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A raised bed—essentially a large planting box—is the ultimate problem solver: It offers perfect drainage, protection from pests, and easy access to crops. Recent product development from Boskke include some new patterned designs (in addition to the previous sleek versions which, I assume, are still going strong…).
A tutorial featured at DesignSponge shows you how to make a upside down planter pot from a tin can.
Lastly, a crafty IKEA hacker shows the world how to make double use of IKEA planter bags by punching a hole in the bottom (through which the plant can stick out) and hence turning them into upside down hanging planters simply by hanging them on a pole by their handles.
ScrapHacking is about conceptually seeing and practically seizing potential, about re-shaping and re-purposing, making the old look new - or the boring shine & sparkle from an inspired injection of love and creativity. The output of ScrapHacking is Scrappy Chic - an aesthetic which always favors a clever idea or fun process over a perfect result.
DIY Spray Painted Concrete Planters - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
I’m so excited to feature all of the terrific pallet garden planter ideas from Mixer 2 Mower. What do you do when your plant need more space to grow or simply what do you do when normal planters aren’t enough for your specific needs?
Clever -yet stylish- ideas on clever re-purposing, upcycling and recycling take centre stage.
Follow our directions, and you’ll be able to DIY the 4- by 8-foot bed pictured here as a weekend project. My suggestion would be to make your own planters or why not recycle some other planter you may have and use them. Now is the time of year to get planting, so I am here today to share 13 gorgeous DIY planter ideas to spruce up your home and garden.
Prepare a carton, 2 parts of quick-drying cement, 1 part water, a bowl, a spoon, masking tape, spray paint, scissors, a toilet paper roll and pebbles. Each of these ideas can be adapted to your space, whether that be indoors, a large backyard, a front porch, or even a tiny apartment balcony!Large PlantersOur first DIY planter was hand-crafted by Zelo Photo Blog using recycled wood to create a rustic chevron pattern. Open and clean the carton thoroughly; mix the concrete in the bowl according to the instruction and then pour it into the carton.
Not only does it provided a lovely home to an avocado tree (yum!), this planter was made with wheels to make moving the large planter a piece of cake! This is probably the easiest project ever, because involves a simple plastic food container which is thrown away as soon as is empty. To make it look special, spray paint it or apply models on it and let it dry, then simply plant your herbs. Made with half of an old wine barrel and some spare scrap wood (pallets were used in this design), this unique planter was only $25 to make! These homemade book planters look wonderful and if you want to make some of your own this is what you’ll have to do.
I wonder if she got to drink the wine first…Love the idea of a freestanding planter but want something a little smaller?
Find some old books and cut a hole in which you will later fit a plastic sheet to prevent any water and dirt to deteriorate the rest of the book.

