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If you’re thinking about purchasing a premium portable table saw, you might want to wait a couple months. The new Bosch 4100 series of 10″ saws , due out in a couple months , will be the first portable table saws that we know of that have European-style guarding. But this saw will be a strong contender for woodworkers who need a good saw and don’t have any shop space for a full-size unit. The saw also sports a digital rip fence on the 4100DG-09 version, which the company is calling SquareLock (the 4100 is the base bodel; the 4100-09 includes a stand). I applaud any saw that has a riving knife and quick-release blade cover, no matter where it is made.
My ShopSmith already has this (it was on the machine when I inherited it from my father who passed away some years ago) so this is not a new idea.
David, I bet you thought seat belts and air bags were a bad idea as well because they were "forced down your neck"! As for Wit, I’m sure your company makes a nice product but it is hardly original either.
This company has been producing this syle of guard for a number of popular saws for a while. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. One of the issues of using a table saw safely is that many of the things intended to keep us safe don’t work well when you really need them. The vertical piece on the left is the part that does the pushing, and it should be almost as wide as the fence is tall.
I wish I had a tool that rides in the miter slot and has a spring so that it automatically adjusts over a range of several inches, providing roughly the same amount of sideways push regardless of spring position. For REALLY THIN stuff, I prefer cutting that on the side of the blade AWAY from the fence using the Thin Rip Tablesaw Jig (Rockler #36833) along with a zero clearance insert and an appropriate sized push stick. I could have used this article or should I say a reminder about a week ago yesterday when I experienced kickback. I apply sideways force with my left hand, which (as can be seen) I keep well back from the blade until the far edge of the piece being cut is past the back of the blade. In addition to the circular saw, all I need is my tape measure and framing square, a shop-built jig, and a couple small clamps. After the glue has dried, run the saw against the fence, trimming off the bottom piece of plywood. If you make any of these for your own shop, or come up with a variation or improvement, send me a photo of the results.
Printed plans and physical products are mailed via USPS and typically arrive within 7-10 days. Each kit contains specialty parts and hardware needed to complete one Tablesaw Outfeed Table.
Your gift certificate will be emailed to you or a gift recipient of your choice (optional) immediately after purchase. Our handy folding fixture adds only inches to your saw when stored, but provides you with more than 3' of stock support beyond the blade for safer and more convenient cutting.This fixture attaches to any stationary tablesaw, regardless of the style or material of your saw's extension wings. Yes, please sign me up to receive WOOD Magazine's free e-mail newsletters, including weekly woodworking tips,WOOD Store Deals and special offers from our partners and from the WOOD magazine family of publications. For the November 2007 Popular Woodworking (issue #165), we tested 10″ Hybrid Table Saws. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue.
Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Peter, without using the PK and based on looking at pictures and specs I would go for the T17.
If you ever get the chance to visit the Martin museum in Ottobeuren they have a lot of info about the old machines. Peter, We give 4 day workshops on Euro window - door construction and shaper use - Alpine Technical Workshops.

