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It was the first time we came across a tour guide who for the past 14 days barred us from making big purchases. If you are coming to New York for shopping , my only question is why pay the extra in regular outlets when things here are so much cheaper in Woodbury Common Premium Outlets!
Some brands has product at 80% off regular price, these are usually off-season fashion, but are actually a steal for those who do not bother. At Woodbury Common Premium Outlets visitors  can get a map and a discount booklet of the outlet provided free from the Information Counter, which is located inside the only restaurant there. Collect this free Discount Booklet from the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets Information Counter. The moment we got the map, everyone was studying it and planning their route with intense focus. The ladies, especially were preparing as if going to take an examination. New York shopping? The place looks deserted, but enter into any of these shops and it’s a shopping war zone. Getting a watch at a price 20% lower than any regular shopping mall can really make your day. With 220 stores, Woodbury Common Premium Outlets® is the world’s largest collection of designer outlets.

One can easily find impressive savings of 30-70% as compared to any regular shopping outlets. As a tourist, I love it and had really enjoyed the experience, and find the information or service rather relevant to what I’ve personally seen or heard and just wanted to share. Worry not if you need a meal, as there is a large restaurant offering a variety of good food at surprisingly low price. We didn’t use any though, as the booklets looks a bit outdated, the current promotions is more attractive, with less terms and conditions attached.
We had went into few stores and made no purchase yet were served like a king when we approached the staff.
You’ll find impressive savings of 25% to 65% everyday from leading designers and name brands. But we came to appreciate that on the day he said to us ” Here we are, New York shopping, let’s go! Phew, it was a shop-till-you-drop day, 7 hours of shopping was barely enough, not just for me, but for all others. It’s impossible to finish the place in one day, unless you plan to buy only a particular brand.

Our guide told us he had the experience to be patiently waited for a particular product he was eyeing to drop to a mere 30% before he finally strike.
With less than 10 hours here, and came far away from another continent, no one wants to miss out purchasing anything.
By old stocks meaning those which are retailing about 2-3 seasons ago, but these were really good bargains, the stocks were new, and the design still looks fashionable. Forget about buying from any online stores, if you’d find online products are cheap, the price here was even lower!
We did a general check on our group of 30 tour mates, the average spending was USD$1,600.00 per person. Even the few who initially claimed they are not interested in premium products could not resist the temptation to part a few hundreds of their hard earn cash eventually.

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