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The newer homes today have plenty of room for cabinets for storage of your tools and miscellaneous items. You now have your entire garage organized, the cars are parked and now it’s time for the final touches. Our flexible design system lets you choose almost any length, width, roof height or roof pitch for your garage.
That space between your door and the ceiling is a great space for our Hyloft Overhead Ceiling Racks.

Simply alter the size for additional space, and choose from either front or side door options. Window stays restrict the opening space for security.Skylights – let the natural light into your garage. Workbench (E) – a strong, sturdy built-in work surface uponwhich to mount a vice or store tools.Decking – when combined with a verandah, a deck gives your building an attractive finish.
Ramps and stairs are available.ConstructionBy utilising the latest timber connections, bracing and pre-cut timber, we have simplified the construction process to enable you to do it yourself, without the need for heavy trade tools.

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