I think the T75 is also a great joinery saw if you have room for the sliding table and push it all the way to the front. Peter, can I convince you there must be a million and i could take the stress away for you? Joe, I never knew such workshops existed, I'm sure after hours ,after the workshops, the refreshments are terrible. The European guards work with you and stay out of your way for almost all common operations. I used one of the earlier Bosch portable saws when we were traveling the woodworking show circuit, and I was quite impressed with the power of the tool, the accuracy of the fence and all the other little details that are important to a woodworker. The 4100DG-09 version with the digital rip fence, 40-tooth carbide blade and cool Gravity Rise stand will retail for $679, according to company officials.
The plywood piece that rides on top of the fence should be close to the width of the fence; just a bit wider so that the whole thing slides easily, but not wide enough to make it wobbly.
This is essential because it prevents just-cut skinny stuff from falling into the slot next to the blade. The Rockler thingie isn’t as quick to set up as the fence, but is good for a large number of cuts. If it were shorter or thinner, I would use a conventional push stick or a scrap of wood to keep the stock against the fence.
Here is an alternate method I like to use to break down sheets to pieces of a more manageable size. This puts the plywood at a convenient height, and the saw blade will nick the edges of the beams rather than cut a slot across the flat surfaces. For a minimal investment, I can cut plywood as accurately as I can with a table saw, though it does take a bit longer.
I glue the plywood down with yellow glue, using narrow crown staples to fasten them to the edge of the board below. If you are ordering a downloadable plan, article, or back issue you will need a PDF viewer, such as the free Adobe Reader. Downloadable videos can be large; ample storage space and a high-speed internet connection are recommended. Wood Store gift certificates are non-transferrable and may only be used towards the purchase of products or services at the Wood Store. We usually sell the machines and tools we test to magazine staff members and other company employees.
This years tour we saw a nice compact Funk 2 spindle shaper - tenoner that was pretty neat along with a lot of other old machines. I agree with everything about the comparison from a working standpoint, the real edge for the Wadkin is the fact that the sliding table abuts the blade for good short part support, not divorce mounted like the Martin with about 8-10" of solid table to the left of blade. Greg from Rangate tooling is involved with this and he has put together a European technical tour the last couple years with timing to attend Ligna this year and Fensterbau the off years.
However the Germans could just about care less about the flashiness or coolness factor, they make machines to work period!
We’ve been working with this style of guard on the Powermatic PM2000 saw and the SawStop cabinet saw, and we cannot wait for it to become the standard in this country.
First, all the parts of the guard can be removed and attached without tools , and in just a few seconds. The real failure is not so much the guard but what it is attached to: the splitter, as opposed to a riving knife. A coifa, parece, que protege principalmente contra eventuais desprendimentos de videa do disco. Why not take the next safety step and insist on the sawstop technology as a minimal safety requirement? The pusher is sacrificial and you should have a few different ones for different thicknesses of stock.
The long section of the notch provides downward pressure on the material, and the lower portion at the end provides the motivation during cutting.
You can also do this with regular sawhorses, with two or three sacrificial 2 x 4s spanning them.

To use it, simply clamp the edge of the jig to your layout line, keeping the edge of the jig on the edge of the piece you want to keep.
I use the saw to cut close to the desired line, then use a router and a straight guide to get a very clean precise final cut.
But in this case, we have one table saw still available – the General International 50-220C M1. It seems the only real advantage is the Wadkin has the slider next to the blade, and looks of course. Also, when you call Martin here in the states, they know nothing of these machines, and when they contact Germany, they know nothing as well- must not be talking to the museum operators. FFI, Zuani and Martin are sponsors of the workshop, last year they set up the shop tours including one to my cousins shop in northern Italy. This cast iron sliding table design worked well and is basically not much different than the new Martins. I think it a little shortsighted to claim that the Wadkin is the engineering marvel some here seem to think.
You should see the Bursgreen jointer, Wadkin patternmaker's lathe, Maka mortiser and Wadkin bandsaw, all in the same workshop! The system has a riving knife, which is essentially a splitter that moves up and down with the blade , that means you don’t have to pull the splitter off to make joinery cuts, such as when making rabbets or tenons.
There is a big difference in their function and the riving knife can usually only be added by manufacturers without major surgery. The piece on the right, that rides along the outboard side of the fence is a scrap of hardwood.
The notch is a little less than the thickness of the material to be cut, and it extends from the far end to within a couple inches of the near end. My right hand is well away from the blade as I make the cut, and the piece is controlled from beginning to end. You want the plywood to be fully supported as you make the cut , you don’t want the cut off piece to drop as the cut nears completion.
Both of these tools can be used for a greater variety of woodworking jobs then a circular saw. We’re selling it on a first-come, first-served basis for $650 (the retail price is $869).
There is more going on behind that simple looking monotrol dial on the Martin than in the whole Wadkin saw, but I'd still like to have one in my shop to look at .
The blade cover on the Bosch is attached to this assembly and is split into two halves that move independently , this feature will give you maximum blade coverage. As it is with most table saw guards, there isn’t room for both the guard and a push stick.
If the cut is narrow enough, the blade can cut into the push block, but that’s not a problem.
A lot of accidents happen when operators lose control of thin pieces so here’s a device I use to safely manage the would-be missiles. The only critical dimension is to leave a space from the edge of the skinny piece to the edge of the wide piece that is bigger than the distance from the edge of the saw’s baseplate to the edge of the blade. The Wadkin machines a little more advanced but not as cutting edge as German iron of the same vintage. My saw has the same style fence as the one on the left- it tilts to 45 degrees , and lifts vertically to swing under the table when not in use. Mine does not have the mortising attachment, but rather another 3'+ of cast iron top along with rip fence bar for 59" of capacity. Carl and Dan at Martin know some about these machines and can usually come up with PDF manuals and some parts for them.

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