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The constant use of a garage door opener is incurring wear and tear on the gear sets, carriages, slides, and other parts. When it comes to choosing a garage door opener, you may be surprised with the options you have. If your garage door opener does not have a "rolling code" security feature, you may be leaving your home vulnerable to break-in.
Wood garage doors have been a hit due to the outstanding warm and attractive look that they give to each individuals home. One of the main reasons that people choose wood garage doors is because the only maintenance that is needed is some stain and proper upkeep here and there. Our garage doors are made by only the best quality garage door manufacturers you can find and are available for a great price. When looking for a dependable Novato repair, sales, and service, for all your garage door repair needs, even if you require emergency repair services, call us locally at (415) 495-2144 or toll-free at (866) 575-9050. Clopay Garage Doors featuring Intellicore insulation technology represent the ultimate smart choice for homeowners. If you’re shopping for a garage door, the door’s energy performance may not matter — especially if you don’t heat your garage.
A good overhead door on an attached garage can keep the garage — and therefore the house — a little warmer than a leaky door.
Since cars can be hard to start in sub-zero weather, homeowners in very cold climates — even those with unheated garages — may want a garage door that limits heat loss. If the garage is used for vehicle maintenance or woodworking projects, it may occasionally be heated. The R-values that are trumpeted by garage-door manufacturers are measured at the center of one of the door panels.
Most garage-door manufacturers are reluctant to share actual laboratory reports showing the results of R-value testing. More than a decade ago, responsible window manufacturers realized that the reputation of their industry was being damaged by misleading R-value and U-factor claims.
When it comes to accurate reporting of U-factors or R-values, however, the garage door industry is years behind the window industry. There’s nothing to prevent garage-door manufacturers from using the NFRC testing and labeling protocol — a protocol that yields a more honest and useful result than the center-of-panel numbers trumpeted by garage-door marketers.
Although it’s hard to obtain actual test results that report the whole-door U-factors of “tested installed doors,” I managed to obtain one report on a garage door from Clopay, and another on a garage door from Overhead Door. Based on the only two test reports that I was able to track down, it seems logical to conclude that the R-value of a garage door is about one-third of the R-value claimed in a manufacturer’s brochure. Mike Thoman, the director of thermal testing and simulation at Architectural Testing Incorporated, a Pennsylvania laboratory, has tested many garage doors. There’s another potential problem with the R-values reported by garage-door manufacturers: even if one accepts the fact that the advertised R-values represent center-of-panel values rather than whole-door values, the numbers are still higher than most insulation experts believe are possible.
One garage-door distributor who doubts the accuracy of manufacturer’s R-value claims is Bill Feder, the president of Door Services Incorporated of Portland, Maine. Unfortunately, Feder’s admirable challenge has not yet shamed the garage-door industry into correcting the numerous exaggerations in their product specifications.
If the day ever comes when garage-door manufacturers follow the path blazed by their more honest brothers and sisters in the window industry — that is, if they ever decide to report whole-door U-factors or whole-door R-values — an important piece of the door-rating puzzle will still be missing. Although some garage-door manufacturers have measured the whole-door U-factor and air-leakage characteristics of their doors, most won’t release the data.
If any readers have identified a garage door that limits air leakage, please tell us the brand. I'm depending on the community of GBA readers to contribute recommendations on good garage doors (and even installation tips that limit infiltration). Even the most thoughtfully designed door's energy efficiency detailing will be defeated by the installer. That said, I know that many people use garages as their workshop so garage doors that are well sealed and insulated are nevertheless needed. In snowy or rainy climates, a detached garage can be connected to the house with a narrow unconditioned breezeway. We install and repair doors all day, and, unfortunately, for a lot of people energy efficiency still isn't at the top of their list when it comes to the garage door. I recently bought new windows for my bedroom, and knowing what type and applying for the energy tax credit was real simple. It's scandalous -- more evidence, if any is needed, that these tax credits are designed to help manufacturers push products, not to help homeowners save energy.
I can spend $1595 on a R 15.38 door (which as noted above is a misleading metric), that according to my installer has very good air leakage properties from the panel design. Or I can spend $1050 on a R 8.72 door with poorer leakage problems, but still get the tax credit. Since my garage is not heated, and between the wife and I the door will be opening and closing several times a day, I think saving the $500 is the smart way to go.
I just went back to this article you wrote last year and noticed all the comments and questions. If you maintain a 65 degree temperature year round in your garage the actual savings between a door with an R-value of 12 and one with a 4 will be about 7.83 annually. I'm probably going to choose them for my door simply because of their attempt to be honest (It doesn't hurt that they come recommended from a trusted source). Do you think that outswing carriage doors would be more efficient, I am building a garage shop that will have very limited garage use but would like to insure that there is some sealing around the doors and it seemed to me that it would be easier to seal outswing solid doors more efficiently?. I am in the planning stage of building a house of small footprint size, and looking at the 'best' solution for a 'can-do-it-all' garage door is a big part of it.
