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Utilizing the walk-in door creates a stylish look while providing convenient entry to store lawn tools and small items.
Our trusses are engineered to handle severe snow load of 40 psf (pounds per square foot) and 90 mph wind loads. If you live in a county in Florida that requires 140 mph wind load order the Florida truss option above. For extra strength metal hurricane truss hangers are supplied to secure trusses to the exterior walls.
All required hardware including door hinges, latch, hurricane straps for trusses, nails, glue for gussets and detailed instruction manual. Our Wood Floor Storage system provides a dry storage area, easy to construct and raises the building above the ground to prevent damage from water and ground moisture. By niki Benetatos from Holiday, FL on December 31, 2012 I would like to know if this shed has an upstairs and if it's as big as a garage. This shed is sold as a kit, with all hardware included and doors, walls, trim and roof paneling already sized and cut.

By Steve from Chicago, Illinois on October 28, 2013 What is the height of the walls on this shed before the roof starts?
We use the highest grade of lumber from Germany and Sweden, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
This option is designed so that when you purchase our Wood Floor you can correctly match the height of you new sheds floor. As far as comparing the size to a garage, since garages vary greatly in size that is something we would be unable to advise you on.By R Child from Deka Lake, BC Canada on January 22, 2016 Could you build a loft for a bed in this shed?By Brennan W.
As far as the sills, the manufacturer has informed us that the sills are not included with the kit.
This 12 feet by 12 feet wooden storage shed features an extra-wide barn-style door and charming window flower box, bringing rustic charm to any setting. Primed exterior siding, pre-cut roof sheathing, white pine trim, black powder coated door hardware, all nails (except for shingles) are included. With 240 square feet of storage space, premium pre-cut wood, easy to follow assembly instructions, assembly without the need of carpentry skills, and all from one of the best in the industry, you can't go wrong with this building.
This pair of ramps will make it easy to get that stuff into the building without damaging the threshold. Designed for use with 16 x 16 Handy Home buildings, this skylight not only provides natural light, but also provides ventilation. Whether it is because of wear and tear or because a baseball found its way in their direction, father time will beckon for them to be replaced.

Product features include a weather-resistant raise panel design and a paintable plastic finish. This large window is a Handy Home accessory and doesn't come with the standard shed package. Manufactured by Handy Home Products, this window shutter pair features a raised panel design, and is completely weather resistant. The Small Flower Box with Liner for Handy Home Builders is not just a decoration; it comes with a plastic liner, ready to be used. The scrolled edging and delicate carvings of the box will complement the beautiful flowers inside. Maybe you don't really need to know the wind direction, but it is a charming country-style decoration for your backyard. If you're looking for the perfect touch to round off your home's country decor, pick up a Large Rooster Weathervane for Handy Home Buildings.

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