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Horizontal Slat Fencing and Gates can transform the look of your home while providing solutions to privacy or security concerns for relatively little cost compared to other alternatives. Horizontal Slat Fencing and Screens are most commonly built from timber battens mounted on galvanised steel posts.
Slat Fences and Gates can be lined on one side (most commonly used) or both sides if the same finish is desired on both sides. With in-ground fencing, the timber battens are fixed to galvanised steel posts concreted into the ground.
We’ve already spent countless hours digging up and replacing a load of the tarmac that covered most of the garden, we’ve replaced the garage roof and door, we’ve taken down the garden wall and had it rebuilt and we’ve just finished building a garden fence, too!
For us a fence had never been much of a priority – whilst people can of course look over the wall and into our garden, we weren’t too bothered and really  – we’re just not that interesting! We knew that it couldn’t stay like that for ever though, so after considering a load of different options (and comparing what felt like hundreds of different prices) we opted to build our own slatted fence. We of course considered installing a standard style fence, but wanted something slightly more contemporary looking. When we started removing the tarmac in preparation for our turf, of course the fence situation was a topic. Then it suddenly hit us – we could build a slatted fence but instead of using the really expensive cedar slats, we could just use standard tanalised wooden slats instead. All ready-made fence panels that we looked at were made from the same kind of sawn timber, which is quite rough, but treated so that it’s perfect for outdoor use.
Weirdly, we think that building our fence from scratch probably wasn’t more involved than if we’d installed ready made fence panels. We’re really happy with how our fence turned out and are so happy that we opted to build a fence instead of choosing something that’s off the peg. Alternatively you could calculate the distance between the posts by dividing the overall length of the finished fence by about 1.2m.
We built our fence about 1.85m high (anything over 2m will definitely need planning permission). The panels we used are 100 x 22mm and 38 x 19mm (make sure tanalised timber suitable for outdoor use) – we couldn’t get them in the same thickness, but assumed that a 3mm difference wouldn’t be visible when the fence was finished. As we already have a bit of fence between the front and back garden, we decided to install our new one at the same height. Nails – make sure that you used galvanised ones otherwise they will rust in a matter of hours! Measure the distance between the posts (ours are 1.2m from centre to centre) as exactly as you can and dig your hole.
We used a fence post digger which worked well, but don’t underestimate the strength needed to use it, especially as the hole gets deeper. Because we’re building the fence close to the wall, we also had to remove bits of the foundations with our hammer drill. Because of all of the gaps between the slats, painting everything before you install it is much easier than painting it later.
Throw a handful of gravel into the hole (it’ll help with drainage) and place a fence post into the hole and measure, measure and measure again.
Then nail 3 pieces of timber off-cuts to the base to keep it in position, fill the hole to about ? with water and add the postcrete. Cut yourself a piece of timber which is the length of the distance between the posts (centre to centre) plus the width of one post. Place the second fence post into the hole (don’t forget the gravel) and attach the other end of the timber batten to the outer edge of the not yet installed fence post.
Using this method for all posts will ensure that the distance between each post is exactly the same. Then, as with the first post, check that everything is level and at the required height, before adding water and postcrete to the hole. For us, checking the height was easy, as we were able to measure distances from our wall (which is level). When setting out the post, we also used an offcut of timber that we placed between the fence post and wall.
Because of the layout of our wall, our first post is attached to our existing brick gate post and not fixed in Postcrete like the other posts.
It was surprisingly easy to attach the post to the wall with the help of some fantastic little things called masonry bolts.
If you have a situation where you have to attach something to a wall, I’d definitely recommend them. Starting with the bottom row (again we used our wall as a reference), attach the first piece of timber with your nailer. Remember, depending on where you live, you may need planning permission if you want to install a fence!

