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By Paul DreckslerWhen a housing opportunity opened up that I couldn’t refuse, I moved out of Los Feliz and into The Valley. For someone who prefers to walk everywhere, Woodland Hills is a perfect area in The Valley because it has everything I need in my daily life within walking distance to my condo… Ralphs and Starbucks.
Woodland Hills Recreation center – a 19 acre park with community activities and classes year round. Gyu-Kaku – a Japanese BBQ located in the Topanga Mall where you cook your own meat at on-table grills. Lotus Inn China Bistro – I love this restaurant, especially because of the lunch special prices. The Rack – Play pool, get some drinks, and eat pizza at The Rack located in the Promenade Mall. Caroline comes from Arnprior in the Ottawa Valley and was welcomed back by many younger members of the Club. Ontario Nature (ON) has worked to identify and inventory all species of wild life and their habitats, recognize special features, and flag those in decline and danger of extinction.
A major accomplishment in 2007 was the passage of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) declared the best in the world.
While Gaia may be pleased with what has been done there is much that should concern all about the state of Mother Nature. Our impact on Nature shows in many ways especially in the decline in abundance and extinction of plants and animals. As concerned citizens and naturalists we must act in all ways possible to correct the wrongs of the Government. The boreal forest is the land of conifer forest, home of the woodland caribou, and a vast nursery for songbirds and waterfowl.
Lanark County is a beautiful place to spend the year, but life is always more enjoyable when you know enough about your surroundings to appreciate them. See why Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Woodland Hills, California, has been named "Best Steak House" by the Daily News for 10 years in a row. Whether your evening includes a show at the IMAX theater or a stroll through "the Village," a handcrafted cocktail with a fantastic meal at Ruth's Chris Steak House is the perfect way to make your night extra-special. From private dinners to business meetings, we have the expertise to craft your perfect event—and the flawless service to make it a success.
This varietal’s fuller body, higher tannins and dark fruit flavors make it the perfect complement to a well-seared steak. Located at The Promenade, near the Westfield Village, just north of the 101 on Topanga Canyon Blvd. Keep up with what’s happening at Ruth’s Chris, from exclusive events to new menu items and more. In fact, after a year of walking 3-10 miles a day down major streets like Canoga Ave, Ventura Blvd, Victory, and Topanga Canyon Blvd–I discovered over 6 Starbucks within walking distance. Most people are full by the end of the main course but I always leave room for the all-you-can eat s’mores. I am always greeted warmly by the owners who make sure that everything is to my satisfaction.
I recommend splitting the Chinese Chicken Salad and the Steak & Cheese Panini with a friend for the perfect meal combo. My grandfather, Joseph Nevel, owned Wolfie’s Deli in Miami Beach so I have a soft-spot in my heart for Jewish Delis.
This place gets filled up on weekend nights and is a fun place to hang out even if the pool tables are full. 19th members of the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists enjoyed a most memorable presentation “From our Backyards to the Boreal and Beyond” by Executive Director of Ontario Nature, Caroline Schultz, as a start to MVFN’s series Knowing and Caring Connects us with Nature. Schultz is not Gaia, perhaps we can call her Mother Nature for that is what the evening was about. As examples, Ontario contains much of the fresh water and most of the Boreal Forest of the world. The Act was to identify endangered species and within a restricted period of time implement management plans to sustain them. Since the age of dinosaurs never has the rate of extinction been so high – about 1,000 times or more the natural rate!

But, unexpectedly, our Liberal Government, in an omnibus bill has proposed sweeping changes in the act that will reduce and weaken its power to save species! Schultz changed the focus of her talk from aspects in general to what you and I can do to enjoy and work for nature. In her presentation, “From Our backyards to the Boreal and Beyond,” Caroline Schultz, executive director of Ontario Nature and conservation biologist, will speak about the enormous boreal forest (half of Ontario’s land area) which is just to our north, how it is connected to our backyards, and how our backyards are connected to nature beyond the boreal. Believe it or not, nature in your backyard is connected to nature in this vast forest region just north of us.
Many of these visit Lanark County each spring, on their way north, and each autumn, on their way back south. Nature-friendly gardening and land stewardship can provide resting areas for migrating birds and can help pollinators such as native bees and butterflies.
Where else in the world could you live with enormous protected wetlands on the edge of town, great blue herons on the side of the river, hackberry trees lining the waterfalls, and large tracts of deciduous forest just outside the town?
Our light wood interior features copper overtones for an atmosphere of sophistication and easy elegance.
I’m a sucker for the $5 special so I always end up diversifying my sandwich selection instead of being a creature of habit like I am at other places. Ontario Nature is a large umbrella organization that identifies and protects wild species and spaces through conservation, education, research, and public engagement. Schultz developed a deep love of nature along the seashores of County Cork and County Dublin in Ireland where she spent much of her childhood. She gave an impressive overview of the many and complex aspects of Nature that I can present only briefly here. Virtually all areas are watered and produce: tundra, conifer and broad-leafed forest, wetland, and treed savannah. Examples are the second Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, and reaching 177,000 records for an Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas. We value when the grass roots get involved in big issues because then Clubs can use them to fight local battles.
