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The Casual Collective first brought us Backyard Monsters on Facebook in March, and in that time, the game has grown to almost a million currently active players. These resources then function as currency in the game, with each new building or building upgrade costing a certain amount of each resource, or a combination of multiple types. Brandy is the Social Editor at Frisky Mongoose, focusing on the social side of the gaming world. Building a strong base layout is key to making it difficult for other players to attack you.
You should build a "Yard Planner" as soon as possible, to help you improve your yard.Best Yard Defence EVER!
In All Situations: For all situations there are two main things that show a good base design. Mid Game: The mid-game is after Zafreetis make their appearance and before the Map Room is upgraded. End Game: The end game is only for players that frequently log in and are fighting players with more than 10 Outposts. Protect the Silos with strong towers, such as the Aerial Defence Tower (ADT) and Laser Towers (LTs) or Railgun (RGTs). Defensive Towers must protect each other from long or short distance, for example, Laser protected by Aerial Defense from short distance, and protected by Tesla Tower and Sniper Tower from long distance. Know what you want to do with your bunkers: It's your choice to put Monster Bunkers inside your yard (beside your Town Hall, Defensive Tower or Resources) to help you protect your yard or be placed on the outside to waste your enemies monsters and time.
Monsters will make a path towards the weaker walls, so having a high standard Gold or Black Diamond wall with a wooden wall in between them will cause them to path towards the wooden walls. The most effective use of walls is to make monsters walk: when playing against players you can expect the attacking force to be several times stronger than the strength of the wall.
Design your yard so defensive towers are not on the exterior: Once your towers are destroyed the rest of your yard can be destroyed easily. Good Aerial Defense Tower (ADT) placement is important: Later in the game flying monsters like Zafreeti, Fomor, and Teratorn become essential parts of people's attacks.
When upgrading buildings that are outside your main defenses, move them to the north of your base. Notes: The Images may not be the best of that design + Please only post good bases of that design.
Cons: The pathing is designed for a single wave, and a smart attacker can throw multiple waves to break the pathing. Upon entry into the cavern, there is a series of outposts in each chamber that become gradually more difficult as you descend into the lower chambers of the cavern, with tougher defenses, stronger buildings, and even some Inferno monsters that can be defeated in the descent. Regardless of what strategy you intend to take by conquering these monsters, the series of attacks to reach the bottom is going to consume a rather large amount of Goo, and will take several waves in order to complete the journey.
Once a player has defeated an outpost or Moloch's main base, that defeat is final and does not need to be repeated. For lower level players trying to take on these outposts, it might even be recommended to upgrade Goo Factories simply to have the resources needed to reach Moloch and the bottom of this cavern. After gaining a base in Inferno, you will receive one red, grumpy worker who is still loyal to Moloch yet obeys your every command. When some players attack Moloch's base that has a Quake Tower built, they have mistaken it for an Inferno Silo. Another very simple but not recommended way is to hatch a Drull and make sure its Level 1 (otherwise it will be a waste).
Yet another way is to hatch a Drull (Level 4+) and hatch as many Zafreeti that will fit in your housing.
If you are having trouble destroying the Quake Towers, destroy the Sharpshooter Towers and Magma Towers then fling in Teratorns.
After an earthquake has happened and the Inferno monsters arrive, it simply reload the page and the Inferno Cavern grows but however, your buildings will not get damaged. Browser-based social game developer Kixeye will venture into mobile territory this fall with the release of Backyard Monsters: Unleashed on mobile devices. Backyard Monsters is a tower defense game that is currently one of the most popular real-time strategy titles on Facebook, attracting millions of monthly players. The studio brought on Caryl Shaw to be the executive producer of Backyard Monsters: Unleashed for mobile.
In a demo fo the game that Polygon played, we were shown that all the strategic elements from the browser version of the game remained intact — the user interface was the main thing that was different. Where the browser-based version of the game requires players to use the mouse to fling their monsters into other people's backyards, the iPad verison we played allowed players to tap on the screen where they wanted to drop their monsters. According to Shaw, the game remains strategic because the monsters all have different abilities that can be used in different ways. As a tower defense game, players will also have to defend their own backyard and, if they get attacked, they can watch replays of battles to identify their weak points, and then seek revenge if they so wish.

