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I bought this Lowe's 10x16 storage shed about three years ago and paid approximately $1400. The local Builder's Discount Center has a 10X12 kit for 829.44 and includes ALL roofing materials and a floor.
Patrick, I bought the style shed kit (the Heartland Rainer model) back in October of last year.
If you have the time, I would agree with others that you could probably save a lot of money and design something better for less money. Those shed's are a waste of money, the materials for that small of a shed would be no where near $800. In some parts of Kentucky, building codes are non-existant or largely irrelevant, from what I understand. I did some work for an older couple one time that built exactly what you are talking about.It was 2 story with living room small kitchen and bathroom downstairs and a bedroom upstairs. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.
No windows and one 4' door one side 30" the other 18", made the door with deck boards , Z braced on back and glued with biscuits.
I looked into the kits and I figured I could buy one for about the same price as I could build one but mine is a hell of a lot better built than one I could buy, I only could go 8'-0" wide due to my lot (Which is why its 8'x15') and HOA only allows a max of 120 sf and a height of 8'-6".

My parents moved to Clarendon County two or three years ago, and were amazed to find that their house was built in 2005 without needing a building permit. One thing that was missing from the set was a wooden slat, I returned to the store and they gave it to me along with a coupon for the inconvenience.
By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Still need to do all the due diligence concerning zoning, setbacks, area and height restrictions, area maximums, permit requirements, easements, homeowner association rules and deed restrictions. What i would really like to do is build it myself because i think i could probly build it and maybe even build it a lil bigger then the one they have for the same price or less. I know it wont be anytime soon that i could be able to even afford to start building this as of right now i have a dollar and some change in my pocket to my name.
The first few hours we started working on it, we realized the location we picked for the shed was on a slight incline, so we moved it before we continued.
A kit would go together alot faster is the only incentive and plan on adding a bit more lumber for reinforcement, also kits dont include shingles or paint, I have about $250 in dimensional shingles 3 tabs would be cheaper. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. All for about $2,000 and that included the 6 concrete piers to keep it off the ground and all the floor joists and plated (doubled) on the ends were treated.

It seemed like enough room until the wife found out I had 16" shelves on one end and half way down the back wall, now she has a few things to store there. The tools that we had to use were just hammers and power drills.As of now, I just use the shed to store my lawn tools and my lawnmower and ladders. It has held up quite well, however the wood on the interior of the shed is beginning to look dis-coloured.
If you want something temporary get a kit, but if you want a quality build get the lumber and build it yourself, they are not difficult to build and the pride you get from doing it your self is out of sight, just remember Square Plumb and Level. The exterior colour is holding up quite nicely, but the colour is fading a little on the left side since that's where the sun hits it the most. I haven't had any problems with any insects or rodents getting into it.Overall, I am very satisfied with this shed. Though I was not fond of the colour at first, I am glad that I got a dark colour since it doesn't get as dirty (I originally wanted a cream-coloured one).

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