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Glazing and any fixed electrical installations comply with the applicable building regulations requirements.
Should you decide that you would like to turn your old room into an extension, as opposed to a standard conservatory, we can work with you to achieve this.
To make this process more straightforward for you, we work alongside an organisation called JHAI (with link to JHAI FAQs) who can directly liaise with the local authority on your behalf, and are experts in their field – this makes the application quick and easy for you.
Once planning permission has been granted the next stage is to apply for Building Regulations Approval. July 28, 2014 by Darren Lester 1 Comment You may have already read about how and why we decided to convert all of the Building Regulations Approved Documents for England and Wales into a more user-friendly web format. Either way, we thought it would be great to highlight some of the really useful aspects of them being available in this format that you may have missed.
So check out the infographic below, which highlights 8 reasons why the online Building Regulations are awesome (not including the fact they are free!). Every section, image & table has its own unique URL, so for quick reference, you can directly link to a specific point. This means that specifiers can link directly to specific sections within documents and drawings, and manufacturers can link directly to sections relevant to their products.
Having more than one Building Regs document open at once on your computer to flick between is not the most user-friendly process in the world.
The original documents are generally in a locked PDF format, meaning you can’t directly cut and paste. Just being able to easily copy and paste sections for reference will save a lot of people a lot of time. Bonus: You can highlight a specific piece of text and quickly search Google for further references. As we're presenting each document as one long article, it was important to make it easy to track which section you are in and to jump to other sections as required. There are a lot of references to other documents and sources within the Building Regulations Approved Documents.

All images can be easily saved for reference and by clicking on one, you can flick through all the images in that document without having to scroll through every section.
The least a 100-odd page long technical document could be to make your life easier is well formatted!
Our Building Regulations documents have been optimised for mobile and tablet so you don’t endure a frustrating experience if you need to quickly check something on the go. If you have any feedback on our online Building Regulations, or you have thought of a benefit that we've not mentioned, please leave a comment below!
On the 20th Dec 2012 the Government announced key changes to the Building Regulation ensuring clearer and concise documents. The Building Regulations apply to building work in England and Wales and set standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the health and safety of people in and around those buildings. Complying with Building Regulations is a separate matter from obtaining planning permission. If you are planning to carry out any such work, then it should comply with the Building Regulations. Building Regulations are a legal requirement that apply in England & Wales and are aimed at achieving minimum standards for most aspects of a building's construction, energy efficiency in buildings, the needs of all people, including those with disabilities, in accessing and moving around buildings. The process of applying for Approval under the Building Regulations is an entirely separate process from Planning Permission. Building control surveyors will examine the plans to guarantee that they comply with the Building Regulations, and will approve the project. With a bit of alteration to the block work and the reduction of the window space, you are able to put on a solid insulated roof of your choosing.
You will need new windows and doors that meet the current U-values required by the Building Regulations. Furthermore, products we supply such as LivinROOF and RealROOF are pre-approved by the LABC (Local Authority Building Control), so you be assured your new glazed extension will meet the building regulation U-value requirements. This is the technical side and where our experience and knowledge of the current Building Regulations and British Standards comes into play.

With the online Building Regs, you can quickly flick through the various docs with our drop down menu, and even better, open them in multiple tabs in your browser.
If you have, or create, an unlocked copy, you still have the issue with copy and paste from all PDFs, where you have to adjust the spaces between words and sentences. We aim to provide outgoing links (we're still adding these) to these relevant sources, making it easier to find the additional information you need, and also internal links (within a single document) for easy navigation. This means you can quickly access all the images in a particular document, or even search a document by the image you are looking for. We’ve simplified the format of the documents to be easier to read and scan through - no more pesky columns! To achieve compliance with Building Regulations, you must submit full and detailed plans of your proposed extension, together with the appropriate application form and fee, to the Local Authority.
Your builders are required to notify the council when building work commences and at various stages throughout the project site inspections will be made to ensure that work, such as laying foundations, damp proofing and installing drains are carried out to standard. You can even remove the internal doors and have the room open plan; you may also wish to incorporate your kitchen in to this newly formed room. At this stage the drawings become more detailed with a full specification of the materials and construction methods to be used ensuring strict compliance with all the statutory regulations. Downloading a PDF document and trying to navigate and pull out information on your mobile is not a pleasant experience. A final inspection will be made upon completion of the extension, and a certificate of completion will be issued. This document should be kept with the deeds of your house as it will be required, should you move house in the future.

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