Well, good ol’ Martha never disappoints, as our next planter can be adapted to any size! Luckily, there are many great DIY planter ideas out there that take advantage of vertical space. Our next planter, designed by Pot-ted, uses cinder blocks and lots of liquid nails to build a sleek vertical planter wall. You can use them to transform your patio in a salad garden or to plant some fresh herbs or spices for your cooking. Not only is this project inexpensive, but it can be completely tailored to your exact space. Originally by Better Homes and Gardens and featured on Apartment Therapy, this space-saving planter idea is as simple as buying a few pot hangers and attaching some terracotta pots to your fence.
To give them the right shape you can look for old food containers with unusual forms, after filling the content of a larger bowl with the cement mix, place a smaller pot, an ice cream cup would be perfect, flip it and let is try for a couple of days.
For added color and fun, paint the bottoms of your pots before you hang them!Another great fence garden idea comes to us from Rosy ~ Posy, who gathered all of the rain boots that her three children had outgrown and used them to showcase some delightful flowers.
This though has a slightly different technique, using straws for the planter’s drainage holes and some colored cement powder. In fact, when I started this post, I had to restrain myself from making every photo I featured full of those quirky little guys!
This breathtaking DIY vertical wall succulent planter by Luna-See was created with a vintage frame, a bit of chicken wire, Spanish moss, soil, and a whole bunch of your favorite succulents. You can even add succulents to the planter periodically after it is built, as not to empty the wallet on the first day.The wonderful thing about succulents is that they do not require a lot of space to thrive. The next DIY planters by Fellow Fellow are cute little oven-baked clay home planters for individual succulents. Who would’ve thought?  The uniqueness of this planter is given by the diversity of the two elements combined and how unrelated they are. I think they would be adorable scattered throughout either an indoor or outdoor space, as well as being a thoughtful housewarming gift for a friend.As a new writer for Decoist, I am super excited for you to get to know me! Originally a Valentine’s Day gift for my better half, I created a rustic DIY concrete heart-shaped planter that I filled with fun succulents (with which he is, if possible, more obsessed than I am). I personally never imagined plants growing upside down but today I found not only that this is possible but looks pretty good as well. The beauty of this DIY project is that you can use any size and shape for a mold to create a custom planter.Our final DIY succulent planter stole my heart. To do a project on your own the perfect candidate would be a coffee can with a plastic lid. Song & Dance used small jars, rocks, moss, succulents, and some twine to create some magnificent hanging planters. In these jar planters you won’t find any flowers, but fresh spices and herbs for a natural cooking. This unusual planter focuses on growing the plants density on your terrace without taking a lot of space. The plants should be special cascading plants so the entire ensemble would definitely look good and healthy.

These natural and durable building materials provide a very cool contrast to elegant succulent plants.
Used bricks work even better because they have a bit of personality and history behind them, and not to forget the costs (if they are used, they are probably thrown away, so they are free) . The tricky part is to drill the holes, it not very difficult but you’ll have to be very patient, because any shock could shatter the brick. The interesting fact about this planter is that the planter’s sides are made from reclaimed wood in a very playful chevron pattern.
Spilling paint when painting your walls is bad, but spilling paint intentionally over some traditional planters is actually a very cool idea.
The colored recipients  have a certain filthy look and that is why a certain period of time comes to my mind, when things were done careless, because people were busy making love instead of  war, if you catch my drift.{found on ikea}.
You can choose the desired dimension, making sure that you have plenty of space to add as many plants as you like, as well as making combinations of plants, colors and arrangements. That was probably an accident, because there were tires all over the place and somehow some plants grew in a couple of them, but to see this as an intentionally thing, it is something. To make a similar arrangement on your own all you have to do is take one large, one medium and one small pots and nestle them within one another in a way to create a planter that is as impressive as it is cost-effective.
Tree stump planters.View in galleryI like how nature gives us ideas how not to lose everything but to transform it. This is the case of those wonderful stump tree planters.  These are pretty high, and not particularly on my taste. If the logs would have 10 inches or so in height and a darker color would be perfect, but these one work as well. As you can imagine bits of old tires were recycled and reused to make very cool and unique planters. I love the technique and how well they managed to expose  the tire’s original form and still transform it in a very cool design feature. Different tire sizes , different size planters.View in galleryView in gallery These objects are extremely durable and flexible so dropping them shouldn’t be a problem, not the mention that the incredible curvature of the tire gives a nice shape to the planter.
Now, we talked about planters for the few past minutes and still haven’t run out of ideas how to make an original planter.
Hanged by the fence, these colored boots look great filled with dirt and spring flowers on top. Inside you can put all kinds of planters with the condition to fit the box’s height and width. This exact white and red color palette I have seen along my journey through planter ideas (probably, because of the contrast). The advantage in this case is plenty of room, therefore suitable for big plants or even small trees or bushes, low costs in matter of materials.{found on Studio G }.This is it! I hope you liked the ideas presented here and most of all, as I always way, I hope that this would serve you as an inspirational material for your own DIY projects.

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