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A great part of hanging out with pro contractors and carpenters (like Joe Bianco) is that I can pick their brain for my own projects. If you’re not familiar with the term, edge jointing (or just jointing) is the process of milling a flat, straight edge onto a board. Jointing is typically achieved using a jointer (pictured) where the in-feed and out-feed tables are parallel and offset at slightly different heights depending on the depth of cut. Stock is placed on the in-feed table up against the fence, and a small amount is trimmed as it passes over the cutting head. For best results and if you’re going to be jointing lots of wood, go ahead and spring for a jointer.
For this method, you’ll need a straight-edge that will ride against the table saw fence. Using tape (preferably double-sided or carpet tape), affix the board to be jointed to the straight-edge. Subscribe and never miss an article!Free articles delivered conveniently to your inbox(and no spam, we promise)Enjoy this? Even if you spring for a Lie- Nielsen, seems less pricey and takes up a LOT less space in your shop. Another method is to build a rather simple jig that rides in the miter groove of the table saw that allows the piece to be clamped to it and then run through the table saw. Cut a pair of straight runners the length of the workpiece and glue them to both edges, as shown at right.

I mentioned a new woodworking endeavor, and Joe offered up some good ideas including making sure I properly joint all the wood. This is an important step because even small gaps, bowing or cupping can eventually cause a glued joint to fail.
I would think it might be better if your straight edge was above the board to be jointed so that the jointed board would not roack away from the fence giving a jointed edge that is not perfectly perpindicular to the flat face. Grizzly has a tabletop jointer (model G0725) with a 6″ blade that runs $235, and I can vouch for quality products from Grizzly.
This is a good method if neither side is particularly straight to reference against a fence.
Got a question on your own project?Ask your question in our Home Improvement Help Forums.Otherwise, leave a note here! We follow pro remodelers as they tackle tough renovations, developing step-by-step guides based on their real-life experiences. Before starting, identify any wood distortion with winding sticks: a pair of short, straight lengths of wood or metal, as shown below.
After the glue dries, remove the clamps and run the assembly through the planer -- crowned face up. The problem is that I don’t own a jointer so I started looking for alternate methods, and indeed, there are ways to edge joint wood without a jointer. Jointing both edges ensures full contact along the entire length of the joint and eliminates the need to straighten materials with clamps.

Plus, your zero clearance insert can’t do its job of preventing chip out on the under side with that gap between the workpiece and the table. There are also precision straight edges available from various woodworking outlets and online sources but can be pretty expensive. Although I often use the power plane to knock down a majority of the material and then fine tune with a vintage hand plane.
Good fitting, gap-free joints go a LONG way in making the work look great and there are options to get those results without buying Powermatic.
The straight edge would still be able to ride against the fence, but the lip might need to be thinner. Your grandad may have reached for a hand plane (see More Resources for a video on flattening boards by hand, on last slide), but today there's an easier way. With a few common power tools, you can use any of these five easy methods for flat boards in no time.

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