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Solid wood construction, Showcase side that accomidates a DVD player, VCR or a compact disc player.
Winnipeg Public Library was ready for a brand new, central library that would bring students, families, and the community together in the downtown core. Foothills Systems provided beautifully appointed wood and steel shelving that guided the flow of patron traffic throughout the building, with matching wood chairs, study carrels, and group study areas.
From the start of the plans, to the installation, everything was completed on a timely manner.
I just finished installing all ten sections of the Record Master storage units for our mobile racks and they fit real well and went together very easily. Knowledgeable about (their) products, and will always suggest the best solution, not the most expensive one. Great service, particularly creative ideas and products on how best to create the image and services I was looking for. Just wanted you to know that Gary and Marvin did an awesome job installing my library shelving. Very accommodating and helpful through the entire process… (they) did a wonderful job in creating the shelving layout. The Red and the Assiniboine Rivers meet in the centre of the city, and in winter, when plowed of snow, skating trails many miles long are created. Grouping the shelters into a cluster begins with the relationship of two, and their juxtaposition to qualify the size and accessibility of their entrance openings.

In accordance with the latest trends and design style we offer exclusive range of contemporary bathroom vanities. Their vision was an open, airy library, constructed of steel and glass that would allow natural light to pour in. The natural light was factored in early, so the shelving was planned to be installed in perpendicular rows to the wall of glass and steel.
Comes with 4 dark brown faux leather high-back dining room chairs (can fit 6 chairs around the table easily). But with temperatures that drop to minus 30 and 40 for long periods of time, and winds that can make minus 30 feel like minus 50, creating opportunities to find shelter from the wind greatly enhances the ability to use the river skating trails. They move gently in the wind, creaking and swaying to and fro at various frequencies, floating precariously on the surface of the frozen river, shaking off any snow that might adhere to their surfaces. We are a 100% Canadian owned company and are ambitious, precise and experienced in a variety of projects. For limited space or bigger bathroom in your home or office, for hotel rooms, spa centers or design studios, our company provides complete sets made of Eco friendly solid wood. Vaulted ceilings and terraced workstations would add flow, while having elements of separation for their patrons who needed a quiet, private space to relax or study.
The result was a bright, spanning central location that delivered on the forward thinking vision of Winnipeg Public Library.
Therefore, a program has developed to sponsor the design and construction of temporary shelters located along the skating trails.

Three pairs (one with mirror reflection) are then placed in relation to one another through a secondary rotation of 90 degrees to form the cluster and define an intermediate ‘interior’ space within the larger grouping.
Their fragile and tenuous nature makes those sheltered by them supremely aware of the inevitability, ferocity and beauty of winter on the Canadian prairies. When the time comes to expand our storage needs again, Foothills Systems will be on the top of our list. So learning to celebrate winter – learning to take advantage of the opportunities that winter provides – makes sense.
Our proposal consists of a cluster of intimate shelters, each accommodating only a few people at a time.
Together, the shelters create dynamic solar and wind relationships that shift according to specific orientation, time of day and environmental circumstance. We have an amazingly skilled, highly experienced and talented team of professionals that help Winder Woodworks remain an industry leader.
They are grouped in a small ‘village’ (or ‘herd’, or ‘school’, or ’flock’, or ‘flotilla’) to form a collective … of ‘something’ … irreducible to a single interpretation. They stand with their backs to the wind like buffalo, seeming to have life and purpose as they huddle together shielding each other from the elements.

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