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Gardens can play an important role in increasing the population and spread of some of our native and migrant butterfly species. We are encouraged to use far less chemicals in the garden, and switch to more organic methods, like composting, and the use of natural fertilizers for our plants and vegetables, these changes can help to create a safer environment for us and our wildlife. These planted areas create what is known as a Green Corridor, allowing the movement of butterflies and other insects and wildlife through urban environments. There are wildlife friendly plants and seed kits available to create a butterfly garden, and give things a great start.
Setting aside an area of the garden how ever big or small, for a selection of easy maintenance Flowers, or Shrubs, like Buddleia, Wild Marjoram (oregano), some Meadow Grasses maybe a few Nettles, will encourage butterflies and moths as well as other beneficial insects like Ladybirds and Hoverflies into the garden.
Fill your Garden beds and borders with this bargain collection of 72 herbaceous hardy perennials from Thompson & Morgan. Perennial plants bloom year after year, and many can also be cut and brought into the house for beautiful flower arrangements. By including host plants, you are encouraging butterflies to lay eggs in your little corner of the world.
Article about creating a butterfly garden plan perfect large butterfly bush in the corner and work right plants for your butterfly garden Includes: basics of creating a butterfly garden, simple butterfly garden plan, plants to attract specific types of butterflies, professional plans and advice, and Or a wild corner of the yard, with a white buddleia gardening is ideal for attracting and nurturing butterflies in the garden.
If you already have a growing herb garden, you are well on the way to having a full fledged Butterfly friendly garden already! Landscaping a butterfly garden allows you to experiment with masses of colorful flowers of all different types.
Plants and Flowers that provide food and shelter for the Butterflies in your Butterfly Garden, with light and watering requirements, flower colors, usda zones and Encourage butterflies by planning a butterfly garden.
Butterflies are a welcome sight in any garden not only for the beauty they bring but also because they serve as a valuable pollinator in our perennial beds. Who doesn't delight in watching the colorful butterflies skirting and flitting from flower to flower in our gardens?
An abundance of flowers of any kind is almost certain to attract butterflies to your garden, but if you choose your plants carefully, you can ensure that they come to stay!
As butterflies develop through their life cycle, egg, larva (caterpillar), chrysalis, and adult, they rely on different types of plants for food and shelter.
To develop a butterfly garden, you must include plants which will provide an accessible source of nectar which is the main interest of butterflies. The most appealing plants are those that have flower heads which are composed of short, tubular blossoms and are flat-topped to provide a good landing platform e.g.
Plant single rather than double blooming varieties as the nectar is more accessible in these forms. Plant your garden to provide continuous bloom as butterflies are active from early spring through fall. Plant annuals among your perennials to ensure a continuous supply of nectar throughout the season. For a successful butterfly garden you must make sure to include host species for the adults to lay their eggs on and which will provide food for the larvae or caterpillar stage. The following are a few of the annual and perennial host plants: Asclepias, Cleome, Alcea (Hollyhocks), Asters, Chelone (Turtlehead), Viola, Verbena, Parsley, Humulus (Hopvine).
Perennials damaged by caterpillars can be cut back after the larvae pupate and reach adulthood. The following are a few of the trees and shrubs which act as host plants: Apple, Cherry, Plum, Birch, Dogwood, Poplar, Elms, Ash, Hackberry, Willow, Hornbeam, Viburnum, Lindera, Lilacs.

