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This alcove shelving is very strong and can take many books over a wide span, below is a sideboard storage units with push open doors and an Oak coutertop.
A storing box becomes hard to move when I display it when I put it on the floor that is easy to be slippery after putting a safeguard sheet (separate sale) even if a thing leans on a storing box. It looks like I put record storing box [BLC-08] and [BLC-08-D] with the record storing box partition together.
It is record storing box [BLC-08] and the state that put [BLC-12] together with the record storing box partition.
In addition, a storing box to be able to use for a different use with size same as record storing box [BLC-08] prepares a lot. Because I make stacking with a glass marble, each storing box does not use a screw and the bolt at all. In basic ????? of the BLC series, the storing box, the standard does not change than a release start of 2001.
Because I have it to spare slightly, I can receive a record in the state that I classified into plastic protection bags.
I can buy more it depending on the need including the case that a record to put away in the future increased to.

It is the finish utilized the feel of a material that is natural texture and mat of the material without painting it. You can also store LP records and other than A4 size a little larger for books and magazines.
It’s a lost art in this day and age!So my friend Nick and I took an early morning trip to Home Depot and picked up some lumber.
Two sheets of 4×8 plywood, as we were both planning on building record storage shelf holder bin thingers. Here’s a very exciting shot of said plywood, taken just MOMENTS before we paid for it. I certainly would have welcomed your help and comradery in this jointly appreciated passion !! As for the record collection – I have lugged it with me from house to house as it grew to over 1,000 titles. John, we certainly share a passion for music, handed down to us from Poppy (who loved to listen to Frank Sinatra, Jazz and Big Bands on his Columbia HiFi. I use the Ikea shelves mainly, but I do like the record shop style of these you’ve built.

If you have the room and don’t need to stack to the ceiling these shelves are perfect, I especially like the ability to put an index card in to alphabetize.
I wouldn’t mind limiting the time I am staring at my collection searching for a specific record. I tend to re-arrange things from time to time and having to unload the records to move the bin to reload them is a pain in the back! GREAT IDEA MY RECORDS ARE SO HARD TO GET TO(OLD AGE) THIS WILL MAKE LIFE SO MUCH EASIER THANKS ONCE AGAIN.
As it stands, I have to take all of the records out of the case whenever I want to move it around.

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