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The kitchen backsplash is placed on the kitchen wall between the countertops and the wall cabinets. The first project on our list features a wonderful rustic backsplash made from reclaimed wood from old shipping pallets. This second project can also be easily done on your own kitchen wall.  This awesome idea uses wine corks to make a beautiful natural-looking kitchen backsplash. Wallpaper is usually delicate, unable to face a kitchen’s environment, especially in the sink area, where water splashes can easily ruin it.
Adding a splash of color in your decor is always welcomed because makes things less dull, but in a kitchen what can you possible do? If you are the proud owner of a small apartment that has a small kitchen, fear not because there are incredible simple solutions to make it look good as well as functional.
If you really want to add some eye-catching focal points in your house with really visible personality, I suggest you to pay attention at this project.  In this kitchen a powerful colored elements automatically draws your attention.
Stainless steel, aluminum and copper tiles are available in many styles, in brushed of shiny finishes, embossed or plain. This next backsplash resembles a little bit the one mentioned earlier; the only things differentiating them are the stones and the technique. We have treated the chalkboard paint ideas here before and if I remember correctly we spoke about this particular idea as well.
All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain.
This entry was posted in Kitchen Remodeling TIPS and tagged bold colors, eclectic kitchen design, kitchen backsplash, kitchen design ideas, kitchen remodeling, luxury design, mosaic tiles, professional kitchen designers, unique remodeling ideas by JenB. Contact us about your remodel and we’ll do everything we can to help you work through the process.
Choosing from a variety of kitchen backsplash ideas can be an enjoyable and visually rewarding experience. Tumbled Travertine BacksplashMiles of TileFrom man-made ceramic tile to quarried natural stone tiles such as travertine, marble, limestone, and slate, tile backsplashes are by far the most popular option for today's kitchens.
Full Granite BacksplashStone Slab FabFor a perfectly smooth surface that can practically be hosed down when cleaning, a full granite backsplash is a top choice. Glass BacksplashClassy GlassIf you're looking for fresh, cutting-edge kitchen backsplash ideas, look no further.
Stainless Steel BacksplashMajestic MetalFor the pro chef, nothing tops a stainless steel backsplash behind the range.
Laminate BacksplashPlastic PerfectionFor kitchens with solid surface countertops (Corian) or laminate (Formica), a matching Corian or laminate backsplash is an option. Wood BacksplashKnock on WoodWhile wood is not fire safe to use behind a cooking surface, there are often other areas in a kitchen where a wood backsplash can provide a warmer appearance. Copper and Stone BacksplashRustic RenaissanceIn a timber frame, log home, or rustic kitchen, sometimes a "normal" backsplash just won't cut it. Once you've decided what materials and colors you want for your backsplash, it's time to determine how to put it all together. Range BacksplashRange Backsplash IdeasBreaking up the tile pattern behind the range is a great way to add interest and a focal point to the room. Sink BacksplashSink Backsplash IdeasIf your sink happens to be in front of a wall instead of a window, you will want to decide whether to keep the same tile pattern as the rest of the kitchen or to mix it up.
Kitchen Tile MuralKitchen Tile MuralsDepending on the style of your kitchen, an artistic mural can add both a point of focus and a conversation piece to the room.
Abstract Tile DesignAbstract Tile DesignsAn artistic mural is not always appropriate in a modern or luxury home, so to spice up the look, you might consider kitchen backsplash tile designs that are more abstract. Rectangular Tile PatternBacksplash Tile PatternsFrom a simple rectangular tile design to multi-tiered bands of varying shapes, the sheer number of backsplash tile patterns is staggering. Printed Glass BacksplashOther Decorative Backsplash OptionsA growing trend in backsplash design is the customized look, be it with screen-printed tiles or photographic glass backsplashes. Kitchen Wall TilesKitchen Wall TilesSome designers will cover an entire wall with tiles, either for dramatic effect or "industrial" cleanability. Pot Filler FaucetPot Filler FaucetsIn large kitchens where the kitchen sink is some distance from the range, the luxury of a pot filler faucet becomes more of a necessity. The Works of Art team specializes in tile and custom kitchen cabinets in your remodeling project. It is meant to protect the walls, especially the zones very close to you sink, stove; places where you cook and prepare food from staining. You can see this backsplash as a DIY opportunity, for your own kitchen, because it’s inexpensive and looks very good.
After you have decided upon the configuration stick the individual boards on the wall using liquid nails. Such a thing will be a nice addition in your kitchen by adding a contemporary touch and maintaining certain warmth in your kitchen setting.
The reason why this can be a great backsplash is because you can write everyday funny messages, or draw funny faces, even write recipes. Today, the kitchen backsplash is the new art gallery for home and condo owners in Washington DC and Northern Virginia. Bright pops of color have hit the fashion runway, but artistic souls carry color into the kitchen.
A new kitchen backsplash idea is to set tiles in a different direction—either vertically or at an angle.
