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The domain name is in effect the name of the Web site or web server and is discussed in more detail in domain names. If the resource is on your Web site then either a relative URL or absolute URL can be used.
A relative URL or relative path tells the browser the resources position relative to the current position ( web page).
When linking between pages in a site using a web editor like FrontPage or Dreamweaver then the editor will usually use relative links, and not absolute ones. If editing pages on a WordPress site then WordPress will use absolute links i.e the full URL, but you can edit the link to use a relative link. This is important for search engines, and so to avoid search engines interpreting them as 3 pages with the same content you need to tell search engines that they are all the same, and what the main URL is. URL redirection can be achieved in several ways but the most common way is using a 301 or 302 redirect in the .htaccess file, although other methods are possible. WordPress can use page numbers as well as page names, and has it’s own built in url short link generator (screen shot below).
This system has been developed to enable you to build your own websitee quickly and easily.
Building a website using our system is extremly simple and a basic website can be completed within 5 minutes. Although the system is very powerful it is also very cost effective with hosting prices starting from just £50 per year. The system is ideal for those who wish to perform regular updates to the website including editing the entire appearance, create additional pages and display a portfolio of images to promote your business.
Before you can start choosing, and using domain names it is useful to have an idea of how domains are structured, and what parts of the name are fixed and what parts you can choose yourself.

As an aid to explaining domain names and to help you to understand them we will compare them to something everyone is already familiar with.- your house address. A domain name is used to identify a Website in the same way as your house address identifies your house. In which case it is inserted automatically by the web browser,and most people are totally unaware that it is there. A domain is equivalent to a folder and a computer name equivalent to a file and a folder can contain either a file or a folder. You may find that some private sites deliberately choose another name for the server so as to discourage uninvited visitors. Originally the Internet was a totally USA affair and hence there was no need for any geographic names. This all changed in the 1990s as the Internet spread to The rest of the world and the Geographic TLD extensions were introduced. Because of increased demand for names, especially non geographic, seven new non geographic TLDS were decided on and introduced in 2001 and 2002. How hosting providers structure their hosting accounts varies, but what is important to remember is that your Web space is simply a folder on a web server, and like any folder it can contain files and other folders.
The folder is the root of your web space you cannot go above it ( you don’t have the necessary permissions). When you register a domain name it will associate that domain name with the root folder by default. You may not want to do this immediately but It is better to prepare for this possibility by creating a sub folder, and using that as the root of your site. You then create sub-folders under this new root folder each of these folders ( website1,2,3 ) is in turn associated with a separate domain name.

Each of these folders would in turn contain files and sub folders similar to our single site layout. From the above you can see that the files for the  blog site are located in the bywblog directory (first entry above). This entry was posted in Website Hosting and tagged 1and1 on February 18, 2014 by steve cope. This is almost always omitted when typing urls into a web browser as 99% of all web servers use the default port of 80, and the browser know this. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.Click here to see our Cookie and Privacy Policy. Whilst the system has been developed mainly with photographers in mind it may be used by any individual or business. If you would like a quote for a stand alone website, designed to your individual specification, please contact us here. He applies for the street names to the local authority, and he names or numbers the houses as he wants.
Indeed a diverse range of businesses have build their own website using the ystem from accountants and flower arrangers to tai chi intructors and evena funeral director!
Added to this we are constanly adding new features and developments which become available to you automatically and at no extra cost to your business.

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