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This 7x7 Lifetime Heavy Duty Shed is the perfect shed for smaller gardens and is a great compact storage design. All of our sheds come with the best warranty in the business, a limited 10-year Warranty that covers everything – top to bottom. Average assembly time for this shed is approximately 8 to 10 hours (Two people recommended for assembly). All of our sheds come with the best warranty in the business, a limited 10-year Warranty that covers everything -- top to bottom. Shipping: Orders for the 60014 Lifetime 7x7 Shed generally leave the warehouse the next business day. If you are having trouble placing your order on our website, please feel free to place a telephone order. This Lifetime 7x7 Apex Shed is a great option for storage of your gardening equipment, keeping them close at hand and in a secure place.
The simulated shingle steeply pitched roof allows for quick drainage of rain or snow, so you won’t have to worry about any water sitting on top. The flooring is a 19mm thick oil, solvent and stain resistant polyethylene plastic which is also slip resistant. The shed must be built on a flat surface for example wood or concrete, in each corner of your flooring will be a slight indentation, this is designed so that you can drill through it to secure it to the foundation. All orders are acknowledged with a written receipt of purchase and you will be contacted prior to delivery. Should you wish to contact us further or to place an order, please call us on 0121 355 7701. Dimensions (Length x Width x Depth): Box 1 - 215cm x 77cm x 25cm Box 2 - 215cm x 77cm x 27cm. We are interested in your heavy duty (HDPE) shed, but have you ever known rats to damage them?

It is ideal for tools, toys and smaller garden equipment.These heavy duty plastic storage sheds are made from PVC and an internal steel frame.
Accurate Tracking: Tracking information is automatically emailed to you just as soon as the order ships out.
Apart from the high grade of HDPE, they have a 1.8m high wall height, screened vents, a skylight included and strong powder coated steel bracing throughout.
The doors are fitted with a unique button catch opening mechanism and separate internal bolts allowing access to all your stored items through a double or single door opening.
The double door is complete with internal spring latch, interior deadbolts an exterior padlock loop also. Delivery will normally be made within the timescale indicated from receipt of your order, though this may vary throughout the season. Also as a single senior citizen there is no way I could erect this myself, so would your delivery people be able to do this for me, or is the fact that I live on the IoW problematic in any way? A range of plastic sheds from a number of leading manufacturers are available at cheap online prices with Free UK Delivery.
Lifetime sheds are very low maintenance, designed with stain-resistant flooring, and a worry-free, no paint, no rust exterior. Lifetime sheds are very low maintenance, designed with stain-resistant flooring, and a worry-free, no paint, no rust exterior.
Most can be figured out by reading and re-reading the steps and comparing the parts to the illustrations. The instructions were very well developed and using only hand tools and a ladder I was successful in erecting this shed within 5 hours. The roof is in multiple sections rather than just one or two that snap onto the top, and the door hinges were hard to get into the floor, and pinned in. This also guarantees that the shed will never rot or rust, and so, will last a lifetime – the manufacturer also provides a 10 year guarantee.

Unfortunately, the parts box was short the lack and lack cover, so even though the shed is built, I can't lock it up. Any problems relating to the product must be reported within 7 days from receipt of delivery.
They are available from a number of leading plastic shed manufacturers including Grosfillex and Duramax. They can be placed anywhere in the garden and have a built in integral flooring.The roof has an apex design which enables larger head room capacity. The part and the screw hole are just far enough apart that no amount of effort could get the screw in. This is also beneficial in the British weather, as it means that the steeply sloping eaves allow the water to drain off the roof whenever it rains.
With a durable polyethylene exterior and uv protectants, this shed will outlive any wooden shed.The wide door opening allows for most ATV's, riding mowers, wheel barrows, and more.
In spite of the illustrations for part BYT it's the one part that could be inserted in the right place but in a few ways. The interior provides 42 square feet and a head space of 70" (88" to the peak).The large skylight on the peak of the roof as well as the side window provide ample light. There is also one skylight in the roof and two air vents inside these heavy duty plastic storage sheds which maintain the circulation of fresh air.
In comparison to sheds at roughly the same price, this shed is a brilliant choice and a real winner.

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