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I am also thinking about the ease and speed of disassembly and assembly on the jobsite to go from room to room. I installed a 7 foot ceiling by myself with the use of a 6 foot step ladder and a home made wedge made of a 2 x 4 and a piece of plywood. Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Books, Parenting, Food, Entertainment, Travel, Restaurant Reviews, Health. So, it seems that I’m still loving this whole “New Year, New You” series of mine – I keep thinking of more things to write about!
Part of the problem of building your own home is actually knowing where to start; how do you know what design to choose?
Well, in order to help you along a little bit, a good place to start is with the actual structure of your future home; from the bricks, to the walls, to the roof. You’ve been looking at the range of options available to start with this all-important structure, but with so many choices available, you feel like you’re back at square one with all the confusing questions and decisions. But, how do you know if timber frames are the right option to exactly meet the requirements the planned structure you hope to build? Timber frames are the perfect option for all kinds of building design needs; whether you’re looking to self-build communal buildings, flats or housing, as they can be altered and adapted to fit any structure.
Timber frames also dramatically reduce building times – in fact, timber frame construction requires 20% fewer on-site labor days than traditional methods. Assembling your own car runs along the same lines, only the adventures happen in the driveway and bandits are usually thin on the ground. Today there are a number of companies offering kits to modify existing cars into custom vehicles -- think of using an old Pontiac Fiero as a donor vehicle for a Ferrari lookalike. Great job, I love taking the initiative in figuring out how something works and then duplicating or improving it.

But with some more refinements to make it more steady; do you think it could compete well against commercial lifts. You might want to think about protecting your design or do what some inventors do and that is to contact those businesses that do all the legwork from getting a patent through having it manufactured. I would lay the sheet against the ladder and with the wedge close by, lift the sheet up and then grab the wedge and gently wedge the sheet enough to keep it in place. Well, in this series (which I think is part 4 – however, I have lost count a little bit…), I’ve decided to write a little chapter for those who are deciding to build their own houses in 2013. However, in your desperate hunt to find one, you have come across one that sounds quite interesting; timber frames.
As well as providing the highest quality supports for your build, they also boast high environmental performance, energy efficiency and the ability to meet top sustainability targets. So, that means 20% fewer days your sub-constructors have to be on-site, and therefore, 20% less time that you have to pay them for! So if you’re looking to help the environment and are particularly conscious about being ec-ofriendly throughout the entirety of the construction process, then a timber frame structure will be the perfect option for you!
In fact, maybe it can best be answered by posing a similar question -- can you walk around the world? Sure you can, just point yourself east, or west, put one foot in front of the other and you're on your way.
But given time and care it's possible -- the build just has to be taken one step at a time. Others offer a selection of parts and accessories to make a one-off mongrel machine that nonetheless looks like a custom touring car straight from England's Lakes District. This is definitely not something for the faint of heart; however, amateur and professional builders do it every day, and the pay off can be something to behold -- or hide, in some cases.

I am thinking you got something there that may be worth more then the time and materials you spent building it. But considering the cost to build one vs purchasing a commercial type lift puts one way ahead. But if the distance between runners is off, then it may cause unwanted stress on the hinges when you tighten the supports to the runners. After all, taking the decision to build your own home can be an exceptionally daunting prospect for most, so it’s always nice to have a little helping hand along the way.
It also allows one person to install a ceiling and that alone will make a contractor interested. Then again, if you cut the supports to exact dimensions, then you may not have to worry about it.
And what’s more; timber frames also save up to 5% in building costs compared to traditional brick and block construction – so you can save your money for other aspects of your home build process. Or a person can begin fabricating the car literally from the wheels up if he or she chooses. Now how I was able to do that without breaking a part of the sheet is something I don't remember. What do you do when you lose your hat in a sandstorm in the middle of the Kalahari Desert, or have fend off mounted bandits in Outer Mongolia armed only with a battered umbrella?
Some designs may have their limits on steadyness but if one makes sure the sheet is balance and if one is careful using the lift, then I do not see a problem.

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