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Watch the training video to learn how to use Excel formulas for precedents, dependents, and absolute fixed dates.
Tips: As you add or hide rows, you may need to manually adjust chart height to line up perfectly with your rows. As you toggle between options for 'Chart Labels', you may need to manually adjust the width of the Plot Area. The blank lesson plan file listed below is in PDF format, so you'll need Adobe Reader to view and print the file.
This Weekly Lesson Plan Template is designed to optimize the amount of writing space as well as minimize the toner required to print. Enter the start date of the week and print a blank lesson plan, or enter your plans directly into the worksheet and then print. You can create a lesson plan for multiple weeks by making copies of the worksheet (instructions are included within the lesson plan template). You are welcome to link to our free weekly lesson plan template from your website, blog, or intranet. But you ARE about to get the value of one or two coaching sessions with me in this here monster post, if you do your work. If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.
Draw a circle on a piece of paper and intersect four lines so that there are eight pie wedges. Now, assign each pie wedge a different label, each area representing a different aspect of your life. I usually have my clients fill out the wheel before we even start working together, so we can get clear on where they are, and where they are going.
And for my solopreneur clients, “career” isn’t quite cutting the fullness of the entrepreneurial experience.
There could be much, MUCH debate about what encompasses “leadership” or “customer service”. Once you have your wheel drawn out (or printed out), assign a number that represents your CURRENT level of satisfaction in that area. So, you have your vision (life in all realms at a 10) and you have your reality: one bumpy-assed wheel. Clearly, some areas are working very well and other areas could use a bit o’ loving: namely PR. 2)    A rock star publicist would be working the plan like it was her job, ‘cause, like, it WOULD be her job.

3)    She’d actually be enjoying the interesting challenge of keeping up with the media demands for my time: Some TV work, some radio, some writing…all delicious.
By looking at what a “10” would be like for me in PR, you can probably guess what my two goals will be for that area, non? I usually plan for a reward once the goal has been completed, but in this case, having this extra person on my team is the reward in and of itself. Create your wheel of life, of business or of life+business (with the most resonant and personally meaningful labels you can muster). Candidates are crisscrossing the country in a quest for the votes that will put their name on the presidential ballot in November. Although Election Day will get most of the attention, the primaries leading up to Election Day also offer many opportunities for teaching about the American political process and citizens' roles and responsibilities.
This week, Education World provides lessons to help you teach about the presidential election process. Are you tired of having the same old activities at your school's end-of-the-year field day?
With a little advance planning, field day can be as special and as much fun as you choose to make it. You might provide a different colored ribbon or a different colored jellybean for each completed activity. Each student might wear a card listing all the possible activities; a star is placed on the card as each activity is completed.
Each student might earn a different colored link on a paper chain for each completed activity. Special awards might be given to students who complete the most activities, providing an incentive for students to do as many activities as possible during the field day. It is designed for elementary, middle school, and high school teachers with 8 class periods. So some do a wheel for their personal life, as well as one for their business, while others choose to do a mash-up on the same wheel.
I don’t need to be right, I just need you to know what YOU mean by leadership or customer service. Zero – 10, where zero is at the centre where the lines intersect and 10 will be at the perimeter.  Zero means you are completely dissatisfied and 10 is, well, a 10. And if you imagine that wheel going down a hill, you’ve GOT to know that it would be a bumpy ride.
It’s been on the back burner while I focused on other aspects of my work (which accounts for the higher levels of satisfaction in those realms.

Capitalize on this "teachable moment" with five lessons that teach about the process and engage students in learning about it. But, before we know it, voters will be lining up at the polls to cast their ballots in the next presidential election.
For example, are your students aware that primaries are a relatively new political development? Will students move from activity to activity with their classmates (which will enable the inclusion of relay activities), or will you set up 20 different activities and let students select the ones they most want to participate in? That keeps students moving and encourages them to participate in activities with have shorter lines. Will the local radio station be invited to broadcast live from and provide music for Field Day festivities?
It is meant for printing and storing in a 3-ring binder, but because it is just a simple spreadsheet, you can modify it as needed.
Some will be my own saboteurs (“you can’t really afford to take this on right now” or “you’re being too lazy…just do it yourself”). I’m a little late to the party on this one, but damn if this isn’t just the kick in the pants I needed. A century ago, ordinary citizens had little say in the process of choosing each party's presidential candidate; choosing the candidate was more of a backroom process, carried out by party leaders and political insiders.
This week's lessons provide more ideas than you can possibly use -- and links to many more.
In addition, our parent company, S&S Worldwide, is the leader in providing field day resources to schools nationwide. Once you’ve plotted your number, draw a line, creating a new outer edge for that section and do the same for all 8. The worksheets are so wonderful–thank you thank you thank you for sharing so much with us here.
Visit their field day page to access PE Central's exclusive ebook, Top 10 Field Day Activities along with fun products to use today at your events.

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