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To get the rest of the details on how to build your own motorcycle get our free bike building mini course called: How To Build A Motorcycle. Next, he clearly explains what to watch out for when buying old parts, and how to fix the parts you do buy. An affordable read to grasp an overall view of the time and steady, but rarely constant, effort it takes to put something you had a direct part in building on the road.
ALL of the knuckle & pan books are different, and every one of them add reference-knowledge for the group of people world-wide that appreciate them.
By far the most important and difficult choice you will have to make before building a Cafe Racer is the selection of a donor bike. Back in the fifties Cafe Racers were a kind of Frankenstein creation, taking 2 bikes to make one, pairing the most powerful engine with the best performing frame and suspension set up. You may have the time and the money but without the knowledge your project could end up as an "uncompleted" Cafe Racer auction on eBay. At the end of the day though the decision is yours to make and should be driven by passion more than anything else.
If you're staring with a modern retro (Triumph Bonneville, Ducati Sport Classics, etc) chances are the manufacturer already produces all the bolt on bits you need to "transform" your bike in to a bolt on Cafe Racer. If you're ready to stip down an engine, cut a frame, upgrade parts and generally transform a motorcycle here's my top picks.
Old technology may mean the machines are easier to work on but it also means they require more regular maintenance (don't get me wrong I love them all and have unmeasurable respect for them, this is in most cases a reality of owning these motorcycles) which is not what everyone wants from their daily ride.So for the experienced motorcycle mechanic, skilled home bike builder or for those willing to take up the challenge these motorcycles are an exceptional base for a Cafe Racer build. However for those of us who don't fit in to these categories there are other options that will still give you just as much satisfaction to own and ride. CB's are commonly used for custom projects and as such there are loads of aftermarket parts available, making them a worthy selection for our Cafe Racer project. There is also a thriving community of enthusiasts online who will offer you plenty of advice and guidance on your CB based Cafe Racer project. I love what people do with this bike, it really is one of the most flexible motorcycles out there. Fiberglass and Alloy Cafe Racer Seats Tanks and Clipons: The Yamaha XS650 is another incredibly flexible motorcycle for a Cafe Racer build.
Before you set out to build your own motorcycle you should know that this is a whole different deal than upgrading a stock bike with accessories and adding chrome.
That being said, knowing how to build a SAFE and RIDEABLE motorcycle is important so always call in a professional rather than taking liberties with your own personal safety. CHEAP MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE for CUSTOM BIKES I hate surprises and if you feel the same then this is the time to start shopping for cheap motorcycle insurance to cover what your custom built bike is worth so that you can have that lined up when you're finished.

Whether you stopped by wanting to learn to build choppers or looking for advice on how to build your own motorcycle frame, I can tell you that this page is just the tip of the iceberg and when youa€™re done reading it you will just know the next best step to take NOT how to build a custom motorcycle with no help. Always start with an original Harley-Davidson frame, engine and transmission them mix them with whatever parts you find in swap meets, that you fix or fabricate. Additional chapters describe brake systems, both early and late, tires and wheels, and frame geometry. If you own a motorcycle that you love chances are when you start transforming it your only going to allow yourself to make it better. Four complete start-to-finish bike assemblies with color pictures round out this hands-on book. Well there are 3 main factors that need to be considered, each person will have different responses and it's these responses that should guide you on your purchase. They've been around for so long and their basic set up remains the same, best of all they come with a kicker!
THE 3 ESSENTIAL TRAITS If you want a shot at building a successful motorcycle business, I believe you need three traits: Creativity, flexibility and enthusiasm. And although we’re talking about bike building, these traits probably apply to any form of self-employment.
SKILLS v MAKING A LIVING Like it or not, the skills you need to build a motorcycle are not the same ones you need to make a living from building motorcycles.Today, you need a vision—and the social graces to get good people on board, people who can help you execute that vision. And then other talented folks to help you convey what you’re doing to the public—by building your brand.
There’s a bit of a notion afoot that building a brand for your business somehow makes you a poser. If you are going to build your own business one day, be careful before you join the bashing. And you might also have to ask for advice from the successful ‘posers’ you mocked to begin with.Yes, if you’re going to attempt to make a living at this, you’re going to have to market yourself in some way. It requires a lot of knowledge, and an instinctive feel for stuff you might not want anything to do with.The most interesting thing? But if you’re having a hard time convincing the masses of that fact—or even a few well-heeled clients—your bottom line will suffer.WHAT SORT OF BUILDER PERSON ARE YOU?
Are you an order taker, a dictator, a trendsetter, a copycat, an asshole, or an unbridled artist?Are your bikes easily recognizable? Find something that you can be excited about as well, and make that the basis of your brand.
GET HELP Once you figure out your style, partner with people who can present you in the best light.

In my case, I enlisted my good friend Adam Ewing to photograph all my bikes.I met Adam when he shot some ads for BFGoodrich when I was working at an ad agency. A WORD ABOUT ATTITUDE We’ve talked about the three traits you need to build a business: Creativity, flexibility and enthusiasm. But there’s one thing that’s harder to influence—your attitude.If attitude is not the single most important factor in your success, it’s pretty damn close.
A handful of builders have achieved success despite what I’d consider to be a bad attitude—the nutshell version being, “I’m God’s gift to motorcycling. And this business is difficult enough as it is.I vote that you err on the side of humility. They’ll still do it, but at least you’ve taken the high road.This approach also makes it infinitely easier to ask questions and get answers. DOLLARS AND SENSE Building a motorcycle for a customer is not the same as building one for yourself. And you gladly accept those expenses as part of the experience.When I started Classified Moto, it was not a moneymaking endeavor. To be honest, it was really just the name of a blog I started, chronicling the projects I was doing for my friends and myself.I did the work for free and my friends would buy their own parts. Then I found myself shelling out more and more of my own money to finish the builds, because I didn’t feel like I could charge my friends for it. I soon realized how hard it is to estimate a custom project, and how important it is to keep track of what you’re spending.
Duh, but it’s surprisingly easy to cheat yourself, because you’re afraid to say out loud what you really need to make.So screen your customers politely. If you are in a position to subsidize their build, and deem it appropriate, by all means, go forth.Otherwise, ignore the rantings of hobby builders and Blue-Book thumpers who think you charge too much. I believe it makes you much more likely to open your own custom bike shop than if you’re looking for a job.In fact, if you’re unemployed and have dreams of opening a bike shop, your first step is to get a job. You will need a steady income, even if modest, to make this work.I was still working 80+ hour weeks in advertising when I became obsessed with cobbling together bikes. I was starting to see my bank account looking healthy for a change, thanks to selling T-shirts and lamps made of old bike parts. He wanted to buy a bike but decided to invest in the company—not just financially, but in areas where I’m more than a bit deficient (like math and running a business, suckers!)Despite the odd failure, I’ve learned to trust my inner voice of dissent when I hear it.

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