If you signed up using a 3rd party account like Facebook or Twitter, please login with it instead.
We decided with such high numbers, it was about time to take a more in-depth look at this silent hit. You’ll have monsters inhabiting this space, with these monsters serving as your workers as you work to build a society and collect resourced for your monsters and buildings. There is a large amount of thought and strategy that goes into making a well defended base. You can organize these in your yard layout and how effective your yard is depends on how well you can use the various defense hardware at your disposal. Firstly, buildings are protected in order of importance, the most important buildings should gain increased protection from the walls, layout pathing, towers, bunkers, traps and champions.
A sign that an early game base is good is how buildings are ordered and how tightly packed the design is to concentrate the firepower of towers together. Aerial defense and pathing becomes even more important, due to Teratorn attacks and Project-X with 10m Putty Rage (PPX) becoming common. Aerial Defense kills Zafreeti and other flying monsters such as Teratorn and Fomor (level 3 and above) and Laser Towers or Railguns kills ground monsters and waves of monsters. In a serious attack, monsters will take less time breaking a Black Diamond wall (max level wall) than they take walking one block distance. Like a Laser Tower with an Aerial Defense Tower or a Cannon Tower with a Sniper Tower, remember: "A good combo is a good killing".
If you are constantly getting attacked by people, choose Gorgo because if he is the same level as a Drull, he will win because of his health. Most of them are variations on similar ideas and we have listed some of the popular designs here. The strong pathing also keeps the air defense towers alive for longer, so standard attacks with zaf support have difficulty.
In the deepest chambers, the "air" becomes tinted with sulfur and difficult for the overworld monsters to breathe, thus they start to slowly take damage simply by being in this part of the Inferno (Rate is 6 HP per second). While all the other outposts can be defeated with a Level 3 Gorgo and no other support creatures (this has been tested and confirmed), the last one simply can't be defeated with it, and he will need some additional monsters for support. On the other hand, if a player has only partially defeated one of Moloch's outposts, it will be restored back to full health every night at midnight, UTC. At the moment, you cannot add more workers so it will take a long time to build a good base. Note that the Zafreeti take up a lot of space (200), and he will most likely will not be able to catch up with the Drull, and unfortunately they cannot heal each other. Speaking to Polygon, Kixeye's chief marketing officer, Brandon Barber said that the studio plans to expand into the mobile space by first bringing over Backyard Monsters, then War Commander and eventually brand new IP that could potentially have cross-platform persistence.
In Backyard Monsters: Unleashed, players build fortresses in their backyards and guard it with walls, lasers, traps and other reinforcements to keep enemies out.
In one playthrough, we deployed all our monsters at the same time to the same place, but they were immediately wiped out by enemy lasers. Download our latest Backyard Monsters Hack tool which will give you an edge over the entire game, you can hack free shiny in unlimited amounts. There are the easiest surveys from this world offered and choosen with attention by our professional team. Secondly, walls are used only to control monster movement, with good bases forcing monsters to constantly backtrack and turn corners. The late game design has to maximize walk distance between towers to resist PPX attacks and strongly defend the Aerial Defense Towers in the design.
The main difference now is the sizes of attacks becomes overwhelming and players are no longer concerned about throwing millions in resources to catapult towers. When upgrading buildings that are outside your defenses place to the north of your bases so that if a wild monster attacks you won't lose upgrade time from the building being razed. However, Gorgo can get lured out by strong monsters that can do some damage to your Gorgo and then Fomor or Drull can kill it (Fomor doesn't need the extra damage, but it would make Gorgo easier to kill).
Having Zafreeti or Vorg help to heal your monsters is useful, but it should be noted that even the Zafreeti and even the Vorg take damage from the air and don't last very long. Multiple waves of attacks can be made against these outposts, but if an attempt is made to attack it players should make sure there are sufficient resources to press on with the attack and finish defeating that outpost. Note that you cannot use Catapult and your capacity is reduced, due to the lack of a Flinger.
Note that this will require a large amount of Goo and time and also a large army of Teratorns. He said it's taken Kixeye this long to develop for mobile because the studio wanted to focus on its strengths before developing for other platforms.
At the same time, they build structures that will help them create an army of monsters that they can take out to battle and conquer other people's backyards.

