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These stands are great for the bathroom, Use the shelf to hold a plant or display, and use the natural limbs as a towel hanger or for the plant vines. This three shelf unit is all natural edge walnut slabs, Stand is about 16" deep and 27" tall. Needing a table and a little more lighting, This lamp will fill the need, Lamp is 7" natural cedar log with all the natural character of the woods, We sand to a dustable finish,(for the home cleaners) but leave enough to enjoy the natural beauty. We then ad a wlnut natural slab base and a few cedar limbs to support the table, All is finished with a natural satin finish. This very wide cedar slab is a single trunck with three large limbs, goes from about 18" at the one end to 34" at the wide end.
Base was created from using old red pine roots that have been buried along the old farm fields for maybe hundreds of years, these are being dug up and reporposed for many different uses. Coat tree with a stump seat, large natural cedar branch with a 36" spread and 96" tall, three natural limbs to hang your jackets and scarves, Great 18" tall cedar stump to sit on to tie the shoes.
All natural cedar construction, we craft our own side panels from cedar slabs,this wat we can leave tthe natural edge's and give you that real rustic look. This is a nice high back cedar bench, all natural northern white cedar, Bench is about 42" long 48" tall an 24" deep.
Have our family craft's one of these bookcase to fit your needs, any size or shape, drop us a line to get one started for you.
Table as shown is 36" wide and 24" tall and 14" deepWe use a natural edge walnut slab thats almost 2" thick. Base legs are natural cedar logs about 3-4" diameter accented with cedar branches, Shelf is also natural edge walnut.
AS NATURAL AS YOU CAN GET, This one of a kind rare find is just what your looking for, nice large natural edge redwood slab, This hand crafted redwood coffee table has all the curly grains and unique coloring and natural indentations. Almost a full 3" thick all 95% natural edge , about 36" wide and 56" long 17" tall sitting on a natural cedar stump. Natural edge walnut slabs create the shelves, these two walnut shelves are about 20" deep and 52" long.
We now offer Linen closet and vanity combination units, This unit is 60" wide and 72" tall and 18" deep, Line closet is 24" wide with shelves, two full length doors with plenty of storage space, Attached is a 36" vanity with two drawers and storage area, All built with rustic cedar slabs, Full extension drawer slides. This custom made natural edge walnut slab was made into a great coffee table by a couple in Northern Michigan, This table measures about 60" long and 27" wide and 17" tall.
It takes eight minutes to cut each 11-foot-long slab because the wood is so hard, said Tom Rogers, owner of Woodhill Firewood, which takes in 600 tons a day from tree trimming and removal jobs. It's not a new idea to turn such trees into lumber, and some communities such as Lompoc have embraced it.

Setting up a system to use downed trees, perhaps in a public-private partnership, is a pet project for the city's Public Works Department recycling coordinator, Kreigh Hampel.
Arborists and artisans report an uptick in clients who want a tree in their garden cut down and used for furniture or building projects.
One tree, about 3 feet in diameter, had fallen against a large moss-covered rock, forcing Cashion to saw close -- but not too close -- to it. Cashion operated a band saw with five levers, choosing the thickness of the slab and moving the blade through the trunk. One TIME® Wood Protector is a unique exterior wood protection formula that uses a proprietary resin blend to provide long-term protection from water, fungal attachment, and UV radiation. One TIME provides superior protection for outdoor wood against moisture intrusion and fungal attachment. It is suitable for any exterior wood application: decks, docks, log homes, siding, outdoor furniture, fences, bleachers, shake roofs, boardwalks, outdoor furniture, etc.
Wood will be well protected from moisture intrusion and fungal attachment for several years. If One TIME Wood Protector is unable to soak into prepared wood, please consider a different product.
We have tested numerous products over the years, and One TIME® is the closest to the perfect deck, fence, and log home care product we have found. As this sight is under construction and until the buy feature is added you can find the following pieces on eBay which also features pay pal purchasing.
Our MissionOur mission is to craft long lasting furnishings that are one of a kind and can remain in a family for generations.
New to our nursery this year – Your garden will certainly stand out from the crowd with one of our unique, solid Cedar wood chain-saw carved pieces of garden furniture! Come and visit us to see the current range including: armchairs, 2seater benches, dining and side tables and footstools.
These pieces of furniture are made by us with a special carving chain-saw, and the wood is recycled from our tree surgery and removal operations. Truley one of a kind item.This one is ready to go, sealed with a hand rubbed oil finish by minwax. We used two large walnut slabs for the top, these are about 2" thick and widest point about 48" and 84" long. Some water-based stains are difficult to strip, and may require additional measures to remove.
Cedar dinning table, cedar bathroom accessories, cedar bar stools, custom cedar headboards, cedar vanity and cedar computer desk.

Open the two doors to find 2 adjustable cedar shelves These unit will fit the bedroom and Television just great. Each might surpass 250 pounds, and with luck they'll be sold to artisans to make tables and other pieces.
But until recently, trees that fell or were removed by homeowners and cities in Southern California were mostly treated as trash -- perhaps firewood or mulch, officials say. But the payoffs are fewer trees sent to landfills, less transporting of lumber and something less tangible.
Municipalities can contract with companies such as West Coast Arborists to remove downed trees from public land; individuals also can hire specialists such as Brent Cashion of Urban Logs to Lumber. One TIME® penetrates deep into the wood's cellular structure and cures in the wood with natural sunlight. Handles are real deer antler. Please contact me if you wish to have one built to your specs.
We want your business and want to give you the best possible pricing on our high-quality hand crafted log furniture. For the tree above, he used a chain saw to cut off branches and roots from one of three fallen trees on a Thousand Oaks property before dragging the trunk, with a chain and strap attached to his pickup, to his mobile mill.
Cashion worked a cant hook and used branches as levers to settle the trunk, estimated to weigh 2,500 pounds, onto his mill. He spent three hours on one tree, and though the temperature was in the 30s, he was sweating. Marina del Rey furniture maker Cliff Spencer made an 8-foot-long desk, above, from salvaged claro walnut and incense cedar. My custom cedar tables and chairs have been in bars and restaurants for many year and I’m happy to say they have performed very well.
A general guideline is one year of drying for every inch of thickness; a 3-inch-thick future tabletop would air-dry for three years. One of Spencer's more recent projects was a countertop, below, made from parts of an olive tree felled in fires that struck Malibu 15 years ago.

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