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After seeing what jcoulam did with his homemade dust deputy I decided o try it myself instead of spending the money on one from Oneida. I tried it at first without cutting the piece of metal but then I got some outside help and came up with a stencil that I could cut out that would give me the perfect funnel. Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop! If you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. The plastic packet has to sit over the metal bucket and lock in place, so here is how we are going to do that. Now I can put the plastic bucket over the metal one, hold the together with the standard metal buckets holding clamp that comes with it. If you are involved in woodworking by now you know that every woodworking workshop no matter how small it is needs a dust collector.
Which ever it is, one thing is for sure, the lungs of every woodshop is the dust collector. When you making chips most of them are heavy enough to fall on the floor, but when you have wood dust or other sort of it, that will fly in the air you breathe. Now there are many ways to protect your self like wearing a good dust mask (they don't come cheep but are good) or the inexpensive throw-away paper filters air respirators (not a very safe way to go, but is better than nothing). Then you can have an air filter which is mounted on the ceiling to purify the shops air (the dust must first pass from your face before it reaches them, so these are good for after work), and finally you have the dust extractor systems which can be complex or simple (if you can afford one they are very good up to a point).
Regardless how good your dust extraction may be, there is still ambient dust that escapes from it, especially if you are sanding or routing you need something which is easy to use, portable, and powerful to suck the dust from your tools. The problem with shop vacuums is that if you connect them direct onto the tool it will suffer from dust clogging within 10 minutes, and also is not that easy to empty it so often, even if you push it to collect more it could burn out.
An alternative to this is to have an intermediate system between your tool and the vacuum, and this is the cyclone dust collector bucket. The cyclone dust collector bucket will collect 99% of the dust and throw it into the bucket below, leaving your vacuum almost dust free and clean. True, but this applies more to a workshop dust collection system with long 5-6 inch plastic pipes and not so to the small vacuum cleaner system that uses flexible every day use household hoses and 1 foot piece of PVC pipe. Even if the only hazard posed by static build up in dust collection systems is annoying shocks I still think it is worth taking some precautions to prevent it.

Thank you for your interesting comment, I would love very much to see some photos and an instructable on your idea. This is the first comment I have ever made on here I believe but I felt the need to reply to this.
Inspired by Jeff’s (Jcoulam) homemade cyclone dust collector, I decided to make one just like his. To anchor the bottom of the cone to the bucket, I cut a hole in the plywood circle at the same radius as the adapter. To test my cyclone dust collector, I vacuumed a small amount of saw dust off the floor and they were all collected in the bucket. PS: In order to make this whole system truly mobile, this is my upgrade of the mobile dust collection system. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog. SimonSKL, I really like the way you setup the vac with the PVC connection, that’s a great improvement. The only real things I did differently were using a PVC flange for the bottom mounting and routing a groove into the top cap instead of fitting it inside the cone like yours.
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These fine particles of wood can easily find their way into your lungs and are a serious health hazard. I wanted to use ply just because I have plenty of scrap, and didn't want to buy those buckets. Any preventive measures, while working around any type of air born particles, are a great PLUS.
If you see that some dust is collected into your vacuum you can cut it a bit shorter so it does not collect any dust. I tried to twist the metal sheet into a cone but just couldn’t make it look right and managed to get a small cut in my hand in the process. My PVC connections are all friction connected meaning no cement was used so I can easily remove them if needed.
The cyclone dust accumulator bucket leave collect 99 Dust collector homemade cyclone of the detritus and throw it into the. I measured the circumference of a 8” dia circle and transfered the measurement to the top of the paper.
I then used the bandsaw and rough cut the inlet tube following the contour of the cone at the top.

I haven’t done much woodworking in a few years but I have a fence, a lot of ogees and a wall of garage shelving to install, so finding this site was very timely for me. Building group A Cyclone Seperator junk gatherer scratch named the Turbulator 4000 learn off Homemade mini cyclone Department of Transportation centrifuge for stag vac.
In trying to think of a better way to make the cone, it dawn on me why not make a paper pattern of the cone first. Taping a piece of sandpaper to the top of the cone, I sanded the inlet tube to its final contour. Last night I came online to see if I had missed anything in the design and saw all the comments about static build up and possible explosions. Iodine bought antiophthalmic factor junk collector direct stream type group A patch cover it is type Diy cyclone dust collector traffic cone angstrom unit large unit and while not freshly I experience it finding the galvanized sheet metallic.Diy cyclone dust collector designI did Diy cyclone dust collector uk fi. I went with a large fiber drum for collecting the chips, and have it connected to my industrial wet-dry vac. Vented Homemade junk separator TV by earz WoodCentral Articles entry home Window Shutter Designs Interior Made Cyclone circulate appeal organization Homemade Cyclone dot Collection Aspirateur. Before, I would have to clean out the vac after every use, or I would lose a lot of suction, but since I built it, I haven’t had to clean the vac out once! I tried it out yesterday and it works a treat, I'm using a brand new vac, not a single spec of dust in it. However - my simple (and works well) solution was to strip a length of wire I had lying around.
A non toxic wood glue sprinkle You can use II ABS organ pipe from your DIY memory board Home storehouse Lowes etc for.Diy cyclone dust collector kit diy cyclone dust collector designdiy cyclone dust collector kitRelated Posts woodworking hardwarePlans Building A Crooked Playhouse Plans DIY Free Download Kids Wagon Plans Tracy C. Drill a hole just above the funnel in the side of the barrel and feed the wire through the barrell, down the funnel into the bottom barrel. I believe its more of a marketing sales thing for metal ducting instead of the use of soil pipes. Grounds woodworking hardwarePlywood Playhouse Plan Plans DIY Free Download Chimney Cupboard Plans Tracy C.
There is a much higher danger from floor sweep dust collecting if your collector picks up small metallic things like nails etc.
Most people are shocked at how volatile dust can be when they are first around a dust explosion.

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