passthroughs, install some holsters, setup the software and BLAMO?Frontend Admin Buttons - I'm looking to keep these to an absolute minimum, but I realize I probably need a few. My new router has quickly become my favorite toy tool.To thin out the CP so the button nuts would be able to thread on, I had to route away the backside around the button holes.
Are you planning on multiple emulators, and what front end are you considering to launch the games? I do really want to play online - you are probably right that the best way would be actual consoles in the cab. This actually works pretty well because the top part can be placed on the bottom before being secured in place.

And seeing as how my plan is to build one of these bad-boys from scratch, I continue to be most interested and inspired by your efforts and progress.
I have not had to move it - fortunately - but separating the two halves wouldn't be a problem.
Is the MDF a perpetual source of dust which will prematurely destroy the computer housed within? In my searches, I see that the motherboard I got only has integrated video if the CPU supports it -- mine does not.
I'm going to have to put some T-molding around the perimeter of that bottom piece, aren't I? If I ever have to move this thing, i see it as a positive that I can just seperate the top from the bottom. Can I just uses bunch of short wood screws if I drill pilots?EDIT: hinges came with screws.
And then offset the T-Mold slot to account for this?CP Drilling - Is it recommended to drill the MDF and Plexiglass in one operation (straight thru both)?
I like the kit overall, but it definitely has its flaws, which would be much easier to correct when building from scratch.
Is there a DIY technique to cut the plexiglass to the not-rectangular shape of my CP, or do I need to special order for that?Answers in order of questions. I hope.Current QuestionsCP Plexi Attachment - Will the threaded pushbuttons be enough retention to keep the plexiglass down? I rested the heels of my hands on the work piece and just used my fingertips to glide the router around.

1) Lightguns can be added in the future, You show you are going down the CRT route and I am unsure which if any guns will work straight out the box without any modifications.
And as always, move against the rotation of the tool, not with it.After I got that done, I had to throw some buttons in there to get a feel. Most guns now are designed to work on any screen so have an infra red emitter much like the wii. At some point, it probably should just be a CRT candy cab repro if that is what I am trying to make.
The tab button is mostly for my use, but the other buttons and the tokens make it easy for anyone to step up to the cab and figure out how to play.
Before I clean out the full volume for the joysticks, I want to use that hole as a template for the Lexan overlay.
I'd love to make a vewlix repro with a LCD some day too which would be all about modern PC versions of fighters. How hard can it be?  Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions.Current QuestionsLight Guns - Are these a bolt-on? As for your stats, The first 3 are the most important Art is easily found online and then modified to suit, either that or have a look at the artwork section on the site for ideas and or people that can help make your ideas a reality.

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