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For figuring out the selling price for things like wire, I first determine what I pay for it per foot. The award-winning director of The White Eagle Folk Dance Academy, Richard Schmidt continues his life-long passion of Polish Folklore through his daily work with hundreds of youth in both Toronto and Montreal, as well as his appearances as guest instructor at Folk Camps across the continent. The beautiful hand-made costumes of Poland and other cultures add to the magic of the performance. While many of us probably have a sense that our electricity bills go up and our electricity bills go down, it may take diving into the numbers to get a sense of just how much that actually happens. While electricity rates are often the focus of people’s attention (and ire), rates are just a piece of the picture.
For bills, then, variations from year to year can come from either piece of the equation—the rate or the quantity—or both. For Massachusetts and a too-high number of other states, that dominant fuel is natural gas, and there’s a strong linkage between natural gas prices and wholesale electricity rates in New England (see Figure 2). The variations in electricity bills that come from rates and quantities suggest that it’s really useful to look at any projected changes in costs—from a set of policies that might have other benefits—in context.
For the recent Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) analysis on Massachusetts’s electricity future, that’s just what we did. Understanding the changes we already face makes any small price premium seem a lot more like something we can handle.
And, if that small increase buys us some measure of protection from those very swings, all the better. By embracing a wide range of clean energy technologies, and offering incentives to build them at scale, Massachusetts would lower the risk of large natural gas price fluctuations, significantly cut its global warming CO2 emissions, and generate significant net benefits for public health and the state’s economy.
John Rogers is a senior energy analyst with expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and policies. As planned would be to dig out the dirt to form a trench, layer 2 inches of gravel at the bottom of the trench, layer an inch of sand on top of the gravel, and then place 3 rows of pavers on top of all that.
In reality our quick and easy flower bed went from me wanting to put down a few landscape timbers to a week long project but the final look is so much nicer. Have a full tank of gas for all those trips into town when you inevitably forget something.
The wall has an outlet on the side that faces the living room, but I would like another outlet on the side that faces the sunroom. Meaning you only use a few feet of 12-2 so you charge high for it, what would you charge if you used say 200' of 12-2? With thousands of costume pieces and even more thousands of dollars of investment, the Academy is proud of the beauty of their wardrobe that dazzle audiences worldwide.

Many articles are written and published on a continual basis to keep our members, donors, supporters and fans alike abreast of any news that may be happening with the Academy. In that regard, two graphs in our recent analysis on the future of electricity in Massachusetts seems particularly worthy of extra attention. Two main components go into determining our electricity bills: rates ($ per kilowatt-hour) and usage (kilowatt-hours). The state’s focus on energy efficiency has been really strong, and the state has been ranked #1 on efficiency for each of the past five years. Usage can go up because of an unusually hot summer or cold winter, or go down in mild years.
Even with assumptions that were decidedly conservative in some ways (on projections of technology cost reductions, for example), though, the extra costs of that full suite of policies for the average household in 2030 worked out to around $3 per month. There are probably other ways—financial, technical—of hedging against those price swings, but how many of them get you anything close to the whole range of economic, environmental, and health benefits that our suite of clean energy policies gets you? To help maintain a healthy, respectful discussion, please focus comments on the issues, topics, and facts at hand, and refrain from personal attacks.
UCS respects your privacy and will not display, lend, or sell your email address for any reason.
It hadn’t been maintained very well before we bought the house and there were some massive bushes taking over. Over the years we had already replanted the daffodils and removed the bushes but we were left with a big pile of dirt just sitting there looking ugly.
Go to the store and finally agree that we both don’t hate 2 pavers and that 1 is cheaper so it will win if we like the look at our house.
Realize we made the trench way too big for these pavers, make our 4th trip into town for the night and pick up more paver base and sand.
The pavers arrive Tuesday morning and we spend the second 90 degree day putting row 1 down.
Temps are only in the 80s but the poison ivy has spread from my arm to the rest of my body. It rains overnight so we decide to let the pavers dry before adding the next row and its adhesive. Friday we work our butts off and lay down the top row of pavers minus the end one that needs to be cut down.
Saturday I wake up and go out with friends and when I come home the flower bed is finished, the dirt is pushed back in place, the lawn is mowed, and my husband wants to go out for dinner.
We still have to add some soil and compost, some plants, and some mulch but now we feel like paver laying pros and figure we gained a lot of knowledge for our next paver project.

The area we built the wall at used to flood so we were worried about it washing out and the stones shifting.
As with our electricity system in general, it turns out, when it comes to electricity bills, the only constant is change. Focusing just on rates doesn’t take into account the power of investments in energy efficiency, for example.
That’s part of the reason why, when it comes to how much electricity the average household uses, Massachusetts homes beat their counterparts in 42 other states (and pay less each month than 30 of those), including many other states with similar climates. In all but three of the last dozen years, those swings were bigger than the $3 we’re talking about. We had removed the front tree next to the flower bed so we knew that sun might actually climb through the trees at some point this year and we intended to get our garden going.
Rather than dwell on the possible mistake we made we just decided to try to make a guide to help keep our future work level.
Considering the car situation, realize we’ll need a delivery and freak out over the cost. Place the order for 62 pavers, go out and grab pizza, then put down some paver base and paver sand.
Work our butts off the next day in 90 degree temps and start to regret a lot of life choices. We chatted with the team at Lowes and they pointed us towards an outdoor adhesive in the outdoor section.
Husband grabs a chisel from the store to split the pavers along with 2 tubes of landscape adhesive so our pavers will stay in place. It was almost worth all the trouble but I really wish we had checked the 10-day forecast instead of the weekend forecast before starting.
They said it can also prevent stacks higher than two from shifting so depending on how high you go you might want it. It gets dark really early (okay, this is a lie– it was Opening Day) so we end the evening after row 2.

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