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Here’s  an easy way to make a FUN Toy Car Wash using a recycled Milk Jug and some sponges!
To make the Car Wash itself simply cut the base off your Milk Jug and tape around the edges so they aren’t sharp. Simply place it, some shaving foam and toy cars into a large plastic tub and watch the imaginative play happen! We hope you enjoy this simple imaginative play idea, you might also enjoy some of these play activities – Water beads, Frozen Toy Rescue, DIY Toy Boat, Floating number Game.
That is a cleaver idea for the preschooler, especially they love to play with water and it is Sumer time. The simplest toys are usually the most fun for children, and this DIY toy car racetrack is no exception. You don't need to spend money on a cheaply-made (and often difficult to put together) plastic track. Tape the strips to the sides of the first piece of cardboard using duct tape on both sides. Popsicle stick crafts you haven't seen beforeMake an indoor terrarium for kidsMake your own chia pet!
I'm always on the lookout for kid-friendly activities, money-saving tips and new products for families to enjoy together.

Cut strips of Sponge and tape these to each inside edge of the container to form a tunnel with hanging sponge.
It will only take about a half hour to build, but it will provide hours and hours of fun for kids of all ages! Re-purposing items reinstates kids with a sense of responsibility and make you feel like an amazing mom. After cutting the fringe, snip into sections that are long enough to wrap around the straw once. On the bottom half of the carton, poke two holes large enough for the scrubbing straws to fit through. Secure a line of pipe cleaners or string to the top of the pouring end of the carton with glue. Poke two more holes in the top half of the pouring end of the carton and slide remaining straws though. Using one of the squares you cut from the carton, write CAR WASH using a marker on the blank side. After they have washed and sent the car through the pipe cleaner rinse, have them blow in the straws to give it a good air dry. You can make a personalised sign for your Toy Car Wash using some cut plastic from leftover half of the Milk Jug.

The bubble wrap encasing the shipped item you scoured the internet for transforms into the main entertainment. You can also let your kids talk you into taking the car wash outside and using a spray bottle to add real water fun! Once you've joined, you can either continue to use your social credentials or you can login with your username and password if you prefer. Thank you.Barbara Schmidt Reimer, Wisconsin USA Brilliant and thanks - really useful tool! Wow,,I work around them and can't wait to start setting some "as perfect as I can get" ones aside. I can't wait to give my teenage boys the news for there next mommy project lolMarie Gennoe, Stellarton Nova Scotia Canada hello , i am arali from south algieran (tamanrasset ) you have good idea thanks for all knowledje araliArali Sidi, Southern Algeria Love this site.

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