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If you go, be sure to wander into the back forty, where all the granite, wood, posts, newels and stuff are stored!
I have a second hand store in Mexico and want to know if you have any action or special prices. Looking for short (10 ft or so) section of used culvert pipe (corrugated steel pipe), 3-4 feet diameter, round or arched. Demko Warehouse, we are demolition company and have been doing business in San Diego for 30 years. Anyone know where I can find some reclaimed barnwood, approximately 1 inch thick in 4-6 inch width, for a table project I’ve been hired to build.
I can email some pics and a copy of the original invoice or better yet, we can make arrangements to meet at the jobsite.
We have a commercial space ( 4000 sqft) that was divided by the tenant with solid wood partitions in 5 different spaces. POSTING THIS NOW TO GET IT OUT THERE, NUMBERS BELOW ARE APPROX, BUT VERY CLOSE TO WHATS AVAILABLE. There are countless types of wood available for furniture manufacturing, from the common to the exotic. For this reason, you should take the specific type of wood for your furniture construction into heavy consideration.

In addition to the difference in color and grain, the durability and stability of specific types of wood should play a role in the choice of wood for your furniture. Similarly, softwoods are not as durable as hardwoods, so do not expect them to take the same amount of wear and tear.
Although durable, maple needs proper care on a regular basis to keep the wood from warping. This wood is extremely durable when it comes to outdoor elements and is often found in outdoor settings, including for outdoor furniture and even used on boats. This allows furniture companies to cut down on costs while also cutting down on their use of exotic types of wood to better help the environment. They salvage products, get stock overruns and take on used building materials on consignment. Would like someone to gently remove and take away all the partitions, and door, at no cost to me. I WILL POST EXACT QUANTITIES & SIZES HERE IN AN UPDATED POST LATER TODAY AS WE ARE SIMPLY TRYING TO GET THESE OUT ASAP TO MAKE ROOM FOR OTHER ITEMS.
Although they look similar, on a closer look you will find that they vary in hardness, flexibility, colors and patterns. But the ones that are mostly used are oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, walnut, rosewood, teak, pine, ash, hickory, beech, birch, cedar, redwood, hemlock, fir and spruce.

Overall, hardwoods are used more for furniture building, although softwoods are becoming quite popular due to their typical light colors and delicate textures. Depending on the specific type of look you want from your furniture, you should consider the specific offerings of each type of wood. This material has been used for hundreds of years and those furnishings are still going strong.
One great thing about pine is that the wood is much less susceptible to the negative affects of humidity than other types of wood.
The focus is on doors, windows and ironwork, but they have hardware, granite, ornamental tile and  reclaimed wood and whatever else is available. If there are green builders, designers, or both in the area who are looking for this kind of resource we are looking to expand our warehouse. A few items this week are Bamboo flooring, Laminate flooring, Handicap rails, Dishwasher, Jacuzzi tub, Electrical strut, and Carpet squares.

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