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Name plates are categorised into the following types depending on the place and the purpose they are put for.
Door name plates range from a few hundreds to a few thousands depending on the size, material used, no.
A name plate is generally used for residential use and put outside the house near the main door or gate. Apart from the wide variety of name plates that we offer, we also make these as per your requirement. We have designed a custom-made calligraphy font that is used exclusively for our name plate designs.
All our residential designs are indoor name plates made out of commercial wood and are not water proof.
Our residential indoor designs are made of commercial MDF wood, natural wood, acrylic paints, terracotta figurines and pots, and brass accessories. With firm commitment to quality, we have carved a niche as a remarkable Wooden Key chains and Wooden Marble Pens Manufacturer in India. All our wooden products manufactured using innovative methods, have high utility as they are designed using superior quality wood and other basic components. Badges : These personalised badges are a simple, low-cost method of promoting the companies corporate image or logo. Memoirs-on-Stone : Like a most personalised photo gifts it is chic but more modern, more stylish and personalised with design or photo print.
Sand Carved Momentos : Your logo and message are professionally engraved on round shaped glass and are brilliant showpieces. Desktop Accessories : Add a touch of individuality to the home or office with one of our personalized desktop accessories. In the present business scenario, this plays an important role in influencing the performance of the company, which reap abundant benefits. Corporate gifts can be anything from a pen, mobile stands, clock, pen stand, office stationary, calendar, or any other gift, which may be helpful to meet required marketing targets.
Large Corporates in Mumbai distribute these gifts to their clients, colleagues and business associates.
Small, medium and large companies in Mumbai distribute corporate gifts to their clients and business associates.
Diwali, Christmas and New Year are the main occasions in Mumbai - India, where companies distribute gift items. It could be anything from a pen, pen stands, customised table clocks, visiting card holders, gift boxes, key holders, name placards for desk, desk set items. Since companies in Mumbai order corporate gifts in quantities of thousands, they generally prefer to keep the price range of these gifts to be in a few hundreds Indian rupees and many a times even lesser than that.
In today's competitive market, every company desires to create a good brand name for itself. Magic Mug - Visibly Blank in cold condition, your image appears when you pour hot substance (Hot Milk, Hot Water, Hot Coffee or Hot Tea)into it. During the day, doors are opened several times; hence the name plate has to be very light and sturdy, for it to sustain the jerks of the doors. However one may choose a bigger name plate depending on the number of names and alphabets desired on the nameplate and the size of the wall or door. Parents often like to adorn the doors of their children's rooms with bright coloured name plates with the names of their children crafted on them. They are corporate, residential, industrial name boards, outdoor name boards, signages, desk plates, plaques, and placards. These are made from wood and glass with terracotta figurines, bamboo, wood cutouts, hand cut calligraphy letters, different natural textures, coconut shells, acrylic colours, coir and brass accessories like bells and ghungroos.
Materials like wood, glass, terracotta clay figurines and pots, bamboo, banana fiber, coconut shells, coir, brass accessories are used in manufacturing of name plates.

