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The Neil Smith Strike A Light skateboard deck from Blueprint skateboards is a Neil Smith pro model deck.
All orders are shipped the same day with our courier or Royal Mail if the order is placed before 3pm with the exception of Saturdays in which case they will ship out on Monday for delivery on Tuesday. Here at Native Skate Store we make sure that all of our customers have a safe and secure shopping experience however they choose to pay. Some blueprints can be obtain after a quest reward, some can be bought from shops at a certain point of the game (or level) and some can be obtain anytime. Electricity - SmallMilitary shovel, Wrench, Small hammer, Pick, One handed Axe, Cleaver, Sickle, Short sword, BladeSlums - Protect Mission (Babar) outside the warehouse.
Pick, Military Shovel, and Cleaver SickleSlums - Quest reward from Toygar (Tower) for "Lighter Gas". Toxic - MediumShort Sword, Two-Handed Sword, Machete, Khopesh, Sickle, Blade, CleaverOld Town - under the bridge. Crafting Materials: 1x Gauze, 1x Bolter Tissue, 4x HerbSlums - A series of quests from the Dahlia the "Witch". Flammable LiquidThrowable bottle that douses enemies with flammable liquid (good for fire weapons).

Crafting Materials: 10x Gauze, 10x String, 10x Duct Tape, 10x AlcoholOld Town - From the Super Mario Easter Egg level. Sophia's Healing RecipeMedkit that uses underwater algae instead of Gauze as the crafting material. Crafting Materials: 4x Underwater AlgaeFrom the "Dulse" quest which can be found on the notice board on the fishers' village safe zone. Stasis Field ProjectorThrowable grenade that when explodes, suspends and freezes the enemies (in the air). Anyone know how to get that safe house in the Slums that’s all the way to the right north of the bridge?
Then jump up unto the roof, and then climb onto the roof of the building in the middle of the roof.
This weapons deals over 500 damage when full upgraded, and has a nice durability of 35, making it even stronger, and more durable than the EXPcalibur. A Humble Multi-Gaming Community of Excellence, with the Standards of Respect, Honor, and Integrity. Note: If you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that some photos do require a model or property release.

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Thats why our website is fully PCI compliant which means that your details and personal information are protected with the latest internet security systems whether you choose to pay via credit card using Sage Pay, Paypal or Google Wallet. Same effect as camouflage, but the potion seems to have a shorter duration (without potion upgrades).
During the "Clinic" sub quests, in one of the offices, the blueprint is "stuck" between the wall and a office table. When you visit it again, the last part of the twin brothers’ quest (Tolga and Fatin) might pop-up. First Register on our forums and then visit this Form to Submit an Application to be a clan member. I also had some stitching alignment issues, but yours generally has less errors, but is a smaller resolution.

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