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Simple easy woodworking projects kids – buzzle, Simple and easy woodworking projects for kids. I was thinking of keeping all of the the major power tools near the door end so that way I wouldn’t have to run as much DC runs. Some of my other machines (planer, shaper, etc) are on roller cabinets that are moved as needed. One thing I can suggest to you, and that is to look at all the different great shops here on LJs. French cleats along the walls are great, I have a few things built to store things like my small clamp colection, small hand tools and frequently used marking and measuring tools. Similarly to Horizontal Mike’s suggestion, I have my machines set up so that the center stall (when unoccupied) is infeed and outfeed space.
Then, consider moving the jointer so its back is up against the right side of the saw (feed direction parallel to but opposite the feed direction for the saw). Doing both of these will open up some space along the exterior wall and near the refrigerator. Finally, if the wife is agreeable, and depending on the size of her car, there will be a pretty good space in front of her car in a 24’ deep garage.
The alcove for the freezer can’t be enlarged as there is a bathroom on the other side. My wife and I just built a new house ~3 years ago and the best thing the builder (my uncle) talked me in to was adding a third stall on our attached garage.

Set the elec outlets at 4’ from the floor, make sure that ya have at least 2 240v circuits (cheap to do it now), and add plenty of overhead lighting. Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop!
If you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. I also planned the location of my primary table saw (the PM66) so I could rip boards up to 12' in length.
Of course, this requires that I open the front door for the out feed of pieces longer than 10'. In regards to electricity, my Father and I wired a 60 AMP breaker with service drawn from the house. I frequently setup both saws for operations and switch back and forth until the run is complete.
An artisan by avocation, Leland Frerichs not only figured out a practical way to make the most of the wall space in his shop, but also make it look spectacular. I don’t really have things organized yet but thought I would ask for some help in the beginning. That way you can get different ideas from different shop layouts and maybe put a few of them to work in your own shop.

The price I pay for this is that the door of my truck hits the fence rail on the saw when I open it, plus I have to back the truck out to do anything.
I use this area in my garage for my automotive bench & tools, drill press, and to park a rolling flip top cart with planer and spindle sander on it. I have almost 10' of space in front, 8' of space behind, 6' to the left, and something like 12'-15' to the right. With two saws, I don't have to break-down the setup if I need the saw for another operation. A drastic change but one that was easily accomodated by planning during the construction phase. You should have one that is useable, provides amble work surface, and is easy to keep clean. Some tools require a dedicated circuit so think about where they will be used to put the receptacle in the right location.
My new shop is dedicated to just my tools but I still have all of my tools are still on wheels. The way I think about it is, do I really wnat to trip over cords all day when I am out in the shop?

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