One like myself, coming from Europe, would think that garages (and their doors) would get especially in the USA, some attention! What if I would be willing to use my (future) house as a 'test-environment' - Who would be interested and able to process & publish the data?!

My garage is going to be heated, most likely a concrete slab with hydronic radiant floor heating, walls ICF's, in Talkeetna, AK. Once again, thank you for your article and any help or update on garage doors is greatly appreciated.
As far as I know, the information in this article still applies, over three years since it was written. Haas Doors look promising, if only because they are one of the few door manufacturers that doesn't exaggerate (in other words, lie) about the R-value of their doors. The garage door industry association, the Door & Access Systems Manufacturing Association (DASMA ) is in the process of performing U factor testing and eliminating R rating on all garage doors. Forty years ago a company, by the name of Mckee Door, did testing on a 10’ x 10’ insulated door that didn’t have weatherseals around the perimeter.
A conditioned air space and an insulated garage play a major role in providing a garage with a space that insulates like that of the house. A Conditioned space and a door that is tested using a U factor that is based on the doors performance in the opening, not a sample of a door section. The lesson here is if you want to upgrade your garage door to a steel sandwich door, which is typically stronger and quieter, do so for that reason and not for some fictitious high R-Factor that a manufacturer is promising. Martin Holladay has worked as a plumbing wholesale counterperson, roofer, remodeler, and builder. I just got back from the Home Depot Store and I found out that there are many more options available for this door in store than online. Next, carpenters build garage, frame it, put in service door, and overhead door with motor, vinyl side walls, and shingle the roof. Our 28 point process provides "you, the customer" a garage plan and garage with quality materials and excellent workmanship.
Every home that we've installed or replaced with a wood garage door in Novato has always turned out great. A wood garage door is also very customizable and can easily be made to match your home by just adding some paint. We're here to help you with all of your garage door repair needs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Clopay Intellicore is proprietary polyurethane foam that is injected into a garage door, expanding to fill the entire structure. It was also only supplied with one spring per side which is not strong enough to operate this insulated door properly. No manufacturer, as far as I can determine, reports the R-value of the entire door assembly (including the panel edges, the seams between panels, and the perimeter of the door) in their promotional materials.
When I asked Mike Willstead, a technical representative for Raynor, if I could see a copy of Raynor’s test results, he suggested I send him an e-mail.
Alternatively, garage-door manufacturers could use the voluntary consensus standard (ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute. A technical data sheet (DASMA TDS #163) describes this testing protocol, dubbed the “tested installed door” protocol by DASMA. According to Mischel Schonberg, Clopay’s public relations manager, the door is insulated with 2 inches of polyurethane foam. On his own initiative, Feder sent a garage-door panel (Overhead Door model 194) to Yarbrough’s lab, R&D Services. The reason: when it comes to the thermal performance of garage doors, air leakage matters much more than R-value. When you post your garage door recommendations, provide your full name — so we can tell the garage-door salespeople from the architects, builders, and homeowners.
Mike Thoman was unable to release specifics on the brand names of better doors because of confidentiality agreements signed with the manufacturers who submit their doors for testing.
And good luck with your efforts to mandate U-factors and test procedures for overhead doors. We try our best to educate, but often times the most homeowners are willing to go is repairing or adding rubber stop molding.
It's true that the entire "package" should be rated and results provided to the customer and yes, proper installation of both door and weather seal can make or break the entire system. The testing is misleading and fairly expensive for a company to do because it's really not about the door - it's about the entire package.
In fact, it inspired me to post info on my own garage door replacement, since a number of people asked me how I did mine. The window industry just has their stuff together, whereas the garage door industry hasn't quite caught on to making things simple for the consumer. I wish the FTC would prosecute the door manufacturers that continue to lie in their advertising. I believe they are actually honest in their R value publications, their brochures and their specifications sheets use the terminology DASMA TDS #163. I would guess a lot of manufacturers making good doors are reluctant to publish this information for fear the uninformed consumer would incorrectly assume their doors offer inferior insulation properties. However, if you live in Alaska (Climate Zone 7) and the garage is heated and contains mechanicals (Washer, Drier, and Water Heater), wouldn't the R-18 Clopay that is really an R-7 make sense (with improved sealing, of course)? However, I have no independent verification of whether Haas Doors perform better than other similar doors. We got off the train their for a few minutes -- we were taking the train from Denali National Park to Anchorage.