Songbirds that breed on the very edge of the tree line near Hudson Bay may very well rest in a tree in your own backyard on their way back to the rain forest for the winter. We can plant trees, protect our forests, leave the shoreline at the cottage natural, or plant native shrubs to replace lakeside lawns—there is something each of us can do to make Lanark County better for wildlife.
This ranges from the importance of sustaining vital migratory or breeding habitat for birds to minimizing our carbon footprint to sustaining our freshwater systems that are part of the global hydrological cycle. Learn how at the inaugural lecture of the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists’ upcoming lecture series Knowing and Caring Connect Us With Nature, September 19, 2013 (photo by Paul Tessier, iStock). Our private dining rooms offer a variety of settings for private parties and business meeting from 18 to 65 guests. There’s this one restaurant in Asheville NC where I ordered the same two meals for 15 years.
This includes seeking funds and donations, enlisting volunteers, and taking action through: publications, public meetings, hard work, co-operating (when possible) with government and industry, lobbying governments, and taking court actions when wrong is done. She later returned to Canada to stay, earning a graduate degree in Ecology from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Management specializing in voluntary sector leadership. Recognizing that plants and animals, as ourselves, need an adequate home or habitat to survive, ON has worked continuously to provide an enlarge nature reserves especially for special places and sensitive species. Ontario Nature is also “standing up for migratory birds” which Schultz explained are being killed in mass numbers when they crash into tall buildings in Toronto, especially those with reflective glass walls. We need you to be part of the collective voice.” Write to the Premier and the Minister of Natural Resources. As well, the boreal forest has vast wetlands—the Hudson Bay lowlands region is one of the ten largest wetlands in the world. The cumulative effects of such simple actions are very powerful when thousands of people do them.
Whatever the occasion, our Woodland Hills steakhouse will deliver superior service and an unforgettable dining experience. Employment in a number of resource firms and environmental organizations including Bird Life International helped relate learning to reality; a useful skill in her present mandate. For example, our Boreal Forests are part of the lungs of the world where oxygen is released and carbon dioxide retained to give the air we breathe.

With Ecojustice, they have taken landlords to court to force them to take mitigating measures, which can reduce mortality by 80%. Most destructive impacts on Nature are caused by us through loss of habitat, consumption, wastes, pollution and pesticides. Another the American Eel, once throughout southern Ontario, now runs are reduced almost 100% by dams.
It covers all aspects of nature with articles by experts, and snapshots of important events such as the recent decline of pollinators including honey and native bees. And one of the regular events of autumn is the start of the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists’ (MVFN) new lecture series, this year entitled Knowing and Caring Connect Us With Nature.
Its extensive peatlands store massive amounts of carbon keeping it out of our atmosphere where it could do great damage to our climate. Geese, grebes, loons, herons, cranes, grosbeaks and blackbirds will be passing through soon. This will help to ensure that Lanark County not only keeps its natural beauty, but increases it in the future.
Imagine, we have responsibilities as global environmental stewards and we should be proud of this.
We use cookies to save information like your language preference and the nearest Walmart store. It is a charitable organization representing more than 30,000 members and supporters and 140 member groups (such as the MVFN) across Ontario. Young, enthusiastic, personable, and an excellent speaker she and Ontario Nature offer much good knowledge and hope and deserve attention and support. By 2005, ON had worked with others to obtain and protect 2.4 million hectares in 378 new parks, helped block development on the Oak Ridges Moraine, and in the establishment of Ontario’s 720,000 hectare Greenbelt. Our Ecological Footprint shows what we take from nature and return as wastes for our rich lifestyle.
Schultz “our environmental protections have been gutted and will hurt Ontario’s most vulnerable species and precious habitats – the wild species you love and wild spaces where you find peace”. Many pages discuss how to lessen our ecological footprint and enjoy a fuller, healthier life.
Working to ensure that municipalities have robust natural heritage systems in their Official Plans and opening the doors to the wonders of nature, especially to our youth, are also vital for ensuring that we protect the biodiversity that sustains us. But Ontario has the fourth highest ecological footprint compared with 60 countries around the world. The theme of this year’s public talks is about exactly this— connecting with and appreciating our natural surroundings and understanding how they are linked to big picture nature conservation.
All are high achievements of ongoing work to establish ecological connectivity across Ontario and north and south through the Algonquin to Adirondacks Corridor. Ontario has the 4th largest ecological footprint in the world, with Canada as a whole being 8th. Boreal forest conservation further ensures an abundance of wild forest and freshwater foods and sustainable livelihoods for northern residents. Staff in the divisions of Directors, Conservation and Science, Membership and Development, and Communications are all excellent in what they do and most have university degrees. Repeated studies show the shocking numbers of birds killed by free ranging house cats that should be kept indoors.
Above all, join the MVFN or a similar group for more speakers like our Mother Nature, fun, friendship and many other good reasons.
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