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12 x 8 waltons overlap apex wooden shed,4x6 or 6x6 post for pole barn,shed construction jobs - Good Point

This 12 x 8 Waltons overlap apex wooden shed is a high quality building that should be a great addition to your garden.
Once you are all sweaty and place that last piece of the roof on and take a step back, wipe the sweat from your forehead, reach for a beer, you will no doubt have a big goofy smile on your face. The Waltons Overlap Apex Wooden Shed has that real classic “English” style look which will make it just ease and blend into your garden without standing out like a sore thumb.
No matter if you intend to have a whole DIY store worth of tools in your shed or if you are just keeping the kids bikes in there, you will want to make sure that no matter what you have in your shed is nice and safe. The Waltons Overlap Apex Wooden Shed at 12 x 8 as you know is on the large side so you will certainly want to have at least two people to put this together. For the price the Waltons Overlap Apex Wooden Shed really does offer you an amazing high quality and strong shed. Adding a shed to your garden or replacing one that has seen better days can seem quite the daunting and potentially stressful process.
The 8' x 6' The Ultra Value Apex Overlap Wooden Garden Shed is practical and low priced and ideal for general garden storage. This 8 x 6 groundsman tongue and groove shed is perfect for garden storage or use as a small hobby workshop! This spacious shed has been clad using robust 12mm thick Shiplap+ cladding for a building that is both strong and secure. This 8' x 6' Premier Groundsman Apex Shed is a high quality building designed to have a great appearance and last for years to come. This 8' x 6' Waltons Select Tongue & Groove Apex Shed with Large Door and No Windows for extra security.
This large reverse apex Heritage range shed is perfect for universal garden storage, or alternatively to be used as a workshop or studio space!

The tradesman range offers a strong, sturdy and affordable garden building, suitable for heavy storage and use as a workshop for your home!
The windowless design of this shed means that you can have peace of mind that your items are away from prying eyes. This high quality tradesman shed features ample storage space as well as room for machinery, with a strong tongue and groove floor for support.
When you first hear that the Waltons Overlap Apex Wooden Shed is 12 x 8 it conjures up images I your head of this huge behemoth that will take up all your garden, but once you have it built you will see that from the front it does not actually look all that big. Thanks to its large size the Waltons Overlap Apex Wooden Shed can be used for a number of practical and useful things such as storing your tools, keeping the kids summer toys of the lawn or even as a little workspace for yourself where you can work on a project, have your music playing and just forget about the outside world. Well the Waltons Overlap Apex Wooden Shed does not come with a lock and key, but it does come with a turn button, butterfly catch to keep the door closed, but putting on a padlock is not going to cause you any hassle at all and will make sure your items on the inside are as sturdy as the shed is on the outside! It will come to you flat packed and with everything you need in order to put this wonderful shed together. The solid 10 mm sheet board floor is nice and sturdy and offers a vast floor space for all your storage needs.
You are first of all getting an incredible shed that is going to last you years and years to come as a matter of fact it has a 10 year anti rot guarantee.
This really adds value, in that it lets you have more headroom for the shed, and helps with rainwater, which simply runs off. Once you open the door for the first time and step into your empty shed just how spacious it is really is quite mind blowing add to this just how sturdy it is and you realise very quickly that you have one very nice looking, tough and spacious shed.
The apex roof gives you a very generous amount of head room and despite being large on the inside from the outside it does not look overly large and will fit in nicely in most gardens. The roof is comprised of 8 mm sheet board and comes with sand felt to stop our harsh British winters causing any damage to the roof.

The double open doors make it very easy to put things in and take them out again without any kind of struggle or juggling to get them to fit through the door. Building a structure of this size can seem daunting, but the instructions will get you through it. The windows are made from 2.5 mm thick styrene and as well as letting you peek on the outside world while you are pottering about inside are strong and flexible enough for whatever our unpredictable weather throws at them. This shed also has a nice, classic look to it which will make any garden look that little bit better thanks to its presence and is not going to cause you any major problems when it comes to building it.
If however you are not too keen on DIY or perhaps you would like to have the peace of mind that a “professional” built it.
Offering a huge space to store your items, you really will be glad of having this extra storage space or even perhaps a space that you can call your own where you can work and relax.
It is very strong and is more than up to taking a few shots with the football as we all know if there is a shed in the garden then for some reason kids love to kick a ball off it!
A good solid shed of this size, you would think would cost an arm and a leg, but the incredible price just makes this even more appealing.
Once built you can give it a slap on the side and then smile as you realise what a strong shed you have.

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