They determined that they may as well have a 12 inch diameter hole in the center of the door due to air leakage. It’s reminiscent of the same commotion that energy tax credits and pinch-proof doors provided and flooded the industry for a number of years.
When you drive home in the winter and its 25 degrees, you close the door trapping that cold air in the garage. He built his first passive solar house in northern Vermont in 1974, and has lived off the grid since 1975.

If your garage door opener does not have a safety reversing feature, you should replace it so you do not put your family's safety at risk. A wood garage door in Novato can be an ideal balance to a modern, traditional, or even a rustic looking home.
Plus, wood garage doors serve as a great insulator, helping you keep your utility bill low.
Here at Valuemax we serve Novato, San Rafael, Mill Valley, Tiburon, Sausalito, and other areas within Marin County. 18.4 R-Value Intellicore Insulated Solid White Garage Door 0 answers WHY are these doors still being shipped with INADEQUATE SPRINGS ? 18.4 R-Value Intellicore Insulated Solid White Garage Door 0 answers Is Model 73 CLOPAY garage door hurricane rated, MFG ID Code 01602871604101? To address these problems, industry leaders developed a method for testing and reporting whole-window U-factors. National nonprofit membership organization that coordinates development of national consensus standards. I think what the industry needs is, like you mentioned, less anecdotes and more scientific evidence like the window manufacturers have.
We tell people exactly what you have stated here - that panel core and thickness do matter (we prefer polyiso instead of the cheap white foam board), but more important is the weather seal around the sides and the door bottom as well as integrity of the concrete surface the door sits on.
It's one of the best on the market with a double rubber seal around the top and side jambs.
Found this resource that lists all the different door manufacturers and the models that qualify for the energy tax credit.
As far as I know, the U-factor is typically used with windows as a measurement of how well the product insulates. I have been hurt as a business several times going up against the manufacturers you've mentioned in this article, because of their inflated values.
Despite this being a 2 year old post, it seems the industry isn't any more forthcoming with installed door testing now than it was at the time of writing. Haas posts it right next to the sectional R-Value, allowing you to see that they compare favorably to the rest of the industry on that (mostly meaningless) measure.
You might notice the next day when you go outside and the temperature is 40 degrees, when you go back into your garage, you’ll find the temperature is still 25 degrees.
Before you go out and spend $4-5000 dollars on making your garage conditioned, you might ask yourself, how often do you intend to really use that space for living type of environment? In 1980, Holladay bought his first photovoltaic(PV) Generation of electricity directly from sunlight. 18.4 R-Value Intellicore Insulated White Garage Door with Plain Windows 1 answer This question was not answered!
Wood garage doors manage to look fantastic while also complementing you as a homeowner by adding value to your home and reflecting you as a person. Here at Valuemax Novato we are proud to offer you the best available wood garage doors from places like Clopay, Wayne-Dalton, Raynor, and other high quality manufacturing companies.
Call us today at any time and find out for yourselves why our business has lasted for over three decades now. Its dense insulation also produces a quieter door, while its industry leading R-values provide year-round comfort and improved energy efficiency.
The garage MUST be heated or you freeze pipes), this door will pay for itself in the increased energy efficiency. The U-factor reported on an NFRC label accurately describes the U-factor of the entire window, including the sash frame and the window frame — not just the center-of-glass U-factor. Accreditation by ANSI signifies that the procedures used meet the Institute’s essential requirements for openness, balance, consensus, and due process. Not-for-profit international standards organization that provides a forum for the development and publication of voluntary technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services. Some quantifiable facts about how installing the proper door is going to save them X dollars a year. And coming to R-value, if you find a garage door, for instance, that is thick, the R value might be as high as 6.5. Regrettably no one in our industry provides anything close to the kind of seals that the window entry door industries provide on their products.
A photovoltaic cell has no moving parts; electrons are energized by sunlight and result in current flow. We recommend an entry pad that is user friendly with the warranty to last up to 6 to 10 years. We are confident that we can resolve your garage door opener questions and repair needs whether it involves a chain drive, belt drive or a screw drive opener. If a wood garage door simply doesn't appeal to you right now however, you can check out other possibilities by viewing our garage door options page. However if you find a lower priced garage door that is made with inexpensive materials, the R value might be something like 4.3. Without providing the garage with a conditioned space to balance the temperature, you haven’t achieved anything. Drive a hot car into a garage when its 100 degrees and go back an hour later and that garage will be over 115 degrees.
Needless to say my installer made a trip to his distributor and got the hardware that should have come with a PREMIUM door.
The door itself is high quality but I cannot recommend with the hardware that comes with it. We installed two others at our home in Fairbanks and it made the -40F Winters much cheaper and tolerable.

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