A very modern backsplash application for a Washington DC loft or contemporary house is to use corrugated roofing installed vertically as a kitchen backsplash. From natural stone tile to mosaic marvels to photo-printed glass, the possibilities for your kitchen are virtually endless. For extra character and dimension, consider a tumbled travertine or tumbled marble backsplash in which the tiles are worn down with sand to create a softened, less uniform appearance.
In this case, the backsplash is cut from the same slab as the countertop so the pattern flows continuously from the counter on up. Glass tile and glass mosaic backsplashes have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, either as accents in a mixed-material backsplash or occasionally as the entire surface.

Vinyl tiles, available at home stores, mimic the look of stone and ceramic tiles and are often self-adhesive for DIY installations.
For country and cottage style kitchens, a beadboard backsplash looks terrific behind a built-in hutch or open cabinetry. If you choose tile, do you prefer a consistent pattern (say, square or diagonal) or will you mix it up in some way?
This can be done with a simple border tile to section off a rectangular area below the hood, or by changing the tiles altogether. The same general design principles apply behind a sink as they do behind a range, so you can change the backsplash here with an easy-to-clean stone slab or add a design feature with a border tile or mural if you wish. It's one of the most popular kitchen backsplash ideas for Tuscan, country, and French country kitchens. These are often available pre-packaged from specialty tile stores, although it is possible for a creative artisan to design one from scratch for your home. For any given material, there are often dozens of possible sizes and shapes to choose from, and near infinite ways in which to combine them. Mosaic backsplash tiles are usually 1-inch or smaller, and typically come in 12x12-inch pre-formed sheets to make installation much easier. A number of companies now offer custom large-format printing on the back of glass panels that have been custom fit to your walls. Compared to the skill set required for a professional backsplash installation, there are a handful of easy backsplash ideas for the DIY type.
In some instances, the tile is installed up to the ceiling around a shaped range hood where there is no other logical stopping point. This articulating faucet is installed in the backsplash above the range, and swings out to fill a stock pot with water. Efficient use of space is the hallmark of modern European kitchens, as residents seek to maximize their storage options in small spaces.
Because your backsplash is usually installed toward the end of the remodeling process, you generally have more time to decide on a backsplash for your kitchen.Some homeowners even wait to select a backsplash until they have lived with their new kitchen for a while, since most kitchens can function without one. Your backsplash will stain, but the materials from which is made, are in general very easy to clean and maintain.
If you decide to do this you will need to find some good boards from old pallets and cut them into a bunch of pieces with similar size and scrub them clean. I can guarantee you a really authentic rustic look, as well as a great texture for the wall.{found on circadee}. There are many ways to make backsplashes  from wine corks, the  simplest one is to glue the corks on a board and then place the board on the your kitchen wall. This case presents a very cool idea of protecting your walls of undesired stains but also this can be used to animate the environment. The eye-catching stacked pebbles fit wonderfully in the natural lakeside style of this kitchen.
As long as you turn off the power to avoid accidents with live wires and go easy on the glue everything should go perfect. If you want to do this or something similar you should know that is not very much to do; just stick the stones ( thy will probably come in square tiles) and then apply the grout. This particularly pattern you see in this images brings a certain alternation between light and dark. Guests will do more than mingle in the kitchen before and after the meal; they’ll admire your creativity as you put today’s latest design elements on display. Or, create an actual rectangle “picture” frame in the space below a well-designed vent hood, with a band of mosaics tiles in a pattern of contrasting mosaic tiles to fill it. They are no longer just basic and smooth, although no-frills subway tiles will always have a place. This look instantly updates your kitchen and looks especially nice with the trendy narrow tiles that are one-inch wide by three or four inches long.
Use the elements of design—color, pattern, texture, line, shape, light—to guide your expressions and allow your personality and style to beautify your kitchen.
Silestone and quartz are also common, while slabs of marble, soapstone, and onyx are more exotic backsplash choices. For modern kitchens, an easy-to-clean solid glass backsplash can be custom shaped to the wall.
Decorative metal is also a growing trend in today's backsplashes, with copper, tin, and metal tile picking up steam.
For a faux metal backsplash, look for thermoplastic products that resemble pressed tin and copper. For an "outdoor" ambiance, a cobblestone or stacked stone backsplash can be installed on an entire wall or along the back of a kitchen island or peninsula.
Purchasing a tile mural or mosaic design is another way of highlighting this part of the kitchen.
While it's easy to over-complicate things, I often recommend starting simple and then adding some variation as needed. The tiles can be all of the same material, or can be ordered in randomized patterns from specialized tile retailers.
Check out the various peel and stick backsplash options at home stores, including faux tile and other inexpensive backsplash ideas.
Others use kitchen wall tile as a visual accent wall, much like painting one wall darker for effect. Today's backsplash storage options are versatile and diverse, ranging from cookbook stands and paper towel holders to spice racks and utensil hooks, all positioned for quick access and easy reach.
