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DisclaimerI am an Independent Beachbody Coach and some of the advice, tips, links, resources, challenges, etc I invite you to will benefit me financially.
Be smart, listen to your body, and get the advice from a medical professional before beginning any new physical routine. This section contains free 30 day blank templates with daily, weekly and monthly activity logs. Bonus: Download Exercise and Meal Calendar in one pdf file that contains a 30-day exercise and meal calendar you can print.
Keeping track of your workouts with an exercise calendar will help you reach weight loss or any fitness goals. This section contains free 30 day blank calendar templates with daily, weekly and monthly meal plans. The p90x workout system is a very high-intensity exercise routine that involves cardio, plyometrics, resistance training, yoga, martial arts, and even body-weight training among other exercises. The whole p90x schedule will run for exactly 90 days although the schedule will be divided into various phases. Once you have your workout sheets you can embark on the workout schedule even as you start following the set nutritional plan. In order for you to advance, you can work your way up through the p90x workout schedule variations in three major phases.
You need to ensure that you follow the phases of your nutrition plan and workouts simultaneously. It is important for you to note down the result of your p90x fitness test in your workout sheets at the beginning of the workout program. You have heard all the hype about Insanity Month 2, how people are dropping dead after trying the first workout, and now you are feeling a bit nervous about whether or not you will be able to even do it! I know the feeling…First take a deep breath because you notice how shallow your breathing is right now?
I will admit, that Insanity Month 2 is the hardest workouts that I have ever done in my life. But the reason I shared that story is so that you can know that its never too late to climb back up that mountain top even after you have fallen from it!

My first and foremost goal is on helping you connect with your program through sharing helpful content and creating interactive Challenge Groups. This workout system also comes with its own nutrition plan and three-month calendar as well as a fitness guide. As long as you follow all the instructions to the letter, you are expected to see drastic changes in the way your body looks.
It will involve you having three days of yoga and cardio, as well as three other days of resistance training with weights. Once you follow through with your p90x workout schedule, you should do the fitness test again to determine the progress you have made.
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Insanity Month 2 – Will I Die??? You were taking breaks all through out the workout, you could taste blood in your mouth, you had a constant side ache, and for some reason your groin and calves felt like they were giant bruises…Remember how nervous you were on that first fit test? A lot of it probably has to do with the My Insanity Meal Plan that is customized to absolutely SHRED fat and fuel your muscles! Its going to be hard, really hard actually…but you just completed 30 days of Insanity…You really think that month 2 is going to be the end of you??? It’s very hard core and absolutely works for anyone who is dedicated to the results and stays consistent. You will be required to follow this workout plan almost if not all days of the week and for at least one an hour each of those days. Before you embark on your workout however, you are expected to get the p90x workout sheets. Depending on what kind of results you want, you can select classic, lean or doubles workout options. If you are relatively fit and do not want to start with the classic workout schedule, you can opt for the lean variation.
You can use the p90x calendar to ensure you know the daily routines you are supposed to have, as well as when to transition from one phase to another. Focus with me on taking in nice slow deep breaths because I am going to show you that you have nothing to worry about in Insanity Month 2.

It’s not a body building program but will absolutely help anyone get ripped and build lean mass.
The p90x workout system places emphasis on circuit training which is more effective because you have little time to rest in between workout routines.
These sheets will be instrumental in helping you track all your reps, weight amounts lifted, as well as any other milestones set for you.
This option offers you four days of intense cardio and yoga and two days of weight training.
The second phase, which will last anywhere from the fifth to the eleventh or twelfth week, is meant for the strengthening individual muscle groups further. The difference you will note after 90 days is well worth the money you pay to purchase the workout system. You can obtain the p90x workout sheets from either the p90x website or downloading the pdf file RIGHT HERE. The doubles workout schedule on the other hand is the hardest of the workout options available. You will be exercising different muscle groups on different days and should expect to see most of your physical changes during this time. Looking back at how nervous you were going into day 1, would you say that you kinda let the “insanity” of Insanity get inside your mind and psych you out a bit? You will have to do two sessions of intense cardio and yoga as well as resistance training each day. During the third phase of the p90x fitness schedule, you will focus on increasing your endurance levels and enhancing your overall fitness performance. You are faster, you have more endurance, you know you can push yourself past the limits that your mind tries to put on you.

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