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New planning regulations introduced on 1st October 2008 now affect how you can pave your front garden. The paving over of front gardens has had a significant impact on the volume of water running into drains; in London there are 12 square miles of front garden under paving, equivalent to 22 Hyde Parks. Local temperatures can rise (the urban heat island effect) due to less evaporation of water that would have soaked into the ground and more hard surfaces releasing heat absorbed during the day. Less vegetation means poorer air quality - trees play a major part in absorbing dust & pollution. In England, as of the 1st October 2008, permission is now required to install any impermeable paving in front gardens, exceeding 5 m2, which allows uncontrolled rainwater to run into the road.
At present this affects only new and extended installations at the front of a property adjacent to a road, e.g. The bottom line is that drainage needs to be SUDS compliant in order to avoid requiring planning permission. However, there are now stabilisation products available that are based on a grid system that prevents gravel from moving about. Gravel, or other types of aggregate, can be bonded to create a firm but porous surface, providing this is applied to a permeable base.
Whether concrete or clay, this is similar in looks to the traditional block paving but the blocks have spacers to create wider gaps. Believe it or not an open graded tarmac surface can be porous, and as with all surfaces this is dependant on (yes you’ve guessed it) the permeability of the base.

The environmental benefits of managing water within our gardens should not be considered without the inclusion of appropriate planting. It has to be accepted with our current lifestyles we often need off-road space for more than one car per family. The options are numerous but the key point when choosing materials and planting is that they are appropriate for the site. Morgan Bishop design, manufacture and build conservatories, orangeries, garden rooms and botanical buildings.Based in Reepham, Norfolk. Jill Crooks of Room 105 Design Partnership explains the new regulations and provides design ideas so you will be able to have a practical, attractive, environmentally friendly hard standing area for your cars that is SUDS compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems). Government reports estimate that over 80,000 homes are at very high risk from surface water flooding causing £270 million of damage each year.
The downside is the fluidity of the surface making it unsuitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs etc. These products are great for providing a natural look whilst providing a firmer surface for wheels. The construction and make-up of the base materials is very different to allow water to pass through. This solution is suitable for larger front gardens where grass is a more practical option and where the area is not permanently parked on so that the grass has sufficient light to grow. This will require carrying out soils tests to check the permeability and a good understanding of levels.

It also has an inbuilt membrane that stops the gravel falling through and acts as a weed suppressant.
As the resin is clear you see the natural colour of the aggregate rather than a black tarmac based binding material. Heavy clay soil and compacted ground is extremely slow to absorb water and would therefore result in puddling during heavy rain.
Consider the way you feel when driving down a leafy green avenue compared to a street lined with concrete & cars. In these circumstances it is better to use drainage systems that will direct and control the flow of excess water into a planted border or soakaway. Garden rooms can be designed to maximise light with the inclusion of "light wells".Our bespoke garden rooms are designed to complement all gardens both large and small.
OrangeriesOrangeries are arguably one of the 21st Centuries most fashionable and sought after items.

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