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You people commenting obviously did not go to the site link, the video shows it all, including the external SATA drive.
2) I'm not sure how oil could affect this in the long term, but it could be acidic or corrosive in some respect. I might do this sometime soon, but I'll stick to my air cooling for now, even if it means dealing with a bit of humming.
Once Vista's installed, you need to install the drivers for your notebook's components, starting with Intel Chipset Inf Update Program. I had built a few projects, including a carputer for my ’79 Camaro and a small computer out of a radio controlled car shell with flashing lights on HDD activity etc, all of which use ideas taken from this website. This, my first original computer design came out of frustration and I hope one day we will see a case that allows people to bolt together their own laptop in a weekend – and not have to spend days in the shed annoying the neighbours with my angle grinder and learning how to mig weld aluminium like I did! I decided to create a laptop that at any point, I could upgrade every component as they grew too old. As a journalist, engineer and car nut enthusiast, I can easily find myself spending hours upon hours poring over technical documents and workshop manuals, among them tomes published by Haynes. The first thing that is immediately obvious when you open up the 5th edition of Build Your Own Computer is that – unlike your typical Haynes manual with its very informative, but entirely dry and bland writing style – MacRae and Marshall have a literary approach that is at least semi-conductive and will keep you flowing through the pages. The second thing you notice – as you flip back to the publisher’s information to be sure that you are actually reading a Haynes book – is that the inside title page depicts scenes of great horror no new PC builder should ever see; in this case, an open hard disk with its platters exposed to the world.

Back to the actual content though and reading the first chapter on “Choosing the Perfect PC” reveals this book is not written to expand upon the existing knowledge of an experienced PC builder – it really does break everything down to the basics. There is a phenomenal amount of information crammed into the 162 pages of this book, which covers everything from which websites to look at for further reference and trusted vendors – who may well have paid to be included, but are, by popular opinion, excellent choices as well – to detailed illustrated instructions on the actual building of two different PCs. Once you’ve bought the hardware and built the machine(s) there are also guides for connecting your peripherals and installing the necessary software. This eBook is focused on infrastructure design for VDI and end-user computing (EUC) environments.
This report details Forrester's findings about how well each vendor fulfills the criteria and where they stand in relation to each other.
Let's take a look at the build process below, step by step; for more detail, check out our feature story, Build Your Own Laptop. To have one designed around standard Mini-ITX components would be great for the kind of people who do not want a laptop that we can fit in an envelope, rather a unit that we can use all around the house for a decent price. With a Nano-ITX mainboard and no external graphics card it could almost be as small as a regular laptop, but that was not my plan. This time, however, I’m looking at something less mechanical and more digital: the latest in Haynes’ Build Your Own Computer series, written by Kyle MacRae and Gary Marshall.
Fortunately though, even reading it from a position of experience, I did not feel patronised.

This edition walks you through choosing the hardware for both an Intel-based workstation and an AMD-based HTPC. But imagine the look on your friends' faces when you show them a computer in an aquarium filled with mineral oil. OK, so it is a PCI graphics card and could be faster, but everything is upgradable – I could slot in a motherboard with PCI Express in the future. It needed to be as powerful as aA‚  regular desktop or I could not use it every day for office applications and games. In fact, I actually rather enjoyed the sections which discuss the evolution of modern computing technologies. Finally, there’s a short guide on free software and even an appendix on BIOS beeps and error codes.

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