In a second playthrough, we distracted the lasers with our lightweight infantry monsters and sent stronger monsters around the back to take down the enemy wall before releasing more infantry soldiers to swarm the fortress.
The shiny you will get in the game will stay forever in your account or until you use it to build structures and armies. If a monster attacks a wall, it is a sign of a flaw in the design, as walls are always too weak to be useful taking damage against player attacks. The standard layout is Town Hall and Silos in the center surrounded by a layer of towers, followed by a layer of Resource Harvesters, with an outer layer of other buildings.
Bunkers should be placed near the center of the base in a late game design, as the opponent's attacks can be far too strong to consider otherwise.
Make a nice labyrinth of walls for the monsters to stroll through while in the inner wall they are being shot by some Sniper Towers!
If you defeat all of Moloch's outposts and main base at the bottom, seven (formerly thirteen) in total, you could build your own Inferno base. It is useful to keep some in reserve during the attack, gradually introducing fresh Zafreeti and Vorg as the ones first brought in with the attack start to die. The Quake Towers should be avoided and Magma Towers are easily destroyed by a swarm of Pokeys. Swarms of cheap monsters are mainly used in the early game, so Cannon and Laser Towers are the most important towers.
Traps should be doubled, tripled or even quadrupled to combat the fast healing of Zafreetis. Catapult damage becomes larger and needs to be combatted with very high level towers or having the towers very spread out in the design.
It is no longer a matter of an unbreakable defense, but a design that prolongs the number and time of attacks as long as possible to trigger damage protection before complete destruction.
Drull is strong and can run fast, but his health isn't that high and his speed can be bad in a way. Hacking free shiny will do all the job in the Backyard Monsters but to stay on the top you will need all these items, which can help you to build the best defense and attacking forces.Make your friends jealous by showing them your town and armies, rule the game with Backyard Monsters hack.
One last tip is to not put all the Twig Snappers and Pebble Shiners together, and so on because when someone attacked me he (or she) destroyed all my Pebble Shiners and my Silos were full of Twigs, Putty, and Goo.
Walls and building layout should be designed to force monsters together to improve the effectiveness of the area damage towers. Walls should be improved to increase the distance monsters will walk around them and pathing in the design becomes crucial to keep monsters away from your important buildings.
Walling should be highly optimised, and a sign of this is that monsters will walk around almost every corners in the design once, and never break a block. However take note of this: patience, as you will do a lot of attacks, about 4 or 5 on each outpost. Do not wait for hours and days just to gather enough items to build the the desired building and units, just use the Backyard Monsters hack and add all the items in minutes and use them as you like, it a awesome cheat tool which can comes handy while paying the game, it contains almost all the features which were demanded by the users.The most important feature of the Backyard Monsters hack is shiny generator, we have designed in such a way that it will add unlimited free shiny in your account without getting failed and even detected, do not think twice before downloading this cheat, since we have fully used it and tested it for safety and found it perfectly undetected and safe to add any amount of items in the account. Traps should be spread out in the gaps between walls where you know monsters need to move to attack your buildings. Weak towers or very important strong towers should be somewhat separated to reduce Catapult damage. A sign of an good late game layout is that the placement and distances between buildings is now as important to control monster pathing as the walls themselves. An entrance appears and on the fifth earthquake you can get revenge on Moloch for damaging all your buildings.
Moreover this is a still developing hack tool and we are adding some more new features in it time to time, so keep an eye on the update section of this tool. I mixed up the position of my resources and he (or she) attacked me again; but he (or she) only took a few of each resource, so I could still build.
Layout design to control monster pathing is what is used to maximize damage from multiple towers rather than just putting towers close together. The only towers that can damage it are Aerial Defense Towes, Sniper Towers, Magma Towers or Teslas. At the moment, the current maximum cavern level is five, although players are not able to "upgrade" or "change" this building level. Also, a bit off-topic, if you need resources to get better buildings, your Fomor will help your attacking because of his buff and his ranged attacks. It has been built by Moloch and thus is not really considered a part of your yard in terms of base, resources, and defense.
If not, take Crabatron out), Pokey (a lot) to lure out their champion and monsters in their Monster Bunker (so you know what to expect).

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