Eighteen perennials make up this colorful garden that will attract butterflies to your yard all season long. For added color and interest, tuck annuals into the front of the border and plant spring flowering bulbs between the perennials. You might be surprised to find out how easy it is to attract them, and how much fun you can have doing it. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. This group of butterfly photographers have captured Florida butterflies exceptionally well. Melampodium paludosum is one of the most resilient warm season annuals you can grow that will last through the summer.
In the words from the city’s website …Discover the Beauty Sunken Gardens is a botanical paradise in the midst of a bustling city. Every day folks come in to shop at their Florida Home Depot Garden Centers and see beautiful flowers and wish they had some one to tell them how to get started. Over the last 3 weeks I have traveled around the state and met with 600 Home Depot garden associates spreading news and knowledge about great Florida Friendly Plants. This garden is one of Florida’s treasures and one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
You can even begin by adding flowers and herbs to an feeding grounds in a patch of wild vegetation in a corner of Create a lush island bed of flowers that will bring beautiful butterflies to your garden. Plant a variety of flowers and plants to attract diverse butterfly populations, and include both flowers and plants to attract butterflies and create a butterfly garden designate a corner or spot in your yard for the butterflies, because you must leave the flower Common Garden Flowers that Attract Butterflies Bright color and nectar are the two main things needed for inviting butterflies in your garden.
Butterfly gardening involves planning your garden to attract, retain, and encourage butterfly populations. Don't get fussy about the caterpillars eating the plants because they will grow in magnificent butterflies. Landscape a butterfly garden with help from a Includes: butterfly garden elements, and butterfly garden host plants. Aster, Helianthus, Sedum, Solidago, and Vernonia are perennials which provide a valuable source of nectar late in the season.
Sage, Rosemary, Oregano, and Thyme provide not only a source of nectar but are also a favored host plant for butterfly eggs. Excellent varieties include Cosmos, Lantana, Pentas (Star-cluster), French Marigold, and Zinnia. Whether this large decline can be blamed on pesticides or a combination of factors, we're not here to point fingers. Make sure you have flowers with different bloom times so you can have monarchs in your garden all season. If we have a very wet year, slugs can be a problem for some annuals that you need to treat with a safe organic slug bait containing iron phosphate (Sluggo Snail & Slug Bait).
Many people would spend more time in their garden if they had a sense of what works where and why.
This excited team is chomping at the bit for good weather after all the freezes we have had. Visitors have shared their images of this tropical south Florida paradise in the slide show below. A great cut flower that If you want to plant a garden that will attract butterflies in great numbers, you have to pick the correct plants and flowers.

Garden, Corner Garden Plan – Flower garden plans long-blooming Butterfly Blue Scabiosa and award-winning Stella de Oro Daylilies.
Adult butterflies also feed on fluids such Non-native caterpillars, such as the cabbage butterfly, will eat literally dozens of garden plants, however. Petersburg's oldest living museum, this 100 year old garden is home to some of the oldest tropical plants in the region. The garden is home to thousands of palm species where research continues on their preservation and use. Garden If you love blue flowers and want to attract butterflies to your garden or yard THREE PAGES listing flowers – not just two. You can also use stale beer in a saucer that attracts them and then they fall in and drown…or something.
Gardeners of all levels use our Plant Database for details of where to place plants and how big they grow. Melampodiums are one of the Top 20 Florida Friendly Annuals and can reseed so you may be able to keep a crop of them going for years. They display plants in colorful arrangements that are interesting to the viewer at all levels. When you see a neighbors garden flourishing you realize that that gardener has some real insight on how to select and cultivate plants.
With climate change we know winter and summer precipitation will be greater as there will be much more water vapor in the atmosphere as the planet warms yet droughts in drought prone areas are worsening.
There is a picture of a new vignette with every few steps you take so don’t go without your camera.
If you do have time and you want to get good advice and buy a few plants at a time, check out this link to a Florida Garden Coach. Plants collected from around the world give you ideas of what you can use in designing your own colorful tropical settings in your patio and home landscape. Much of what I shared with the long time Home Depot garden associates (some as much as 20 year vets) is in the post  Successful Gardening in 2010. This is what she offers: Scope of Services Serving the Tampa Bay Area 813-417-4546~~ Call today to set up your consultation. You can’t take your dog to the restaurants any more or the garden for that matter but they do have fun dog parks and dog friendly hotels. It is like walking through a tropical garden with exotic plants that grow to their full size in a non-jungle setting where you can get a real appreciation of their grandeur.
Whether it is your landscape, a peaceful sitting area, an entry way, or even a vegetable garden I will work with you to make it a success. We like to go on a day between November until April when the weather is usually warm, sunny and such a change from northern parts of Florida.
As your coach, I will personally teach you best practices and simple techniques for nurturing and enjoying your gardening space you desire.

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