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Last week, while working my way through an e-course to help bring focus into my business and life, I found myself on the other end of that exercise: writing out my ideal day. My tasks were spread throughout the day with plenty of space in between—an element missing from my current, “non-ideal” life—and there was time for creativity, reading, and “magical content creation.” This is how I reframed writing, a task I struggle with, suggesting that the words would come easily.
The day would lead to a dinner created by my own hand from fresh, local ingredients, and it would also include plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and nature’s beauty.
After I completed the exercise, I set out to incorporate just one thing—one feeling—into my “normal” everyday life.
Everything in my current world had felt very crammed together—work, friends, family, downtime; it all felt rushed. When I sat down to incorporate space into my schedule, I was surprised at what I found: that I had the “room” to incorporate so much of my ideal day into my life right now. It might seem impossible, but whether your ideal day involves a tropical beach, margaritas, and courteous and attentive staff, spending more time with your kids, or writing a novel, it can be done! When you look at what this day includes, also look at what it doesn’t include, like video games, or dealing with difficult clients, or trying to do five things at once and getting frazzled.
Talk it over with a kindred spirit if it helps you see the patterns; pull out those emotions.
In order to create your ideal day—especially to do it over and over again so that you’re living the life you want to live on a consistent basis—you need to give yourself permission to make changes in your life. Your life is not a packet of coffee crystals, waiting to be dumped into a mug of boiling water. Pick one thing—just one thing—from the important themes and feelings you pulled from your visualization review.
If your ideal day includes an hour of peaceful meditation, maybe start with 5 minutes of meditation. By letting yourself take the time and do the work, even the most mundane days will improve and get you closer to your goal. About Danielle NelsonDanielle Nelson helps passionate entrepreneurs, purpose-driven leaders, and creative spirits clarify their goals, connect with their communities, take action, and get inspired.
This is the best way I have seen this exercise done – I LOVE how specific it is, and the the idea of noticing what the major elements are. DisclaimerThis site is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. A 2012 report found that spending time in the out of doors made people 50 percent happier than spending time at the gym, according to the Telegraph. Previous research has linked outdoor exercise with a reduction in tension, confusion, anger and depression, when compared to indoor activity.
A small study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that kids with ADHD were able to concentrate better after a 20-minute walk in a park rather than a walk through city or neighborhood streets. While every little bit of exercise counts, let's be honest: Most of us could probably afford to do a little bit more.

Between seemingly endless work hours and the demands of family life, it's all too easy to skip a workout. The fresh air, the sunlight, the scenery, the open space -- there's a lot about being outside that can inspire more activity, especially compared to the beckoning couches and screens of indoor spaces. Exercise itself is sure to reinvigorate you when you're feeling sluggish, but fresh air can boost the effect. Taking your workout outside is a great (and free!) way to soak up some additional vitamin D. It may be especially helpful for people with a few pounds to lose, according to Everyday Health, since overweight people are almost twice as likely to not get enough vitamin D. Working out outside has noted benefits over hitting the gym, including improved energy and a greater likelihood to keep exercising. The lightness of happiness as you ease (or not, if that’s your pleasure) from one activity to the next.
It’s clarification visualization, a way to hone in on what you’re really after in your professional and personal life.
After my morning exercise and shower, I sat down with a tasty beverage, reviewed my planner for the day ahead, and felt excited about what I had on my plate. I chose space, because it was a predominant theme for me and the thing I felt the most drawn to. Not the sunshine, of course—I can’t control the weather—but I could have not just space, but balance, self-care, and excitement, too. What you don’t want to do (and the associated feelings) are equally as important as what you do want to do. Know that your actions are not selfish, and that by taking these steps, by taking care of you, you are opening yourself up to be a better, happier, more supportive you. Although I might say allowing it to inch into you, step-by-step rather than pulling it closer.
The content on Tiny Buddha is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment.
So you decide to take advantage of your work from home status and venture out onto your deck to soak up some sun while you finish those expense reports. While you might be able to clock an 8-hour work day from your home office, the likelihood that you’ll be able to do the same outdoors is not realistic. There’s nothing worse than being so engrossed in your work that you wind up with one sunburned leg and one sunburned arm. With oppressive summer heat and humidity behind us, we're delighting in only semi-drenching our workout gear on these cooler mornings and crisp evenings.
Whether you're devoted to your Spinning class, yoga studio or favorite treadmill, humor us and let us try to change your mind with these six reasons to start working out outside. And it doesn't have to be a long stroll in the park, either: A 2010 study found that even just five minutes of exercise in a green space can improve mood and self-esteem, the BBC reported.

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend the average adult get two hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio every week, plus two or more sessions of strength training.
However, a 2011 survey found that exercising outdoors is a reinforcing behavior: Outdoor exercisers "declared a greater intent to repeat the activity at a later date" than gym-goers. All that extra movement adds up to tangible results: A 2008 study found that rates of overweight among children who spent more time outside were 27 to 41 percent lower than in kids who spent more time indoors. A 2009 study from the University of Rochester found that just 20 minutes outside can rev you up as much as a cup of coffee, The Telegraph reported. A 2011 study that found vigorous exercisers had higher levels of vitamin suggested that outdoor exercise may be the reason why. Take steps to eliminate those things from your life or at the very least, to reframe your thoughts.
For me, it was a gentle flowing ease, a smooth, unhurried transition from one task to the next.
It will take time, but every step you take brings you one step closer to where you want to be. The problem with us grown-ups is that we tend to less use of our imagination and take the hard way instead.
When you work outdoors, it can be like working in an office, full of interruptions (like people asking to borrow that extra chair at your table) and distractions. Just like working in a traditional office, you’ll need to dress appropriately when you plan to work outdoors. Or the glare caused by the noonday sun can make your laptop’s screen appear washed out and hard to read.
Here are some of the most common mistakes they see gymgoers make, and what we should be doing instead. Maybe visualising is about painting the picture of what it would be to achieve the goal, rather than how you achieve it? If only we just use our imagination at the right time, we could then be able to picture out our ideal day. Dress in layers for cooler morning temps, but be sure to slather on the sunscreen before you hit the great outdoors and work.
To give yourself a change of scenery from your ho hum home office, plan to stay outside for an hour or two to start.
But since air cards generally require a contract, be sure that you’re going to be working outside often enough to justify the extra expense.

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