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Please click on the building or product name to see a larger image, and additional information. When it started leaking I thought it was still sweating but when I opened up the access door and slid back the plastic I saw that it wasn't sweating but instead had rusted through where the roof tin overlapped.
The building is not but about 4 years old and when I redo the roof I want it done right so that I woun't be having to redo it for a long time to come.
Some things that I was wondering about, Is your posts 4X4 or are they 6X6s, is the outer walls metal up to where the panels that let in the light at the top and then it goes to vinyle for that part or is the panels plastic all the way up? I also found where the people that put it up had missed the metal roof trusses with their screws and had just left the screw in it and put a little caulk on the head of the screw and that was another place whee it had rusted. In the first of my post I referred the panels that let in light as vynile or plastic but it is fiberglass panels instead right?
I know there are a lot of questions in my post but I would appreciate all the advice you or anyone else can give me so I can get it right the next time.

They put the tin down end to end with an overlap at the ends, I have suspected that maybe they scratched the coating off of the tin where the joints are. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Do you have experience with putting the metal sheeting over the wood without using furring strips under them? It seems reasonable to me that to put felt and a vapor bearrier and then put the tin directly over the osb that that would stop the sweating from the underside, but I have no real knowledge of that being a fact. I have been thinking about attaching wood pressure treated posts to the metal posts and letting them be a little proud to the outside of the metal posts to attach the osb and felt and then galvalume or galvanised tin. It is my understanding that galvalume is about twice the cost of regular tin is that the case? My posts are on 4foot centers and they are metal and the roof runs length wise the building instead of the ridges running up and down.

It ended up being fairly complicated with the slopes involved and what I wanted with steps and a landing. Before I insulated it, it sweated real bad and when you closed the walk through door it would be like being in a rain storm on the inside of the building. DIELECTRIC CORROSION.)((Also be aware that directly joining two different types of metals, in this case, steel and copper, can cause rapid corrosion at the joint (called dielectric corrosion). THIS WOULD APPLY EVEN WITH METAL TO METAL, BUT WOULD BE DIFFERENT IF THE METAL WAS PAINTED OR COATED IN SOME FASHION.

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