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We decorated our baby girl, Reagan Moira's, Lots-a-Dots Polka Dot Nursery design with polka dots primarily inspired by my love of polka dots and secondly by my desire to create a colorful environment that would inspire "play" and "whimsy". Oh I have no words to describe how beautiful I think your crib is and I can see that the color of the wall is perfect. I would say that the whole room cost a little under 600.00 and that includes the crib, mattress, changing table and all the decorations! Hanging wall letters are one of the best decorations for a baby's nursery wall or any kids room. The Skinny on Hand Painted Nursery Wall Letters  Not rated yetToday, Unique Baby Gear Ideas is bringing you the skinny on hand painted nursery wall letters by Rush & Mathis Custom Designs.
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My Door Names produce personalised wooden door plates for children's bedroom doors, each individually crafted. Create professional wall name plates, door name plates & cubicle name plates for your office walls, doors and cubicles. Wooden Door Name Plates for a child's bedroom or nursery door, personalised with the childs name.
Offers custom exterior doors and entryways including French doors, mahogany wood entry doors, bevel glass and solid wood front doors.
After searching for months for the right style of baby bedding and nursery curtains, I eventually just decided to make it all myself. There's a Joann's somewhere near me (I have lived in NJ for over a year but I'm still learning the area) and I didn't know it was a craft store!

Few materials are so certain to create a lasting impression (and keep your business card out of the trash).
It’s heartening to see such a variety of designs and styles and that you have taken the time to collect the images and share them.
If you know or have business card designs that you would like to share let us know by using the contact form.
SEE MORE HEREAs an army wife and full time stay at home mom I had huge Pottery Barn type dreams for our first child's nursery decor.
A friend of mine is making me a crib and I've been trying to find pictures of one that I like, to give him an idea of what I want.
I used acrylic paint on thick mat board letters found at hobby lobby to make the baby's nursery wall letters.
I also used glittered clear puff paint to accent certain areas to add style and a little dimension. For the painting, I searched google images using the search term "childrens art" and saved the images that I liked.
To create my painting I sketched out elements from several different pieces bringing them all together into a whimsical little tea party scene.
Her changing table was customized with a super soft changing pad cover in pink and brown dots to match the baby's polka dot nursery theme that I call "Lotsa Dots".
I purchased two big plastic drawers from Walmart to add storage space, one for diapers, and one to hold creams and wipes. I customized the plastic drawers with some scrapbook paper that matches the changing pad cover.

To make a hanger, I tied 2 pieces of fishing line across the top of the wreath in an X pattern, then I gathered them at the center and put them through a silver d-ring to make hanging easy. My homemade baby mobile hangs over the changing table and keeps my daughter very interested while she is getting a fresh diaper. To add more light and the illusion of space to Reagan's room, I bought a simple door mirror at Target for less than $5 ($4).
I purchased 3M velcro strips used to hang pictures and attached the mirror to the wall under her window. Polka Dot Nursery Wall DecalsThe wall polka-dots are the defining feature in our baby girl's polka dot nursery .
Lastly Reagan's convertible crib was bought at JCPenny and her changing table was another Target purchase. In decorating for your upcoming blessing I suggest picking a theme you are passionate about as we were about Reagan's Lots-a-Dots polka dot nursery.
Decorating Tips Unique Baby Gear Ideas is a great resource for DIY crafts ideas with lots of pictures of decorated nurseries that will make searching for a style that you like more fun and the creativity flow much easier.
Another suggestion that I would like to make is that when you are working on the design and layout of the space that you should keep in mind functionality and storage.
As your baby starts to become a curious crawler, you want fun things down near the floor for them to play with and all the things you don't want them getting into securely out of reach.

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