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The refurbishment of the Goods Shed North, in Docklands, a heritage listed railway goods shed, presented an incredible opportunity to renew an integral part of Melbourne Australia’s history. One of the few heritage buildings left in Docklands, the Goods Shed was originally built in 1889 at the centre of the Melbourne Goods Yards. The Good Shed North’s transformation into a vibrant workplace shows what is possible when adaptive reuse of building stock is undertaken with a clear vision and a shared goal.
Whilst the building’s historical exterior has been restored, the interior has been designed to be an innovative, contemporary, office space. An important aspect of the interior architecture was providing continuity for both clients of our understanding of the eccentricities of the Good Shed North whilst respecting their individual personalities, cultures and organisational requirements. For VicUrban the underlying principles for this project were to not only create a space that helped foster VicUrban’s desire for an innovative workplace but endeavoured to promote their environmental reputation and strengthen their role as influencers in the local market by delivering a level of excellence in sustainable design. The Goods Shed North is a unique heritage building that naturally creates an exceptional backdrop to the workplace, including high ceilings, clerestory windows, exposed trusses, cast iron heritage columns and exposed brickwork.
Designed to enhance public awareness of sustainable initiatives, Goods Shed North is Victoria’s most sustainable historic building. The end result is the creation of Victoria’s most sustainable historic building and a dynamic versatile contemporary workplace that fosters collaboration and innovation.
As a gateway to the Docklands, the Goods Shed, a former train freight discharge terminal has undergone a proposal to redesign the space with mixed use, commercial, retail and hospitality tenancies.
The design addresses the position of the shed on the edge of the city through the use of lanterns and sleek roof forms. The Goods Shed redevelopment incorporates as many ESD principles where possible in order to give the building a 3.5 star energy rating.
Matt's Homes are building a home for everyone, from granny flats to kids cubby houses to timber sheds to thatched gazebos. Being a father of three, Matt knows how important it is to give back to the community and is a great supporter of well known and smaller organisations, from the Royal Children’s Hospital fund to the local kindergarten. Matt’s creative design, coupled with his building skills and practice, means that he has put together a range of products to suit all backyards and outdoor lifestyles. We think that when you buy a product from Matt’s Homes you will get value for money, superior quality and customer service.

We've been connecting Australians with local trade professionals and home services for over 12 years.
As our aviaries are supplied as pre-assembled panels, they can be easily extended in the future.
Other popular aviary options are wire in the roof, addition of flight areas in the front of the aviary, bird locks and hatches for feeding. To view the range of aviaries and sizes available click on the design you require below or alternatively download our brochure here. The Shedcraft team can complete your shed project from initial design, engineering, permits, site preparation, concreting and finally installation. It was derelict for over 30 years and became redundant in the 1980’s, later being bisected by the Collins Street extension which created the North and South side.
Key historical elements of its interior have been retained whilst incorporating state-of-the-art technology. The new workplace assisted the joining of two separate organisations, Building Commission and Plumbing Industry Commission with the intent of creating an open and inclusive culture. The design aimed to achieve an aesthetic response that built on the existing and reinterpreted elements into a new aesthetic.
However, the conversation was not without its challenges; namely, the complexity of working within heritage constraints whilst achieving the highest workplace and environmental standards, and considering the building’s future adaptation into retail space. The shed’s glazed lanterns rise above the Collins Street extension and defi ne the threshold between the CBD and the Docklands, allowing physical and visual links to the Goods Shed.
The most sustainable, responsible thing that we can do to conserve resources and minimise environmental effects is to reuse our existing structures. We have a home for everyone, starting with a kennel for your dog, to a granny flat for the grandparents. We also think that our customers are more than just another number and will work for you 100%.
The design enables the organisations to foster a more innovative and collaborative work ethic through increased visibility and transparency and the creation of both active and passive project spaces within the building’s central zones.
To minimise the environmental impact of construction and occupation of the built environment, careful environmental studies must be performed and negative, entrenched practices must be avoided.

You are important to us and we want to make the purchase of a Matt’s Homes product an easy and enjoyable process and one that you will recommend. Our products range from the Junior Aviary right through to large custom designed aviaries that suit the most serious bird lover! We can remove wire in the side of aviaries and replace with sheet for added bird protection from the elements or predators. By locating workspaces to the east and west side wings and retaining clear lines of sight through the building’s spine, multifunctional project spaces were created centrally within the base of the voids to ensure greater staff interaction and connectivity. This central focus refl ects the work-place culture and provides social and communicative dimension to office life. Elenberg Fraser incorporates environmentally sustainable design principles into our designs. The very popular skillion or gable roof aviary designs will easily fit in a small backyard. Staff have been quick to engage with the work space, quiet rooms and public spaces, “a hallmark of the incredible success of the design team,” states Pru Sanderson, CEO of VicUrban.
Matt is a registered builder, qualified wood machinist and since he was 14 years of age has been building kids cubbies and timber sheds in his local community. The Hex aviary is a unique design and shape which can also be joined with flight areas to make a very handsome display for your birds. The site for your aviary should be level and you should plan for a firm attachment to the ground. If you require any assistance with this please call the office and we can discuss site preparation and installation options with you. Options include extra wire in the walls or roof, heavy wire that will suit larger birds such as cockatoo’s, dividers to separate different birds and walkways where you can view your prized birds while at the same time providing additional security.

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