If you have trouble finalizing your choice, ask your contractor if you can take some extra time to sort through your kitchen backsplash ideas to avoid making a hasty decision.When choosing a backsplash, it usually helps to hire a designer or enlist a trusted friend for advice.
Some country-flavor and organic appeal are great themes for a kitchen and there are several great options to try and create yourself! This is a far better option than just a bare painted wall, not to mention the backsplash aesthetic value.
The question is not what kind of board to use or how to place it on the wall, but where to get all those wine corks if you already have thrown yours away.

Vinyl wallpapers is waterproof as well as very resistant to humidity and stands up to scrubbing.
If you want to do a thing like thins on your own and most of all you want it to look exactly like this one, you should know that here there were used only rocks with the roughly the same size and more important, if you want to keep the true natural aspect you should not grout the pebbles. All you have to do is find various wall tiles from local constructions sites or take a bunch of samples from a tile store. Let everything to dry a few hours and then enjoy your newly decorated kitchen.{found onfamilyhandyman}.
This part is a little bit tricky and you will need to be very attentive to carefully smooth the grout over the entire surface; globbing it on and smearing it around should work as well. The contrast from this chevron chalkboard backsplash is a wonderful visual combination of hand-drawn irregularities and repetition of a continuous pattern.
A less expensive option is to paint a backsplash with brilliant color and cover it with clear tempered glass or a ceramic glass that’s been designed to withstand high temperatures. Another unique backsplash can be created with large elongated rectangle floor tiles of 8 x 16 or 12 x 24 installed in a staggered pattern with accent tiles.
While that finish may not be for everyone, most people like some shape to their backsplash beyond a flat wall. It is the ability to creatively think about the impact of where you use light so that the eye focuses on a particular place or recedes from it. Decorative metal backsplashes often come with pressed patterns or in a dramatic patina, so it's advisable to step back and consider the overall effect to keep them from visually overpowering the room. Arizona Tile's Custom Blend Tool allows you to generate your own special-order mosaic pattern online. With a variety of styles and finishes now available, many homeowners find pot fillers both attractive and useful.
Try out one of these DIY Rustic Backsplashes and give your kitchen a face lift this week!1. With colors, pattern or textures, your backsplash will improve the visual appeal of your kitchen, without difficulty and at a reasonable price. So, next time you open a bottle of wine think again before throwing its cork in the garbage.{found on site}. This kind of material would make a tremendous good looking backsplash not to mention the overall cost. Since some shops sell a simple 36 square inch sheet of  polished or back painted glass with more than $200 you can always try to do it yourself.
As you can imagine the project is simple and has great advantages; if you get water on the design, don’t worry.
Creative cooks with colored cabinetry might choose to add even more color by mixing a number of different colored tiles between the counter and the upper cabinets. Beyond focal point backsplashes, use other materials including a mix of materials to create patterns. Or, use repetition as a design element by creating a visual line with one inset tile or stone repeated at intervals along a long counter space. For example, using a black counter and black backsplash with white and glass-fronted cabinetry is a stark contrast, but the light recedes from the counter and backsplash to highlight the display cabinets. Even expensive cleanable vinyl wallpaper would be within your budget because you will only need a strip of so.
With a little research on the internet you can find detailed information about how to back-paint glass.
Mix the colors and patterns as you like and then put them on the wall with special tile adhesive.
Combining different varieties of wood or intermingling wood slats with different types of stain in a multi-layered effect creates visually appealing patterns along the backs of counters. River rock backsplashes appear as if you collected and set every rock yourself while inviting the tranquil calm of a water setting.
Use old shipping pallets (or even some salvaged wood) to create a backsplash with a rustic vibe. The installation is quite easy all you will need is some primer for your wall and some kind of glue available at any wallpaper store. Then if your skillful enough your result should be similar to this wonderful  ocean-blue , back-painted glass, perfect for a modern backsplash, that will fit wonderfully among glossy cabinetry and stainless steel appliances.{found on frugalbits}. Other tile textures include etched glass, slate or marble, and a more traditional Washington D.C.
Add three-dimensional shape to a backsplash with a built-in step in a different material than your counter top such as stainless steel or even wood. It is cheap, easy to install and really pulls the whole room together.{found on familyhandyman}.
Another choice is to build in a narrow shelf in the middle of the backsplash wall to hold utensils, spices, or ingredients. They can be sandwiched between counter and cabinetry; some homeowners in the area have even used them behind a range hood. Stones add texture.View in galleryThis may be my favorite choice, because I’ve always been a fan of stones and rocks! If you happen to run across an easy tutorial, this is a perfect rustic choice that is still very chic.
Finally, don’t forget the numerous options with under cabinet lighting to enhance your backsplash. It adds texture and surprise to your walls without being overbearing and still staying very organic.3.
From round pucks to light sticks, light technology minimizes the fixture and maximizes the light. Chicken wire works!View in galleryUsing chicken wire as a backsplash will probably be your easiest choice in terms of doing it yourself.

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