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The first creative product is a computerized, programmable router fence developed by Next Wave Automation; it will be released exclusively through Rockler starting in late September or early October. The Next Wave system uses a tight-tolerance worm drive to precisely move the fence in relation to the bit.
What’s really cool about the system is that it comes with a series of apps that takes the guesswork out of cutting dovetails, box joints and dados.
Now I realize I’m talking heresy to those of us who think spacing out dovetails with a pair of dividers is just fine, thank you.
The folks at Next Wave say they’ll be adding apps for more operations in the future and because the system has a USB drive, it will be easy to add apps or update system software. Imagine a direct drive drill press that can run full out at 5,500 rpms with virtually no vibration. TeknaTool demonstrated a prototype of a machine that will do this and more, and the first generation could be on the market in nine to 12 months. The new drill press uses the DVR Intelligent Variable Speed Drive that TeknaTool has been using so effectively on the Nova Smart Drive Lathe for the last few years.
While some of the programmable features seem like overkill to a seat-of-the-pants woodworker like me, even I can appreciate the value of the computerized safety features this system offers.
For example, My Beloved and Darling Wife’s iPad 1 works perfectly well, but it is obsolete. Judging by people’s past experience with DVR lathes (and things like digital sewing machines), when the controller fails you get to chuck the whole machine and buy a new one.
Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. Welcome to Tool HeavenThe 2010 International Woodworking Fair (IWF) is in full-swing and we've dispatched crack tool sleuths Asa Christiana, Matt Kenney, Roland Johnson to report on the coolest new tools headed to the marketplace. Easy-Install Tail ViseThanks to a steel mounting plate, Veritas' new quick-release tail vise can be attached to any workbench. Combo Blade for Cleaner CutsFreud's popular Premier Fusion tablesaw blade is now available in a thin-kerf version for saws under 3 hp.
Router Table RoundupNew router-table systems from Woodpecker and Bench Dog bring convenience closer than ever to a full-fledged shaper.
A Drill Built for Your PalmThe new Bosch PS-31 12-volt drill-driver has a bigger drill's chuck and clutch, packed into a size that is bound to be handy in any woodshop.

Porter-Cable Jig Makes Pocket Screws Faster and EasierPorter-Cables QuikJig is a thoughtfully engineered pocket-screw jig, at a surprisingly low price.
Router Dust Collector Cleans Up on the CheapThis inexpensive router dust collector is a snap to install and allows bit changes with the collector in place. Rikon Bandsaw has Big Capacity at a Small PriceRikon's new saw has 12-inches of resaw capacity, the ability to run on 110-volt power, and double roller guides. Fine Woodworking Interviews Tommy MacFine Woodworking editor Asa Christiana interviews Tommy MacDonald at the 2010 IWF.
Student Furniture Wows CrowdsOnce again at IWF, the Design Emphasis show drew crowds with top examples of student work from around the U.S.
Ready-to-Assemble Furniture ContestWoodlinks USA hosted a student contest at the 2010 IWF in Atlanta that challenged student woodworkers to design and make a piece of RTA furniture. Is CNC Coming to Your Shop?Four tool makers have introduced CNC machines sized for the small shop.
Machine Setup Gauge is Best We've SeenThe Betterley Una-Gauge uses a dial indicator like lots of other similar gauges, but the ingenious attachments and $200 price tag are what make this tool stand out.
Home of shopsmith national woodworking academy, Because we realize that woodworkers need both good tools and the know-how to use them effectively, shopsmith now brings quality instruction directly to your home. Shopsmith mark v five-in-1 woodworking tool, Shopsmith multipurpose tools the tool you start with — the system you grow with an introduction to multi-purpose tool woodworking an. Thinking of buying a used shopsmith – woodworking talk, I never liked them but they are everywhere on craigs list and cheap. Not only do you get a look at new or improved products that are ready to launch, you have a chance to see what’s on the horizon. To zero it to the cutting diameter of your bit, you first insert a digital touch plate between the fence and the bit.
They’re also looking at other applications for their fence system, including tying it into a router lift and possible using it on a table saw fence.
Imagine a drill press that can sense if your bit is mis-chucked or your hand is too close to the spindle and automatically shuts down before you or your workpiece is damaged. TeknaTool expects to have a direct-drive motor retrofitted onto a belt-driven drill press in nine to 12 months and a fully operational direct-drive drill press in 12-18 months. The production life of the control circuitry is measured in months and new model boards are usually not compatible with old model hardware.

Check back here often for the most up-to-date reports as our editors scope out what's hot and what's not.
But Woodcraft, the company behind them, has made an effort to improve the manufacturing process. Whether you collect hand planes or seek out the latest and greatest in power tools, our expert tool addicts will keep you in the loop with news, reviews, and commentary on the latest in woodworking tools. Yesterday I got a glimpse at two machines that could lead woodworking further in the electronic age.
Once the system has locked down that exact distance, you can program the fence for one or more cuts spaced specific distances from your cutter. It can be programmed to start slow to prevent your bit from tearing your workpiece as you begin a cut and then speed up to a predetermined speed as it senses load. If all goes well in these applications, the company sees future possibilities for using the technology in table saws and other critical machines. Compatibility has not been an issue, and support has been very good from reports I have seen.
His fascination with motors and gears goes beyond woodworking, he's also an enthusiastic hot-rodder who likes to restore old cars, and is the author of Automotive Woodworking (Motor Books International, 2002).
But if you’re the kind of woodworker who loves technology and wants to create precise and repeated joints, this machine does have appeal. You can save up to six fence positions in the system’s permanent memory in case you want to come back later and do another run of specific parts. It can sense when your bit is about to break through the back of your workpiece and slow down to reduce tear-out.
It can tell if your bit is dull or damaged by the resistance it’s creating while cutting. To the contrary, haunting sites like Woodturner’s resource would show that the lathes survive heavy use quite well. And it can sense and shut down the unit if you’ve accidentally left your chuck key in the chuck or if your shirt sleeve is in danger of wrapping around the spindle.

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