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Jobs very well may have been correct in saying that other phones suffered from the same antenna problem, and that Apple had spent many man-hours ensuring that the issue wouldna€™t affect performance. Most Windows users should know that, within the desktop, pressing the Windows-X key combo opens the list of a€?power usera€? commands, from power options to disk management to the Device Manager. If Microsoft made any mistake here, ita€™s that these new a€?powera€? features are what the average user wants, too.A Microsoft missed an opportunity for a home run by not highlighting these options elsewhere, such as in the PC Settings menu. While I suspect many users have been trained to Alt-Tab from one application to the next, quickly breaking context to move between programs,A the ability to snap four apps next to one another should prove useful.
While ita€™s fair to say that many Windows 8 apps still fall squarely in the junk category, Microsoft is nearing the 100,000-app mark, and more developers appear to be jumping back onto the Windows 8 bandwagon. Microsoft has also committed itself to its own app development, basically rewriting most of its first-party apps within Windows 8.1. Ia€™m also unreasonably excited about the upcoming Mail refresh, which segments social-networking updates and newsletters into their own folders. People may look at a Windows 8 desktop and ask, a€?What do I need that for?a€? People may look at a convertible Windows 8 tablet and ask, a€?What do I need that for?a€? And people may look at an 8-inch Windows tablet and, well, you get the idea. But Microsofta€™s partners offer Windows on everything from large, tabletop all-in-ones to the new Acer 8-inch Windows tablet.
But I think that for Ballmer and other executives to capitalize on the premise of a unified Windows ecosystem, they should have designated more time to Windows Phone, perhaps in a a€?mini-Builda€? of sorts. A tighter unification between the Start screen and desktop: Maintaining the two different contexts makes sense when I switch between my desktop workspace, with a keyboard, and on-the-go computing in tablet mode. However, I hate it when Ia€™m happily working within a desktop application, and then Microsoft rudely hauls me away into the modern environment, simply because I want to launch a related app. Combine that with the upcoming energy-efficient Atom platform from Intel and more small Windows tablets, and Microsofta€™s future looks much brighter than it looked a few months ago.
Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. As PCWorld's senior editor, Mark focuses on Microsoft news and chip technology, among other beats. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Most of us know that Microsoft loves using "Betta fish" images in testing versions of Windows OS. If you like this new boot screen and if you are using Windows XP or Windows 7, this topic will please you. Today in this article we are going to share Windows 8.1 Preview look-like boot screens for Windows XP and Windows 7. After applying the boot screen restart your system and enjoy Windows 8.1 Preview boot screen in Windows XP. Restart your system and get ready to enjoy new Windows 8.1 Preview boot screen in Windows 7.

As far as I know, you can't change boot screen in Windows 8 (Vishal will correct me if I'm wrong). Simply grab the logo from the above image and create a new image in Photoshop or any other software and make its background black and then paste the fish logo in the middle of the image. Its good, but it nearly shook me as suddenly the first time i started it it said "image is corrupt. Wea€™ve examined whata€™s inside the updated system, and wea€™ve explained what we still hope to see in future revisions.
And Microsoft very well may have been right to say that the design of Windows 8 might not have needed a redesign after all.
In a sense, ita€™s a Start menu for power users, and ita€™s one shortcut every Windows user should know. And I have always thought that the original a€?snapa€? feature in Windows 8 is poorly implemented. Ia€™m a committed desktop user, and I still believe that multitasking among various apps allows me to be most productive. Even Facebook and Twitter have climbed aboard, just in time for an announcement at Build 2013. The company has added apps such as Reading List, which basically acts as Instapaper for Windows 8 and lets you send articles to yourself for later viewing, sans ads. Some people may see this as flailinga€”throwing a bunch of different form factors at the wall, and hoping one of them will work. Hello?A Steve Ballmer noted that Build would be dedicated to Windows 8, and that Microsoft wouldna€™t be showcasing the Windows Phone or Xbox platforms there. I found it really interesting that Microsoft plans to support the Unity platform, extending its a€?common corea€? concept across the Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone platforms. A Likewise, if Ia€™m in tablet mode, I hate trying to navigate a desktop file structure with my finger. Wea€™ve incorporated your feedback, bridged what we wanted to accomplish in Windows 8 with what you expected, and tried to bake both elements into a cohesive whole. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. They have used Betta fish image in Windows 7 Beta build wallpaper and boot screen of Windows 8 Consumer Preview version. Similar to previous Windows versions, Windows 8.1 Preview also comes with a new Boot Screen which also features Microsoft's favorite "Betta fish". I use windows 7 and I read how to change the account picture on login screen with that of windows 8 user picture and I somehow changed it and I don't remember how I did it and I am unable to restore it.
So I cant assure you anything about this tool as I have left using Windows 7 since long time. I remember that sometimes, during a Windows Update, the boot screen displays a message like "Applying Update Operation X of XX: XXXXXX" under the animation.

But we havena€™t yet presented a final verdict on the new OS, and what Microsoft really accomplished during its Build 2013 developera€™s conference. Still, in a matter of weeks, Microsoft backed down on its DRM policies surrounding the Xbox One and dramatically redesigned Windows 8 to accomodate its customersa€™ wishes. But now Microsoft scores points by allowing us to snap multiple Internet Explorer windows, side by side, all in the modern Windows 8.1 interface, as shown below.
Still, I can see that snapping a Twitter app next to Internet Explorer next to a future Major League Baseball app might be a fun way to watch the game.
You cana€™t argue that Androida€™s success has been predicated on its diversity of platformsa€”the fact that ita€™s free, that Google has a permissive app policy, and that Android is closely tied to Googlea€™s services hegemony is a better foundation for Androida€™s success. But therea€™s no denying that Windows 8 is flexible, and Microsoft has created a platform that allows partners to imagine Windows 8 for themselves.
Delving into this concept would have reinforced the messageA that Microsoft is committed to a multidevice universe, with all components aligned to a single sign-on and cloud service.
Why does Reading List operate with the modern version of Internet Explorer, whereas I cana€™t share anything at all from the desktop?
Wea€™ve sprinkled in a generous helping of new features, and wea€™re joining the once-a-year upgrade timeline that our competitors have adopted. Microsoft is miles behind other platforms in terms of apps, both on Windows and on Windows Phone. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Its quite similar to Windows 8 boot screen because it shows same circle animation but the main Windows 8 logo has been replaced by Betta fish.
When people dual-boot between Windows 7 and Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, this error message occurs. The bottom line is that some consumersA may find that ginormous all-in-one to be exactly what they need, and only Microsoft has created an ecosystem that supports this degree of experimentation. Applea€™s iOS and MacOS can interact with each other, but many elements distinguish and separate the two. But it still has the Web, and a compelling client with Internet Explorer and its new Visual Studio tools. You can say the same for the modern and desktop elements within Windows 8, and theya€™re the same dang operating system.

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