We didn’t like the look of fence post caps so instead cut the top of our fence posts to an angle. So, I’m sure you’re wondering how the cost of our bespoke fence compares to standard featheredge fence panels which are what we’d considered installing at first. I know that building your own fence seems like more work than building one from ready made panels, but for us the by far most time consuming part of this project was installing the fence posts which took around 13 hours to do. A really great way to add some privacy to your garden, some really good hints and tips as well!
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. At our INNATURE wood workshop we make and sell directly to customers high quality and affordable customised bedroom furniture including Solid Timber Slat Bed Frames and Slat Bed Bases. All our slat beds are made out of sustainable and untreated furniture grade timbers: Pine, Macrocarpa, Pacific Kauri, American Ash, pressed Bamboo and custom specified timbers. We also make fully custom made slat bed frames and furniture… so, bring us your plans or ideas!
You are welcome to look through our Gallery where you can see some photos of our work and custom made designs slat beds. This design includes features often asked for by customers – massive legs and extended headboard. I am not sure how big the slots are in the board or what type of wood I could put in there. Peg board.for a shop setting, slatwall sure can dress up the wall and is well suited for retail outlets when used correctly.
Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop!
If you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Our Smartwood Slat fences and screenings gives you the privacy and security you’ve been looking for while enhancing the style and beauty of your garden or yard. Aluminium timber grain products give you the warmth of timber without the excessive ongoing maintenance of timber.
Our Fencing 4 Perth product is exclusively the Knotwood slat system which has been designed for optimum beauty & no welding required. So forget painting or staining your timber fences each year, our range of aluminium Smartwood slat screens and fences are maintenance free and are the perfect solution for Australia’s harsh climate.
We can custom design and make a Smartwood slat fence or screen that suits your needs and requirements, and we GUARANTEE to beat any written quote of materials that are of the same high standard Fencing 4 Perth uses everyday.
With just a little thought and planning we can help you design your ultimate outdoor privacy screening.
Smartwood Fencing is the modern and stylish way to boarder your home, garden, garage or pool area. Various types of timbers are suitable including treated pine, merbou, western red cedar and other select hardwoods. Horizontal slats can be spaced close together for privacy and security or wide apart for light.
In an ideal world, we would have loved to install a slatted cedar fence, which we think are gorgeous but, because we needed about 15m fencing, would have been way out of budget. In the end we decided that we should just stop fussing and just install a normal fence, so we went out and bought some fence posts and started to compare fence panel prices. As soon as we had the idea it seemed like such an obvious solution and we couldn’t believe that we’d not thought of it sooner! I know that it sounds mad, but the part of this project that took longest to do, was to install the fence posts.
Not only do you end up with something that’s much more individual, but you can build it to the exact dimensions you need it to be.
We figured that it would be quicker to build the fence if we didn’t have to cut any of the timber, which is why we chose a common measurement of the two timber lengths. This will divide your fence line into equal parts, but it also means that you’ll probably have to trim some of the slats later on. Decide on the height you’d like your fence to be, then work out the order and pattern you’d like your slats to be in.
This is the combination of widths that we liked best, but you could use larger panels if you prefer.
I already mentioned that we decided to work backwards from the available lengths of slats which means that we need 13 fence posts (12 at equal distances and one extra one for the end). We’re also building the fence next to our garden wall, so we decided to only have fence over the wall and not in front of it.

It wasn’t difficult to do, but just meant that it took us extra time to get each hole dug to a depth of around 60cm.
Don’t even think about trying to level the post after adding the postcrete – it dries super fast and you just won’t have enough time. It also makes it easier to level the post, as it’s already held in place a bit and doesn’t wobble around. If you don’t have a reference point (your ground probably isn’t level), you can use a long spirit level going from post to post (or a shorter spirit level on a flat piece of long timber), but I’d suggest adding a string line as a guide to work along. We’d not heard of them before, but basically they allow you to drill into masonry without the need for wall plugs.
It was so quick, especially compared to installing the fence posts, and you could really see the fence take shape in a matter of minutes. It would take forever any by using the nailer the little nails are shot so far into the wood that they become invisible! Yes, it would be possible to do it on your own, but having someone to hold the post while you measure makes it much, much easier!
Overall we estimate that it took an hour of work for each post – which includes digging the hole and installing the fence post. This way the water will run off them and they should hopefully stay looking good for a long time.
We’ve obviously still got a huge amount of work to do before work in the garden is finished. We used slats of 100 x 22 mm and 38 x 19 mm of sawn tanalised timber which is pressure treated and suitable for outdoor use. Our slat beds are suitable to be used with all our Organic Mattresses and Futons and also with conventional mattresses. I sleep like an angel and go to bed joyfully every night and wake up every morning with the same joy in my heart. The correct size steel angle will go into the slot and then rotate to perpendicular to the wall.This is what your shelf, hook, bracket, etc. Fencing 4 Perth uses a concealed fixing system which discreetly hides unsightly screws and rivets. Freestanding screens or gates can be constructed entirely of timber and hinged together or fixed to existing walls and fences.
Nailing all of the slats to the posts only took about 4 hours and I don’t think that we would have been much faster if we’d fitted ready made panels. In our case, we would have been left with a weird little gap a the end if we’d tried to install standard panels. There really seemed no point in having the fence go all the way down to the floor if there is a wall in front of it anyway. We used some offcuts of wood that we still had lying around, but you could use anything as long as it’s firm.
Add the next panel, nail it into place and repeat the process until you reach the top of your fence posts. Needless to say we felt like the worst people ever, but we we managed to get him out and take him to a hedgehog sanctuary where we were told that he would be fine.
As always, we were much quicker towards the end, but it still took about 13 hours to get all posts installed.
It’s an area of our home that we’ve probably neglected for far too long, but bit by bit we’re finally starting to see things improve. If you think that we deserve to make the top 5, we’d be super grateful if you’d vote for us here! Our slat bed frames are very well built and come with life time warranty for joinery, craftsmanship and timber performance.
When we make just a slat bed frame for you and you have a mattress already, we would like you to give us a measurement of your mattress so we make a bed frame which fits perfectly. These attractive custom made screens come in various designs, can be used as fencing and provide the perfect screen solution for unsightly pool filters, hot water systems or air conditioners. So basically we didn’t and just ignored the situation until we could come up with a solution that we both liked and more importantly could afford, too.
We purchased our slats at a local timber merchant (because that’s where they were cheapest) and bought the fence posts (which are 100 x 100 mm) at Wickes because they had a 3 for 2 offer.
None of the text on this blog should be copied and re-posted elsewhere unless you have our permission to do so.

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