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The Trimetals Titan 108 offers a large garden storage space, with plenty of room for ride on mowers, garden furniture, BBQs and bikes. This 10 x 8 Springdale Emerald Metal Apex Shed is safe, secure and guaranteed to be part of your garden for many years to come!
Steel and metal sheds are ideal if you’re looking for an easy to maintain garden storage space.
If you need to store animal feed or any other items which would attract rodents, this range is perfect and are much more rodent proof than wooden equivalents. Our metal storage sheds are the ultimate option if you want to protect items against theft. These buildings do not have a floor; they are designed to sit on a solid base like concrete.
This 8 x 6 Yardmaster Metal Shed is a secure and strong garden storage building that provides plenty of space to store all your belongings. Rates of finance offered in the calculator are based on this specific product and can be applied for once this item has ben added to the basket.
This Yardmaster Shiplap 8 x 6 SL Apex Metal Shed is a strong and durable garden building with space for your gardening equipment, tools and bikes. No need to worry about condensation as this metal shed features a ventilated roof which increases air circulation, preventing the build up of moisture inside, keeping your belongings dry and damp free. This maintenance free shed will not rust, crack or warp and comes with a ten year manufacturer's guarantee to ensure this building will look great for years to come.
Please note: This shed is not supplied with a floor and should be placed onto a firm, level base such as concrete, paving slabs or decking. This 10’ x 6’ Pent Metal Shed provides a secure and spacious area to store your garden items. This easy to install and maintenance free metal shed provides the perfect space to securely store all your gardening equipment.
This 7' 9" x 9' 1" Yardmaster 89GEYZ Apex Metal Garden Shed is a high quality garden building. This 5 x 4 Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed is the ideal compact storage unit for your gardening equipment, bikes and tools. Store all away your items securely in this high quality and maintenance free 6 x 4 Yardmaster Metal Pent Shed.
This 8 x 4 Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed provides plenty of space for you to store all your items away securely. This 10 x 4 metal shed from Yardmaster is made from durable, high quality materials that is rust resistant. Many people often worry about rust when it comes to metal storage space but these buildings have been made with metals designed to be outside.

This spacious metal garage from yardmaster is the ideal storage solution for vehicles or use as a large storage shed! The 9' 8" x 17' 1" Yardmaster Apex Metal Garage is the ideal storage space for vehicles, tools, or other items that you want to keep safe and secure. The Log Cabin is supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual and full assembly kit that makes construction as simple as possible.
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Our extensive range provides you with a great choice so you can choose the right building for your needs, both home and garden.
These buildings are easy to secure and are much harder to break into than their wooden counterparts. The roof also features translucent panels that fills the shed with natural light, so no need for installing outdoor lighting.
Made from high quality, hot dipped steel and with extra bracing and anchor fixings for added strength and stability.
This metal shed is designed to be hard wearing and durable and is ideal for storing larger items like lawn mowers and BBQ’s.

Firstly they have no windows; this helps keep anything you store well out of sight from prying eyes.
Made from high quality hot dipped galvanised steel, this metal garage is extremely hard wearing. There is no way a rat or any other type of rodent could bite or chew through any of the panels.
We provide FREE UK Delivery to the majority of postcodes in the UK, use our on page postcode checker to see when we can deliver to you.
The process of galvanising the steel coats the metal in zinc making it highly resistant to corrosion.
All of our metal buildings are made from quality materials which have been specially designed for use in these storage sheds. These sheds also feature metal roofs and doors so you don’t have to worry about decorating roofing felt. If you decide to secure your storage space with an anchor kit you are also adding extra protection.
Wooden sheds suffer from weather damage and rot but this range of strong buildings will last a long time and does need to be painted at all!
Many valuable items like road bicycles need insurance; storing these items securely can also reduce insurance premiums.
This metal garage even comes with a manufacturer's 10 year anti-rust guarantee!The high eaves of this metal garage offer ample headroom and the wide lockable double doors provide great access no matter what the building is used for. All the metal used is designed to withstand any rust and some are even coated with an extra layer of protective paint. Storing high priced items like road bicycles or motorbikes in a metal shed could also help reduce insurance premiums. Securing a storage space like this protects it from strong winds; an anchor kit also helps protect against thefts! The doors overlap at the close meaning that rain and snow have no gaps to penetrate through. The roof features 150mm wide ridge covers which allows for ventilation and airflow without providing an entry point for rain. Two of the roof panels provided with this Yardmaster garage are translucent to allow light to flood into the building reducing the need for expensive lighting. To see if you are eligible for free delivery on this garden building please check here.9 x 8 Yardmaster Metal Apex Garden ShedThis Metal Garden Shed is extremely hard wearing as it is made from hot dipped galvanized steel, it is also made from durable steel and has no windows which is perfect for storing valuables.

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