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To celebrate the launch of GraphicRiver's new Print Design Templates category we're putting on a whole week of graphic design tutorials on both Psdtuts+ and Vectortuts+. If you want to copy the text rather than move it, simply hold down the Ctrl key while you drag the text to its new (duplicate) location.
If you want to copy and move text with menu commands instead, you use the Edit menu’s Cut, Copy, and Paste commands. This entry was posted on Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at 12:08 am and is filed under Internet, Webpages, Website. 3D Tin is the first website included in this list that you can use to create 3D models online. As the name of the website suggests, Sweet Home 3D lets you create 3D models for your house.
Tutorials that will teach you how to combine several layer styles to create a beautiful yet simple navigation bar. In this tutorial I will show you some very easy techniques, using gradients and layer styles, that we can use to produce nice subtle 3D effects in our web designs. This tutorial will show you how to make a semi-transparent Vista-inspired menu using gradients, shadows, and blurring to produce a stunning modern effect. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions, advertising, consulting, tutorial request or just to say hi! Editor(s) have the right to edit or delete any comment at any time to keep comment within the policy guidelines.
For those who wanted to be a Web Designer, if they are new and they don’t know what points to keep in mind before making any Template or Interface, what color scheme to choose before starting any project, what kind of things they should keep in mind before starting any project, then here we have collected a lot of Tutorials about Web Layout Designs in Photoshop. Adil Raja is the Freelance Graphic Designer and Tutorial writer, working with us as an Internee. Using standard HTML image maps or JavaScript mouseover routines you can create the customized one-of-a-kind navigation bar for your web site. Use plenty of themes (200+) to easily build SEO-friendly Drop-Down menus, CSS menus, responsive menus, Sliding menus, Floating menus, Mega menus, etc. Check out Envato StudioChoose from over 5 million royalty-free photos and images priced from $1. Moving and copying text by dragging takes some getting used to at first—especially if you are sitting in an airplane and doing it on a laptop computer. To move text by using commands, select the text, click the Edit menu, and then click Copy (if you want to copy the text) or Cut (if you want to move the text). You can easily create your desired models with the help of all the available tools and share your models with your friends.

You are provided with a good-looking workspace, where you can create a 3D model of your house and show it to your friends.
This website works in a slightly different manner than some of the other websites included in this article. Then position the cursor at the exact location where you want to move or copy the text, click the Edit menu and click Paste.
Many Web-authoring programs include toolbars of clickable buttons that you can use to format your text as you enter it.
The websites are easy to use, provide some interesting features, and provide a refreshing alternative against the quotidian methods of creating models online. Various 3D pieces are made available to you in the library, and you can easily import them to build your own model. The website lets you design your house properly by providing 3D pieces of all the equipments required in the house.
More than 40 Tutorials included in this post so anybody can make an Interface or Template after following these.
However, experimenting with faux 3D effects can lead to interesting and memorable user experiences.
The library of the website has a large amount of 3D pieces that you can use in your sketch.
To use the online version, you will have to install one plugin, after which you can create a start and start working.
You can use the option of saving these models in your account, if you sign up for a free account (registration process is a little tiring).
The models you create can be exported in STL, OBJ, and other file formats & can also be stored in your account.
The interface of the website looks really cool and all the shapes are given on the right hand side. Other than creating your own models, the website also lets you import models created by others. The website lets you create models even without creating any account, but you will not be able to save these models in that case. The menu's content can be found by Search Engine without difficulty.Sothink DHTML Menu BuilderSothink DHTMLMenu can help web designers to create DHTML menu without writing any code.
Lastly, all the models created by you and others can be seen in the public gallery of the website. You can completely customize your navbar from the colors, shape and fill style so that your navbar will look just how you expected it to me.

Finally, if you are unable to understand the functioning of the website, a video tutorial is also made available by the website. And seamlessly integrate with Dreamweaver, FrontPage and Golive.e-Learning Course Development KitHTML editors are great tools for creating e-learning course content. An almost photorealistic illustration of an octopus further exemplifies the three-dimensional characteristic being portrayed on the site.Mike DascolaThe portfolio website of web designer Mike Drascola establishes an illusion of depth.
However, if you want to create tests and support SCORM you will spend several weeks programming with JavaScript.
The interface also suits the functions of the website perfectly and gives the feeling of working in some laboratory. Depth is attained through various mechanisms, including the use of shadows on objects.Dez Vila AplinaDez Vila Aplina uses perspective in their illustrated roadmap.
New Tube Wizard allows you to quickly create a color matched tube effect for your nav bars. Shadows are another technique used to portray depth in this design.Versions AppVisual depth is achieved on this website through the use of a landscape, lighting, and shadows.
The color palette also helps support a 3D look-and-feel.The Dascola BarbersThe Dascala Barbers website pays homage to Ann Arbor, while focusing on the people that make the shop a success. You can specify the properties of the new window, attributes (whether it is resizable, has a menu bar, a so on).Just NavBars Create 3D website navigation bars for your site.
Shadowing helps give the elements a 3D appearance.The Villager Restaurant and CateringThis website features a wonderful illustrative header that simulates depth. The illusion of depth is created by the use of shadows, layering, and object scaling.InglorieThe Inglorie website gives you a sense of depth through the use of perspective and shadowing. Shadows and layering bring the image slideshow to a higher plane.ZennawareThrough the use of shadows, depth is conveyed masterfully on Zennaware. Once again, we can see how the use of shadows and proper scaling of objects can be used to establish a sense of depth.ConclusionEstablishing a sense of depth in website designs can help produce striking and memorable experiences. I really liked the portfolio website of Mike Drascolaabdullha May 14 2011wooooooooooowNguyen Hung May 14 2011Great.

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