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If there is one thing every homeowner could agree they need more of around the house, it’s probably storage. If you have a small bedroom like me, you will constantly look for places to store your ever mounting pile of things. This is the easiest and also most aesthetic way for under bed storage as drawers are convenient to store daily used items. This bed with the lift up mattress is the perfect way to store the items that are not in your daily use, for example suit cases, old books, etc.
You don’t have to spend top dollars to buy pretty under bed boxes and drawers if you hide them away with long pretty bed skirt! A wooden box, an old wine crate or an unused drawer can be turned into great under bed storage with a few knobs and rolling casters. 4. Convertible Bamboo Table: This beautiful coffee table also turns into a dining table that seats 10!
10. Coffee Table Dollhouse: If you love entertaining kids as much as adults, get yourself the Qubis Haus!
The only 3 downsides of LEGOS are stepping on a stray one with bare feet, sweeping one up in the vacuum cleaner, and keeping them organized.
After Christmas, I took on the task of finding an LEGO organization system that wasn’t too advanced or burdensome for six year olds to keep up with…After exploring a few options, this is what is working quite well for now. My go-to storage solution for anything with small parts is to re-use the Winnie the Pooh animal cracker bins from Costco!
We’re still at the mega block stage, but a good friend stores her kids blocks in one of those underbed sweater boxes.
We also do the binder for instruction manuals, but everything else is dumped into two of these lego wheeled storage bins. Right now we store our Legos in either a big tote with a lid or in the boxes that the sets came in. Keeping the sets together means no worries or frantic searching when putting together a complicated creation.

As the mama of quadruplet boys, Jen enjoys sharing the adventures, joys, challenges, and bloopers in parenting multiples. Remember all those ingenious storage solutions you came up with in college to fit your megasize wardrobe into your tiny dorm room?
Spacious cabinets, roomy closets, ample basement or attic space – these are the things homeowners crave. Ensure no monsters find their way there by using that under-your-mattress space for storage!
Use a door-length hanging pocket organizer to corral socks, craft supplies, even loose change!
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Your wardrobe can easily reach its maximum capacity soon so it’s better to look out for other storage options. IKEA offers some very good and inexpensive trunk beds that I have been interested in for a while. The fact that it has handles, label spots for better classification and cedar inserts to protect sweaters from moths make this box a great choice for under bed storage. Melancholy Smile has a great tutorial on how to make the above under bed drawers for a fraction of the cost of the same drawer in furniture stores.
Set yourself up with a romantic dining table for two, carry everything you need for the ride, and skip into the sunset with your picnic basket.
It works as a table with two cushy bench seats, folds down into a larger area with the table still in tact, and then flattens all the way out into a bed with a nightstand. It’s a minimal-looking coffee table that just happens to have a secret dollhouse in the shelves.
How about sorting all the mini-figure body parts and accessories in a muffin tin?  Awesome “use what you have” idea from Built by Kids! It slides out from under the bed form the kids to play then slides right back out of the way.

Hopefully 4tunate will be a blessing to your heart and home, as you are an encouragement to mine. Isaac is energetic, joyful, encouraging, and is an excellent listener (even when he’s not the one being spoken to). You don't have to be enrolled in classes to apply the same savvy to your small space as an adult.
We all need a place to stash our “stuff,” but if your closets are filled to the brim already you may be at a loss as to where to store your keepsakes, out-of-season clothing or just every day odds and ends. There are countless ways to use the stairs in your home as storage solutions, but we love the use of each step as a pull-out drawer, creating under-the-stairs bookshelves or pull-out drawers and even converting that empty space below into a cozy reading nook.
Plenty of bed manufacturers make models with pull-out drawers for convenient places to stock pillows, blankets or bulky sweaters. Install some simple wire baskets and you’ve found the perfect space to store gift wrap, tissue paper or greeting cards! In this article we will examine 6 most popular under bed storage ideas, together with some tips to help your under bed storage more efficient and eye pleasing.
Container Store also has a great selection of under bed storage so it’s worth checking them out.
For example the high version of IKEA’s Malm bed frame comes with external boxes if you need additional storage.
We’re particularly swooning over the side table that doubles as a caddy for carrying things around your home. However because they don’t have wheels, it is more convenient to store off-season clothing or old items that are not any more used frequently. Well, the furniture-makers of the world hear you loud and clear, and are serving up these 12 pieces of multipurpose, convertible furniture.

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