This font is used in all the nameplates manufacture by us and thus makes our name plate different from others.
However, depending on the size of the name plate required, we can increase or decrease the size of the letters accordingly. However, since natural wood is used in many of the designs, the thickness of these varies accordingly. However, we also make water proof ones as desired and are charged extra for waterproof wood.
Our Wooden Key Chains are crafted with help of advanced machines that ensure elegant cutting and smooth surface finish.
We also take bulk orders for Engraved Photograph on Wood and Wooden Trophy that ensures timely and safe delivery. Clocks, Pocket Badges, Memoirs on stone, Sand Carved Momentos, Desktop Accessories, Photo T-Shirts, Photo Mugs, Gift Sets, Key Rings, Name Plates, Pens, Wooden Frames, Wooden Art, Photo Crystal, 3D Crystal, Photo on Tiles and others. They remind the clients of how thankful the company is for their continued trust and consistent business.
These are given to remind the clients about the quality, magnanimity and services of the company.
However small business firms not only distribute these to their clients and business associates, but also to friends and close relatives. However it has become more of a tradition to distribute these items for small business firms also.
These items are generally imprinted with the company name and company logo as a form of advertisement. It also depends on the profile of the company and the quantum of gifts to be distributed to their clients and business associates.
Corporate companies pay a lot of attention on the packaging and presentation of their corporate gifts.
The company wants to attract a large number of clients and enhance its worth by providing unique and extraordinary gift items in the form of these gifts. Name plates made out of acrylic, steel plates and wood are preferred the most as they are small and goes well with your door design. A contrast between the door colour and the name plate background is the first important thing in choosing the right name plate. It is not advised to have bigger name plates on small doors, as it may disturb the show of the door and may look too cluttered. Since name plate is very much a customized item, depending on your budget, you may decide to customize the design as per your requirement. We use a combination of brass accessories, natural items like bamboo, coconut shells and twigs to make door nameplates.
It plays an important part in adding to contemporary home decor as it reflects your personality and attitude.
On the other hand, a name board is used for commercial purposes to display the name of a company, office or a firm.
You can mix and match the raw materials, to make our nameplates to create your own unique nameplate with any personalisation required - from fonts, material, colour to embellishments as per your choice. They give an extra advantage in this competitive market and help increase the worth and value of the company. Corporate gifting holds a major stake in marketing and advertising strategies for the companies. Earlier companies in Mumbai preferred to send gifts in which they could have dry fruits and Indian sweets placed, as it is considered auspicious. Companies in Mumbai prefer gifts to be packed in individual boxes and wrapped with colourful gift paper. These are often customised with the company logo that helps companies to discreetly stay in the consciousness of target audience.

Office nameplates are put outside the office on the door or on the side wall with the company name, logo and postal address.
Other name plates made out of stone, terra cotta, tiles and glass are not preferred as they have the risk of breakage. We suggest not to compromise on the design of the name plate at it is the first impression of your home to the guest visiting you for the first time.
For example, if it is hung in the exteriors, water proof wood is selected as it is exposed to direct rains and extreme climate.
The expenditure made on these corporate gifts is sure to return back with rewarding results in the form of future generated business. Nowadays companies in Mumbai prefer utility gifts such as desk sets, pen stands, visiting card holders, table clocks, etc. Companies, who realise the benefits of good presentation of these gift items, do not hesitate to spend a little extra on packaging. It also helps to gain attention and increase brand awareness, brand recognition and brand building.
Corporate gifting for small and large companies helps to maintain older clients and indirectly attract and build new potential clients. Commercial name boards are exterior water proof name signages, put outside commercial establishments like a retail shop, showroom, hotel and restaurant. This would not only shift the focus to the name plate but will also give a positive feeling to the door.
If your wall or door is large, then you may put a bold and big name plate to attract attention and enhance the beauty of your entrance. Our customized and personalized name plates are highly in demand as we cater to our customer’s requirement and design a name plate which compliments their interiors and decor. Designer plates are now becoming style statements and act as hallmarks of a well-decorated home. Seasoned wood such as Teak Wood, Babool wood, Railway Sleeper wood are used for manufacturing exterior name plates.
Hence, these customised corporate gifts serve as essential tools for marketing and advertising. They increase response rate, encourage repeat business, improves existing business and creates brand awareness for the company. However if the door is pre-laminated with designer veneer, it is advisable to put simple and elegant name plate on the door.
However low budget interior residential name plates, woods such as commercial MDF (Medium density Fiber), Commercial Plywood, Veneer, Pine wood is used. Good presentation of always creates an impact on its recipient and acts as a catalyst to generate future business. Many Indian companies also customise them by imprinting promotional or motivational messages on these special gift items. If your door is polished with plain and simple wooden finish, you may choose to put an attractive ethnic name plate with elements such as coconut shells, natural twigs, bells and ghungroos. One has to take care that the name plate has to be weather-proof and water proof for protection against rains and direct sunlight. A Panchatatva nameplate will definitely enhance the looks of your entrance and definitely create a very good first impression on your visitors.

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